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send me adjectives and i’ll match them to a blogger i follow



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We want your Rainbow Direction Concert reports!

South America, UK and Europe did a great job for it, so we’re now asking our American Participants to send in their concert reports.

Since educating people about equality and raising the visibility of LGBTQIA* community in the One Direction fandom is one of our purposes, we welcome your reports and pictures about your experience as a Rainbow Direction representative. Did people ask you about it? Did you get appreciative looks? Were you quizzed about the purpose of your Rainbow Gear or the meaning of your banner?

Please send us a message or tag your reports as “rainbow direction” - no reaction is ‘too insignificant’, let us know everything you got!

Update on List of Injured @ 3:55PM

List of injured rises to 30.  

5’9 male of Asian descent

Hair: Dyed Blue

Eyes: Black

Approximately 15-18 years old.  

Found wearing Gotham Central Track tshirt.  Found outside of the wreckage

Distinguishing Feature:  Braces

Transported to Gotham General

Condition:  Fair


5’4  female of Asian descent.

Hair: Black

Eyes:  Black

Approximately 30-35 years old

Found wearing WE security uniform.  Name tag reads “Fiona”

Transported to Gotham General

Condition: Extremely Critical


5’6 Caucasian male.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Approximately 20-25 years old

Found wearing uniform for WE cleaning crew.  Name tag read “Bobby”

Distinguishing feature:  Cauliflower left ear

Transported to Gotham General

Condition: Grave


5’5 Black female.

Hair:  Dyed Red

Eyes: Brown

Approximately 30 - 35 years old

Found jeans and green tshirt.  Found outside of the wreckage

Distinguishing Feature:  Butterfly tattoo on hip

Condition:  Guarded

Transported to Leslie Thompkin’s Medical Clinic


5’7 male of Hispanic descent.

Hair: Brown

Eyes:  Brown

Approximately 40 - 45 years old.

Found wearing black slacks and white button up shirt.

Distinguishing Features:  Small mole on upper lip.  Silver rosary found in pockets

Condition:  Serious but stable

Transported to St. Luke’s


This will list will be updated as new information becomes available.

-Jordan Barnes, onsite reporter


Gig report: Ensiferum @ Tuska Open Air, Helsinki FI on 27th June 2014

"Double the beer, triple the booze."

My fifth time seeing good old Enska, and once again a quality gig that put a huge grin on my face. They opened the main stage of this year’s Tuska in a sunny weather in front of a large and excited crowd. The first songs were Symbols, In My Sword I Trust, and From Afar. We also got to hear Token of Time, Twilight Tavern, Blood Is the Price of Glory, Burning Leaves, Pohjola, and Iron as the last one.

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"Another--? You seem to wear an identical uniform in contrast to what I have seen." Mismatched irises gaze upon the figure, arms crossing over his chest whilst examining the alternate before himself.

And- Yet another? Just how many Commanders were there??

Only this time, Lucas couldn’t quite tell who this one was. He squinted at him distractedly, which created a moment of silence.

"….O-oh…Is that so?" He finally spoke up and straightened up. "I take it you are…a Commander as well?

Long time no see?

Is Heather trying to smash homies now?

You didn’t hear it from us sis. But rumor has it UF student Heather Viani has been trying to purse a relationship with student Jordan Stevenson. Don’t do it, just don’t but then again he must not be feeling her cause sources say that she’s also been trying to start something with young R&B singer Mason Brown! Talking about people ship yall, tuh we ship your ass with water. Word of advice; work on yourself before you try to work on a relationship please and thank you. Not only has she been messing with them but rumor has it that she’s in love with rapper Royal Messar, woah. She seems to be taking on more than she can handle, not smart at all.



College Hill turned into Family Affairs?

On to the next topic, apparently sources tell us, that two pregnancy tests were found in the bathroom of Beyonce’s house. Apparently both test say positives and we don’t even know who could be the mother to be, hopefully we’ll found out soon. We’re anxious to see who the parents are!

Music Video or Sex Tape?

