i mean really

lapis can control mass amounts of water without even breaking a sweat

lapis was able to create & control four water beings replicating the crystal gems and have them be equal in power/stronger than them (while building a giant water tower to space and while having a CRACKED GEM) 

and lapis kept jasper from unfusing with her and she dragged them both down to the bottom on the ocean

tl;dr: lapis lazuli is scary powerful

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"how are we here? playboy is NOT feminist, Laverne Cox is not a feminist, feminism is not about getting naked after you’ve surgically altered yourself to replicate every man’s fantasy form of women" Oh noes, somebody made a choice to pose in a magazine that's often read by men and you have to complain about it because it's not "feminism" & it panders to men. I guess feminism is about making your choices unless they rustle other peoples' jimmies.


Here is my stupid headcanon: 

So I’m obsessed with the idea of Bruce having movie-star and famous friends, because it’s not like his entire life outside of Batman is just all some giant lie — he does actually have a few of those people whose company he genuinely enjoys, and chief among them is (of course) George Clooney. And one day George stops by the Manor and is looking around for Bruce, man he can’t find him anywhere, and somehow he ends up down in the Cave, and he is standing there open-mouthed because holy shit THIS IS THE FUCKING BATCAVE, and Bruce is in the suit but the cowl is down, and maybe he is sparring with Dick, and there are a couple of other Batboys around, and everyone just freezes, because holy fucking shit. And there is this long moment of silence and horror, and then Bruce vaults over to George’s side and is like, so, what do you think? Do you love it or what?? I’ve replicated the whole thing, and I even created Batman’s Sex Dungeon, and oh my God you would not believe how wet chicks get for this shit, did you see the leather over here? I’m serious, just run your hands over this! Come try some of this on, I’m not kidding, come play with us!

And Dick and Tim are standing there like, okay, a, how fucking disturbing is it to hear Bruce talk about sex, and b, your explanation does nothing to explain us, and then Bruce is airily waving his hand like, you know, at first the boys resisted dressing up, but now they love it too, it’s better than any gym workout ever could be, this is the best game I ever thought of, you have to play too. 

I wanna say, “Chill, braaah,” to the haters, and equally, “Chill, braaah,” to the defenders, because in your quest to stop the other faction in making a fuss, you’re just adding to all the general WTFuckery that’s creating an even bigger fuss, but seriously, this is the biggest action my dash has seen in a while and I don’t want to waste the 2 minutes I spent making microwaveable poppycorn.

So, you go, girls, go!!! *Cheers on both sides like an idiot*


I wanted to make a post about the difference between an iphone/automated settings point and shoot vs actually knowing what you’re doing and shooting 100% in M or manual mode. So, I put my iphone 6 to the viewfinder in my camera, clicked on it so that it would be in focus and color to the best of its ability, and took the picture. Five seconds later, I took the same photo with the exact same frame and focal length. I then set the setting for the aperture, light balance, and shutter speed myself based on my own experience and skills. As you can see, it’s not nearly close to being a good photo once put side by side. The irony being that I STILL messed up the photo by blowing out the highlights  in the cloud and not getting the color just right. 

It’s come to my attention that a lot of people truly believe they could replicate someones art form such as photography, painting, drawing, etc when in reality yall wouldn’t know how to even set a camera’s shutter speed right yet alone copy what someone has made.

For me, this is a personal hobby of mine that I’m passionate about and don’t get all too irritated with people who think that way, but I do get irritated for the professional photographers who are reduced to hearing “I can do that too” or “I have a real job” on a daily basis by people who think that first photo was good.

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Best lens for portraits?

My 50 1.8 hasn’t failed me in 3 years, but I got my 85 1.8 yesterday and it performed really well today. Also 85mm is pretty close to replicating images the way the human eye sees them and with very little distortion so that’s something to take into consideration as well. 


WIP House. Basement sneak peek preview, part 1.

If I had all the money I would replicate the photo wall in the first picture and put it my house right this second.

And yes, that’s my sim self that is enjoying this basement living room.

‘Cute’ and ‘bjd (ball joint doll)’-y was the name of the game with this gal.

Her name is ‘Sunnie’ and she’s my first sim based off a Mii I created in Tomodachi Life.

