One of my coworkers brought his baby american alligator to work today!

He got to enjoy some live plants and fresh fish. u w u

(DISCLAIMER: This coworker has the appropriate licences to own an american alligator and has a responsible person who will be taking the alligator when he gets about 6ft.)


It’s almost been a year since we brought Nova home with us! ♥

Nova came from a home that had been leaving him with live mice and rats unattended for years. He’s covered in scars and was a lot worse for the wear when we took him in.

The progress he has made has been fantastic. He was terrified of everything, including his food, and would strike if touched for too long. But now he spends time out of his hide, watches us, eats like a champ, and will even tolerate being held. I’m so proud of him!


Big Bestat got a BIG new house today—quite an upgrade! He started exploring right way and even hopped in and out of his Weirdy Beardie hammock a couple times. (I custom ordered the dragon print, ain’t it precious?)

He even got slate tile floor. Lil’ dragon’s living the life! As for me, I’m a big fan of how lightweight it is, the custom grey/green paintjob, the full view sliding glass front, and how it perfectly fits on our dresser.

Whole setup (enclosure, tile, hammock) was barely 100 bucks altogether. :x It’s a little bare right now cause he didn’t have many things in his previous house. We’ll have to add some toys for him!

This is a radiograph of a female Gopher tortoise that came in for having lethargy and a runny nose. The radiographs were taken to check for lung disease and I was shocked to discover a fairly large urolith! She will be heading off to surgery for removal after we get her stabilized and healthier.