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I meant mentally stronger. Gale doesn't cry half the time like Peeta or loses his fucking mind to some venom. plus gale is a strong hunter who probably carried bags of animals weighing 100 lbs or more

You’re so unbelievably wrong, and here are a few reasons why:

1) Gale needed Katniss’ help to carry a deer carcass.

2) You are a sad, gross little person to equate having emotions and crying as making somebody mentally weak, and you are what’s wrong with society today.

3) Peeta survived two games and a war, plus physical and mental torture, and he went on to have and raise a beautiful family and lead a life not ruled by anger and hate.

4) Gale is an angry, bitter person. The tracker jacker venom feeds on that and heightens it. Gale would have cracked under that hijacking even sooner than Peeta did. And Gale likely wouldn’t have been able to recover from it, not the way Peeta did.

In conclusion, fuck you.

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13. SS :)

13. co-stars AU

"So," Ino takes an extended sip of her pineapple daiquiri, "explain to me one more time how you ended up with a contract to do five porn movies, when you told me that you were going to apply for a job at Ichiraku. Because I feel like I missed something here."

Sakura drops her head into her hands and groans, her pink hair falling to curtain her face. “I don’t know, Ino. I did go to put in my application at Ichiraku, but on my way there I saw a sign for auditions and I thought why not? It just happened, okay?”

The beautiful blonde raises a skeptical eyebrow at her. “So you saw a sign advertising auditions for porn and decided that’s what you want to do with your life?”

"I didn’t know it was for porn!" Sakura cries.

It’s a difficult to decide whether to laugh at or comfort Sakura, and Ino opts for nursing her drink. “And yet you must have known before you inked your name on the contract. So spill, Forehead Girl, why did you do it?”

The look Sakura gives her is both sheepish and piteously miserable. “I may have been a little…starstruck.”

Ino’s straw pauses halfway to her mouth. “…go on.”

She takes a deep breath. “His name is Sasuke.”

Ino spits out her drink, eyes bugging out of her head. “You’re gonna get fucked on camera by Uchiha Sasuke?!”

Sakura looks at her curiously. “You know who he is?”

Ino turns seven shades of red. “I’ve seen a few videos…anyway, that’s not the point. He’s the hottest thing on three legs, and you somehow nab the chance-”

"Ino, I’m not sure you know how anatomy works-"

Ino waves her hand dismissively. “You’ll see what I mean. When do you start filming?”

Sakura’s face flushes a dusky pink. “I have to go by the studio tomorrow to do a reading.”

Ino rolls her eyes to the sky. “Who the hell needs a reading for porn? You will literally only be saying five words: ‘oh god,’ ‘yes,’ ‘faster’, and ‘harder.’”


But the blonde shakes her head. “You’re not going to last five minutes in the porn business, much less with Uchiha Sasuke.”

Sakura groans.


The next day when she steps onto the set of Naughty Nurse I (the sequels are already assured), Sakura feels both over- and underdressed simultaneously. Her make-up is underdone and her cardigan is too much, and the nearly naked girls having their breasts touched up give her a skeptical side-eye.

Stoutly ignoring them, she makes her way through the busy crowd of assistants, spotting the director that she auditioned for yesterday. His small dark eyes light up when he sees her.

"There’s my starlet!" he cries jubilantly, while beside him her co-star-to-be watches with a measure of bored disdain.

Uchiha Sasuke is a legend in the porn world, as Sakura discovered through discreet internet research the night before (she’s sure her face is still red). He towers over her, his dark features at once brooding and magnetic. It’s impossible to look away from him.

By contrast, Sakura is small and pink and has had one boyfriend in her twenty-two years of life.

But Jiraiya, the director, declared her to be the perfect ingenue for his latest film as soon as he saw her delicate features and easily-blushing demeanor. His face was the charicature of cartoonish perverted delight when she informed him that her unusual pink hair was in fact natural.

He jovially directs her toward her dressing room, where her “team” is ready to dress her and do her make-up.

Sakura stares at him in surprise. “I thought we were just doing a reading today.”

