So let me tell you about my family. This is not my birth parents nor my boyfriends birth parents. These are people who took us in when our families threw us aside for what we were and who we were with(hes transgender). They took us in a gave us a loving home and just adopted us as their own children.
We have a family business. Its small. Its an electrical company and we had only one truck that we used for all of our jobs. So with that being said its obvious our income and method of transportation is this truck and nothing but this truck and our income in this business that we do with the truck.
Business hasnt been great and we’ve been struggling for a couple months now (having so many bills to pay and trying to keep up payments with the truck) and we prioritized having food and a roof over our heads before paying the truck off.
So two nights ago our truck got repossed. The only car we have. The only thing that brings any kind of income.
We found out that in order to get our truck back we need to have at least $2,500 to give to the dealer and the impound.
Why dont you get other jobs you may ask. Because we are so far into this business that we cannot back out of this now. It is crucial for us to get this truck back and we only have ten days (10) to get that amount of money. But with no work truck that is practically inpossible.
All we ask is for small donations. Anything helps. A penny, a dollar, ten. Anything really. Just anything helps. We would greatly appreciate it and it would just be a miracle for us if we could get this truck back.
Please donate, share, reblog, anything to help my family. The last thing we want to do is lose our home.

akwlust asked:

Ata foi só uma semana, achei q tava a bastante tempo, dai ia ser ruim ficar sem feriado e ter aula sábado, ninguém merece

Verdade, mas nós não somos obrigados a ir pq não temos nada haver com isso (se reposse as nos finais de semanas)

Mas ta tudo otimo, segunda tem aula finalmente 

Mfp is trying to kill me

I calculated my bmr and it’s 1326. My mfp calorie goal was 1200.

Let’s pretend I am an expensive sports car and my calories were payments. I would’ve been repossed! They wouldn’t have even let me buy the car in the first place! I adjusted and are continuing.

Calculate ya bmr’s children. Before it gets real