Bobby V gets down with a very pretty girl in his new video. Apparently Big Worm and his Ice Cream Truck made a cameo in Bobby V’s recent visual effort, “Sweetness” After the chuckles and humor, the video takes a turn into sultry soft porn… certainly not suitable for the work space. Oh, and shout out to Joe Budden’s former ex chick, Saniya King for landing a star role in the video. We don’t think her fiance J.Cole is going to like this very much.



Love of his life and his potential wife?

How can so many guys mess with one girl and not even realize it? Rumor has it that every new artists seems to be getting a piece of the infamous Sevyn Streeter. Of course we had to sit down with her and ask her about her love octagon with a couple of students from UF.


"I wouldn’t call it dating, I just call it having a fun time. I’m single and I’m free to do whatever the hell I want. No one seems to call August out for all the thotish things he’s done. Like he said, he’s just having fun and so am I. -chuckles and shakes her head- The newest guy I am currently seeing is Diante or as everyone knows him, Kid Ink."


Antonia: So are you aware that he is seeing someone?

"Oh, he’s seeing someone? -covers her face and laughs- That sucks for her huh? He’s almost with me every other night hugged up on me and kissing me. It doesn’t bother me that much at all.

Antonia: I see. How else have you been messing with?

"Besides him, August and Gabe are my go to guys for just about anything and everything. Surprisingly they don’t know that I am messing with both of them but probably after this gets out, they’ll know. They treat me very good, even Mason does too."



"I do have something to say though and my publicist did tell me I should keep it a secret but I think one of these guys have the right to know. -stands up and opens up her blazer, rubbing her stomach- I am pregnant. Right now, I do not know who the father is but as soon as the baby is here, one of them will know."

Antonia: Well who are the possible fathers?

"Mason, Gabriel, August, Diante and Royal. I hope they’re ready."

Woah, it’s bad enough that she doesn’t know who the father is but we know that once they get the news, they will not be happy at all. Even though this was short, a lot has happened. Part two of this report will be coming soon. You don’t want to miss it.



Gig report: Sabaton @ Sotkamon Syke, Sotkamo FI on 19th July 2014

For setlist, check this post.

Since I don’t feel like repeating most of my gig reports by saying how the band, the music, the visuals, the audience, and the general atmosphere were awesome, I’ll list a few random things and thoughts you’ll hopefully find more interesting than my usual yada yada they played this and that and then they did this and yada yada.

  1. Place in the front row. ‘nuff said.
  2. I was already sweaty and exhausted after Sonata Arctica’s gig, so the upcoming hour-and-a-half of jumping, shouting, headbanging, fist-pumping, and dancing added with the heat of the pyro effects worried me slightly, especially when a woman near me mentioned that the previous time she’d seen Sabaton she’d ended up in the first-aid tent for a good while. Nothing physically unpleasant happened, however, at least to me or anyone near me as far as I know.
  3. They had a tank on stage that spit fiery sparkles. In addition to the flame throwers in front of the stage and the fireworks after the show, of course. How grand can it get until it gets ridiculous, is the question.
  4. Joakim and Thobbe joked a lot about Thobbe being 25% Finnish which, according to Joakim, makes him 75% an asshole.
  5. Speaking of Thobbe, he and Chris had some heavy black eye make-up. Why, is the question. As if they could get any prettier.
  6. Speaking of the two, I blew them a kiss at the end of the gig because why not, and Chris noticed it and blew me a kiss back. *inhuman noises*
  7. I wonder if the band can ever do a gig in Finland that doesn’t include all their Finland-related songs.
  8. WHY U NO PLAY CAROLUS REX IN SWEDISH goddammit. I also would’ve liked to hear Smoking Snakes and Night Witches, but then again, few things in life are perfect.
  9. I don’t think it’s possible for me to go see a band I really like, and not grin and giggle like an idiot the whole time.
  10. Joakim gave his glasses to a 7-year-old girl that sat on her dad’s shoulders and wore a pink shirt and pink ear protectors. It was her first heavy metal concert. I wish my parents were as awesome, they probably wouldn’t come with me to gigs even if I asked them to.
  11. After giving away his glasses, Joakim said something awesome: “Everybody’s having fun, nobody’s getting hurt - this is fucking heavy metal!”

mxntis said:

nice sword loser, your mom pick it out?-- oh wait.