I tried to create her in TS3, but….I can’t see to replicate the look in the game. Ah well. It’s not like I actually play TS3 anymore or anything.

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Hi!! I really love your blog! And I 'm new to free!! But I read somewhere that rei and nagisa are married? It was like a " mook " I don't really know what's a mook. But is it true? I'm sorry if I'm asking dumb questions. I just really ship reigisa :D

Unfortunately, they are not *yet* married or even dating. There were, however, implications in the mook that they were partners whether in a romantic or platonic way, as Rei became a scientist in order to support Nagisa’s dream and even replicated Nagisa to be his partner when he was trapped in space. 

Links are (hopefully still alive) here

Can we talk about Marley getting suspended after “Applause”? Like, god, I’m really sick of the “Will suspended her because she wouldn’t dress in a skimpy outfit” argument. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge Will stan, but he was right to suspend her. And not for a lack of showing skin.

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I found 1 battery on the ground, and 2 soul hearts (the blue hearts), i duplicated the battery and the soul hearts 2 times, making 4 batteries and 8 soul hearts, then i only had to keep on picking up batteries and keep duplicating

if anyone doesn’t know: jera is an item that multiples consumable items on the ground, with an item called blank card you can replicate the effect without using jera, it only has 1 time uses but blank card requires to clear out 4 rooms to have it fully charged (you never lose the item unless you pick up some other usable item like that), 1 battery fully charges any usable items that require a certain amount of rooms cleared to be charged, duplicating one battery 2 times would get you 4 batteries, picking one up would leave you with 3, duplicate that and you get 6, pick another and duplicate the rest, now you got 10 and so on until you crash the game with thousands of batteries in 1 room

What if, when Yugi gets bored in class, he just zones out and plays cards with Yami in his mind room? 

He’s just ‘I already know this stuff, no need to pay attention today’ or does it during study hall and his eyes kind of go blank and he just plays Duel Monsters against Yami. They both know their decks so well they can easily replicate them.

I dyed my hair a month ago, almost exactly.

And these are my roots.

SRSLY HAIR GET IT TOGETHER. The colour was a fluke, a freak accident, how the hell am I going to replicate it? Stop with growing, at least until I’ve done the MCM London thing and I can dye it a different colour. Gah.


This time I wanted to replicate this look D.O. wore at the airport on December 4th 2014. Obviously, I was not able to find a sweatshirt with a motorcycle on it, instead, I chose one with a cat and one with a moustache, whichever you prefer individually. The pictures and edits are not mine, I have got them from: here

Get the look here:

Sweatshirt #1

Sweatshirt #2

Plaid Shirt




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Hey, so I'm having trouble getting my mare to respond when I ask for the transition into a canter. She's an ex-racehorse and really lazy but can gallop really fast when she gets going. She also doesn't respond well to my leg at all. Usually the only thing that gets her moving is the crop. How do I get her to respond to my leg and to understand the walk/trot/canter transitions better? Thanks!

Does she know how to lunge? If so, work with her on the ground so that you can practice the canter transition and solidify the cue so that you can replicate it in the saddle. When you ride, before you canter you need to spend your warmup/trotting portion wisely so that she’s relaxed and supple. When you’re warming up, I find it helps to supple a horse if you ask for a few big bends both ways (inside and outside) in both directions so that you unlock both sides of her mouth and can take more contact. Once you’ve warmed up, work her on a 20-meter circle at the trot, and practice some transitions within the trot to make sure she’s moving freely but remains responsive. When she feels good, go to sitting trot– slide the bit so you keep her round and the quality stays the same, and remember to keep working the left side even when tracking right (and vice versa, your outside aids always help balance and supple). When you make the trot more powerful, think about pushing her into the bridle so you create impulsion– slide the bit as you nudge with leg to engage the hind legs. When you ask for canter, don’t lean forward, keep your reins steady, and think about lifting up through the transition…your outside leg sweeps forward (it shouldn’t be a sudden, shocking push) and asks for the canter. If she runs through your aids, make a firm correction by stopping, regrouping/finessing at the trot, and trying again. Good luck!

I got to thinking about alien sexes last night, and trying to think of ones that were outside the human spectrum (binary, intersex, etc.) and also outside of the human spectrum of genders (genderless, male, female, etc.) and I’m pretty pleased. I think I managed to come up with something that is truly alien.

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