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See “Represent: 200 Years of African American Art" before it closes on April 5.

Fanmix for Marianne from Strange Magic

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I hate myself for loving you- Joan Jett // Do you love me like you used to- Best Coast // Back to black- Amy Winehouse // Little lion man- Tonight Alive // Tears dry on their own- Amy Winehouse // I’ll never fall in love again- Evan Rachel Wood // You need me, I don’t need you- Ed Sheeran // Interlude: Moving on- Paramore // American beauty/American Psycho- Fall Out Boy // Cherry bomb- The Runaways // Feel good Inc.- Gorillaz // Dog days are over- Florence + the machine // Gives you hell- All American Rejects // Bad reputation- Joan Jett // The mighty fall ft. Big Sean- Fall Out Boy // Interlude: I’m not angry anymore- Paramore // What doesn’t kill you (stronger)- Kelly Clarkson // Winter winds- Mumford and Sons // 

#AlwaysKeepFighting book for Jared - Update

So it’s been a week since I posted about the Jared book project and I’m honstly astonished at the reception its got. Over 1,100 notes within a week! Might not seem like much but my posts barely make 20 notes so I didn’t expect it to go very far. But I’m so glad it did. I’ve read some amazing stories and I know Jared will be so proud to read them. I’m really nervous about giving it to him and thanking him for everything, but I promise I will. He WILL get this book. <3

There is still PLENTY of space. There are currently about 55 submissions and its an 80 page book, many stories are short enough to fit several on a page too! So please keep your stories coming, I’ll give good warning before the book behinds to get full, but even if it fills up I’ll find a way for your story to be put in. :)

I’m so proud of this project. I’m proud to know how much Jared has affected us and I’m proud to give him a book that shows him that. I’m sure that there will be other books like this that will happen. But Jared isn’t the type of person to pick favourites. He’ll appreciate all that he gets. 

I’m also looking for a cover for the book. If you want to submit a cover for the book (A4 size please), then send it to - all submisions will be polled and the winning submission will be put on the front of the book. The rest will still be featured in the book. :)

Don’t forget to send your stories and pictures to and if you’d like to make a small donation, please go to

Thanks for the support and I hope to see many more submissions. I’ll make a post and/or video about Jared’s reaction to the book :)

20 Beautiful People Selfie Challenge

I was tagged by foreverdefyinggravity1026 & toomikey to do this challenge and show off my social retarded self. 

Now, I’m not a person that do selfies a lot, actually I hate my own selfies more than life. It’s not like I hate myself or anything, it’s just the camera that gets my worse side on shot. I always look way different in real life. But I’m finally taking courage to do this since I’ve recieved a lot of asks about people requesting me to post a pícture of myself.. So beware: 

So this is an extract of what I look like when I’ve woken up early in the morning because of a hell of period cramps. 

Now, I don’t even follow 20 blogs to challenge, so I will tag the 20 the newest unanon asks I’ve recieved. So I’ll be tagging:

5sos-represent, @donut—love, onehorandirectionuniverse, drownmalum, out-ofocus, girlygirl73, hemmo111301, everythngiwant, malazakova, ipreferthedrummerxxx, awesomesuperhanna, @alicekannar, jordonstyles34512, alicia0210, unipotatoe57, imbeccaaaa, onedirection-5boys18, thelovelylivvie, @onedirectionfantasieslove, jujuclifford

The only thing I would want out of a TNR high school AU is student body president!Mac wearing Will’s letterman jacket and it swallowing her up like the sleeves go over her hands and the shoulders are way too wide trying to fight Brian Brenner in the lunchroom for calling Will a useless jock

Humiliated Lawmakers Get Lesson In Treating Kids Like D*cks (VIDEO)

Humiliated Lawmakers Get Lesson In Treating Kids Like D*cks (VIDEO)

As a general rule, state and federal lawmakers are used to doing whatever they please, and rarely being held accountable for it. But when New Hampshire state lawmakers turned a fourth-grade class project into a circus freak show, their actions came back to bite them in a big way.

Thanks to a segment on HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, state lawmakers got a lesson in why you don’t treat…

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It’s gotten to the point on Rockfic that when I see a new fic for a band—ANY BAND—other than the top three most prolific on the site, I will read it. I don’t even care if I don’t know anything about them, it’s just something different.

I do love the Rush fic that pops up infrequently (too infrequently!!) But I think I’m the only one currently writing for Genesis. ._.

Ohio House Displays Heinous Degree Of Misogyny With 'Heartbeat Bill' (VIDEO)

Ohio House Displays Heinous Degree Of Misogyny With ‘Heartbeat Bill’ (VIDEO)

It looks like Ohio will be the first state to jump the shark when it comes to abortion policy. Their legislature must be jealous of all the attention Indiana is getting. In this case, however, we should be watching Ohio like a hawk. Their new “heartbeat bill” is the ultimate in controlling women and their healthcare decisions… at least until someone comes along and bans men from masturbating…

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