{ 再生 }— “My mentor- actually.”

Sasuke didn’t acknowledge the taunt as such, his direct answer bluntly given while carmine painted eyes shall too look at another strange weapon. Pathetic.

{ 再生 }— “Don’t underestimate it.”


                                                   You may end up dead.

Long time no see, huh?

South Beach once again never fails to keep things pretty interesting around here. Where to begin and who to begin with? Let’s start with what’s been going on at the College Hill household.

Things have seemed to get very interesting and even a little heated over the past couple of weeks. For starters, there had seemed to be a love triangle between Jalen Brown, Desci Viani and Rihanna McKay. According to resources and the producers of the show, Rihanna had confronted Desci about Jalen which ended in an argument that left a lot of people judging what was said. A lot of people seem to think that Desci needs to let go and hopefully she has, maybe even both of the girls.



Other than that, everything seemed to be going smoothly especially after the all girls bonding sleepover hosted by Chasity Rodriguez and Saniya King. Apparently all of the girls decided to come together and solve their problems, while having some fun. A lot of their fun will be aired on the upcoming episode next Monday and let’s just say, I hope they’ve called their parents and warned them.



Now, moving on from the household. Congratulations to everyone that made it and is getting a chance to experience tour life for the first time. According to all of our resources, it’s not all fun and games as some people might think. Backstage at one of the concerts, singers August Alsina and Trey Songz were over heard arguing which lead body guards to escort August from one of the rooms. The two seemed to be very cordial from our understanding but apparently, we’re wrong. No one has said anything about the two arguing or what caused it. Hopefully when we get more information on the story, we’ll let you all know. Can these two put whatever happened behind them and keep it moving or will this hold them back and cause tension between everyone? Who knows.


The next Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant?



Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been hearing a big buzz about Drew Chambers and Malachi Durant. Chambers was drafted to the Miami Heat a few weeks back and according to him, it was a dream com true. What about Durant? Ever since the big championship that FIU won, scouts have been paying close attention to him. Some have even compared him to possibly being the next Dwayne Wade. We’ll have to keep an eye out for him.


Good news  L.A. rapper Cozz has something very big to celebrate: He is officially signed to Lamar Cole's Dreamville Records.


Cole announced his newest signee yesterday with the tweet, “Welcome to Dreamville @cody_macc May all of your DREAMS come true. work hard stay hungry make classics.”

Cozz tweeted back, “All I can say is thank GOD, tha whole committee squad, and @JColeNC for tha opportunity..tha take over begins #dreamville #committee.”

Dreamville is a small but budding imprint, distributed through Interscope Records. The South Central-born “Dreams” rapper is now the second artist signed to Young Simba’s label, behind Bas.

Cole, 24, announced the Interscope label deal at the top of this year along with the mixtape Revenge of the Dreamers.

That’s your hoe, I fucked your bitch.


Rapper and reality TV star, The Game has recently let us in on his personal life that includes a couple of students that attend FIU. In his new latest single,T.H.O.T he claimed to have thrown shade at a number of girls. In fact, he told our sources that T.H.O.T was indeed about Tatyanna Leonards.




"Yeah yeah, I know Yanna. Shit everyone knows Yanna. She tells everyone I’m her uncle to keep that fact that we fucked a lot on the low. -shrugs- She made the top of the South Beach thot list, that should have told niggas something. If you got money, she’s willing to fuck you. I passed her on to a couple of the homies, she’s easy man. Easiest pussy in the world to get." 

Besides her, he’s also told sources that’s he’s gotten very chose to Chasity Rodriguez over the couple of months.