He roars with laughter. “Oh my dear girl, time moves too quickly in this business. Today we’ll do some practice shots and blocking. Tomorrow we begin filming! Oh, also there are some release forms you’ll need to sign. Standard business mumbo jumbo.”

Sakura blinks in shock as one of the assistants leads her away.


Sasuke watches out of the corner of his eye as the new girl is lead away. He’s seen a lot of girls like her, naïve and with no idea of what they’re getting into. They see his face and assume that because he fucks them on camera, he’ll fall in love with them. They don’t stick around long.

This one at least looks different, he’ll give her that. He overheard Jiraiya asking if her pink hair was natural (not that his interest was in her head), and her confirmation. It’s almost endearing the way her hair color complements the rosy shade her face turns when she blushes.

Half an hour later as he de-robes himself, standing there in his black silk boxers, she finally emerges from the dressing room. There is not a lot that turns him on anymore, given the sheer amount of sex he’s had since he’s been working in this business, but the sight of Haruno Sakura in a tight white nurse’s dress gives him considerable pause.

She tugs nervously on the short hemline that barely covers her thighs, and the skyrocketting heels she’s wearing make her legs go on for miles. The dress’s front zipper has been pulled down to her mid-abdomen, exposing a large expanse of cleavage. The make-up team actually did a decent job, subtly highlighting her eyes with a shimmery white eyeshadow that manages not to look clownish.

Sasuke feels a twitch in his boxers, and smirks bemusedly to himself. Jiraiya, eyeing him closely, nudges him in the ribs.

"Eh? I did good with this one." He winks and Sasuke rolls his eyes, moving to take his place on the set. He removes his boxers and puts on he hideous hospital gown costume, climbing easily onto the hospital bed. Sakura hovers uncertainly at the edge of the fake room.

Jiraiya claps a large hand on her shoulder. “Okay, Sakura, here’s your motivation: Sasuke here is your patient and you’re hopelessly enamoured with him. He’s bedridden and can’t walk, so you seize your chance to seduce him. But you’ve never seduced anyone before, so make it as convincing as possible. Got all that?”

Sasuke can’t help the smirk that curls his lips as she nods, her face turning red as a tomato.

"Now we’re not going to film these takes, I just want you to get used to touching Sasuke and flesh out your chemistry. All ready?"

His smirk turns into a chuckle as he sees her mouth the words ‘oh dear god,’ but she puts on a professional face and maneuvers around the props to stand beside the bed.

"Go ahead and straddle him, Sakura," Jiraiya hollers from the director’s chair.

Her gaze drifts toward the ceiling as she turns beet red and clambers onto the bed. Her skin-tight dress rides up higher as her thighs settle on either side of his hips, and she aggressively avoids looking at him as his fingertips rest against the curve of her butt. She bites her pretty lips as Sasuke gives her a light squeeze.

Jiraiya claps delightedly. “Alright, here we go! Annnnnnd….ACTION!”

Right. Like I feel like the entire point is escaping these people. And honestly, let’s be serious. I doubt there’s a single person on this planet who hasn’t done at least one or two problematic things in their life. It’s human.

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Do you have any tips on drawing canines? ; A ;

First, get comfortable with drawing stick figure dogs.

Three circles, head chest and hips (in that order). The cross-hairs on these parts suggest where the different sections point. That’ll help you fill in the stick limbs so you know the shoulders and hip joints are in the right place. And that the muzzle is sitting centered on the head correctly.

If you can get comfortable drawing these stick dogs fast, like REALLY fast (think 10 seconds or less) then go to the dog park and start drawing the dogs there as stick figures. Draw them running around, goofing off. Just draw them as stick figures. You’re just trying to get a sense of motion and dynamism.

Next, of the stick figure draws you’ve made, choose one and start filling it out according to how canine muscles work. If you’re unfamiliar, remember that a lot of muscles on tetrapods (basically anything on land or formerly on land) are pretty similar to one another, just differ in proportion. So if you’re having trouble remembering all of canine anatomy, recall your body parts and see if you’ve fit that in there.

This will take study and practice, but then what bit of art doesn’t?

Pretty much all of my drawing advice comes down to “draw really good stick figures” then flesh it out from there (literally). And always try referencing the real thing, in real life or from photos, when you get the chance. It’s good practice.