"Chas? Yeah, that’s the home girl from back home. She’s not another Yanna but she’s cool as hell. Have I fucked her? -chuckles- That’s none of y’all business man. All y’all need to know is that she likes being in my house and I like her being there.”

Will she be the next victim of his? We hope not but you never know.



Of course, we couldn’t help but ask about Blake Anderson. From the looks of it though, he didn’t have much to say or seem interested in talking about her.

"Blake? Who the f-wait. Oh that girl? She’s just a groupie, she give good top though according to my homie. She thought she was on my dick but she wasn’t. A lot of shit happens in the dark but oh well. I wrote a line or two about her in T.H.O.T but moving on."

Guess we know where she stands with him now.


Speaking of Chasity, some of our sources said that after her break up with Cameron Melendez, she has gotten back closer to Kayson McNeil. People might be wondering and questioning why now but sometimes, maybe people just want that old love back. He actually seems to be giving her what she needs after all. Some of our sources have told us that Kayson was actually dating Keymoni Davis but we’re pretty sure she doesn’t know about these two. They do make one cute couple though.


Do that shit, do that shit, do it.

It seems that a couple of girls around here have been passed around from artist to artist. Do whatever it takes to get a come up and put yourself on, right ladies? Spreading your legs isn’t the best ways but for some, it seems to work. Entrepreneur, Sean “Diddy” Combs seems to be giving his so called artist Naiya Aiko the ultimate come up. When you’re worth 700 million dollars, girls come flocking but she just happened to get the spot.


"I just happened to get lucky with this one. It’s plain and simple with her and she knows the deal. All of this other bullshit about her and these other niggas? She knows better. She better not let me found out about any of them either. Nothing else needs to be said."


Well, Diddy has spoken. We wonder what Naiya has to say.

It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Everything good has to come to an end right? According to Beyonce’s publicist, the first season of College Hill: South Beach is finally coming to an end. As we all know, this has been one hectic season and America has enjoyed almost all of it. We even got a chance to sit down with Beyonce to see what she planned on doing once season one finished.

"In all honestly, this has to have the most challenging thing I have done in awhile. Working with these young adults is certainly…something life changing in a way. You get to see what they go through in order to survive and make it. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of times I wanted to stop production but I didn’t. Will there be a season two? Of course, we’ve already started filming for it and I hope it’s even better than the first. I can’t really say much but things are going to get very interesting. Do I have an evil team? -laughs- All I’m going to say is, watch yourself and be smart this season. Anything can happen. We have tricks up our sleeves. No one is safe.


Very interesting? We hope so. We can’t wait to get insight on more of these people here also. More stories will be coming soon, just wait on it.


Gig report: Sonata Arctica @ Sotkamon Syke, Sotkamo FI on 19th July 2014

The only time I had witnessed Sonata live before the Sotkamon Syke festival had been in 2009, so it was interesting to see them again after five years. Although there had been changes over the years - new albums and a new bassist being the most notable - some things had stayed the same. Tony was still a magnificent singer and his adorkable self with all the funny faces and gestures, the band put up an energetic gig, and the two last songs were again Don’t Say A Word and the hilarious “We need some vodka” chant thingy whatchamacallit. There was indeed a hint of nostalgy in the air for me.

I’m not the most typical SA fan since I haven’t acquainted myself with their first two albums or any of their EP’s, and the latest two albums have also slipped under the radar for me - I know a few individual songs like Shy, Tallulah, I Have A Right, and The Wolves Die Young, but that’s it. Based on their show at Syke, this might be a problem when it comes to live gigs, since most of the setlist consisted of songs from the four albums unknown to me. I did feel a little uncomfortable when they played songs like X Marks The Spot, Cloud Factory, Love, Fullmoon, My Land, and San Sebastian, but luckily they also played Paid In Full, In The Dark (an odd song to be performed at a festival, I think, especially since Tony forgot some of the lyrics), Losing My Insanity, IHAR and TWDY so I didn’t feel like a lousy fan all the time. Nevermind the setlist, I had lots of fun.