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What is the difference between acting black and acting gangster? Is there a difference?

yes because black is a skin color containing billions of different and unique people i dont understand how you can act black

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What makes a good fit/healthblr in your opinion?

Look at fatmaninalittlesuit's blog and I'd say that is the ideal fitblr.

  • Regular posts
  • Supportive of others
  • Lots of personal posts showing the fitblir’s journey — good and bad
  • Admitting when you make mistakes and struggle. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being real.
  • Taking time to answer questions thoughtfully
  • Motivation for yourself and others — whatever that means to you (quotes, pictures, selfies, goals, etc. — whatever motivates you)
  • Involvement in challenges — hosting or participating
  • Other personal posts are nice to get to know the fitblr, but only share as much as you’re 100% comfortable with.
  • Easy navigation on the blog, including inks to personal posts, challenges, selfies, etc, as well as an ‘about me’ page.
  • Promos are nice, but not sure they are 100% necessary. Some fitblrs can do too many promos, IMO A few a year is plenty in my opinion, but it’s your blog so do what you want!

Most of all, do what makes YOU happy and what keeps YOU motivated. That is the number one thing, regardless of anything else.

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When you were talking about how JB reminding Jr that living in the reality isn't so bad, it reminded me about how Jr said he wouldn't have persevered had it not been for JB. I really admire the relationship they have. They really understand each other well.

Honestly I don’t think either of them woud’ve preservered without each other? Or at least their personalities won’t be what we see today. Jinyoung seems like the type to beat himself up for things that aren’t exactly his fault and we all know of Jaebum’s infamous temper. But I feel like Jaebum brings Jinyoung away from his melancholic tendencies and reassures him that life is okay, they will make it. And Jinyoung’s ability to observe people and notice the little things about other people’s personalities is probably how he wasn’t scared away by Jaebum in the beginning.

And in the middle of influencing each other, Jinyoung wouldn’t try to pull his emotions away from others and Jaebum would find more and more interest in singing and art forms other than dancing. They’d talk about books and movies and how they will ace it at the monthly evaluations. Jinyoung’s always said that Jaebum’s existence is like having an actual real brother—who cares for him and notices the little fluctuations in his mood—and JJP are such /eternal boyfriends/ I can’t. ; ~;

Besides who else can they discuss the metaphoric meanings of novels and the eternal suffering that is life with but each other???

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the ss fandom should be blame for all of this. See what happened to flowerslut? You guys are bullying her. What is it her fault if something in Naruto triggered the abused that she had experienced before? The victim here is her and not ss fandom. U bully people too much in ns, sk and even nh!

Wait…wait anon.. First of all why are you blaming us, the SS fandom, about this kind of things? Second, I don’t even have any single idea what happened to flowerslut. I’m not even aware of the abuse and bullying claims. Third, I don’t see anyone within our fandom doing such kind of claims too. Why are you always reprimanding us? Do you have any evidence that will justify such accusations? I believe SS are the ones whose receiving a lot of hate here. We are just defending our ship. We don’t bully anyone. I don’t even want to comment about the topic of abuse because it’s really a complicated and sensitive matter. Please stop hating it’s not even good. Understanding might be far fetched from now but I hope we can established respect from one another.

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Re: Modern Greek Gods NOT in NYC... So, Persephone witnesses the horror of Chernobyl from the mutilated souls who arrive at the gates. When spring rolls around that year she and Demeter weave through the wasteland, technicolor flowers springing up where their bare feet hit the blackened earth. The leaves are geometrically shaped and emit hallucinogenic perfumes, but it's a start all the same.

i’m down with this

jazillia007 replied to your photoset“No, I don’t want to fall in love with you This girl is only gonna…”

Just watched this episode today! :D Also “Your future is arriving now…” x3

me too ;) <3 And I just love that scene…another fun fact:

The Emika version is the only one I know and could find that has the lyrics:

This girl is only gonna break your heart

The Chris Isaak version along with dozens of covers use all those lyrics:

This world is only gonna break your heart

And I checked the CC at Springfield and the DVD subtitles to be sure its  really "girl". It is the girl that breaks the heart ….;))