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Gamzee turns, raising the pipe, face contorted into a snarl—and stops.  For a second he and Karkat just stare at each other, eyes wide.  Gamzee’s face is splattered with blood, his shoulders are heaving, his sandy hair is all over his face and in his eyes and when he sees Karkat his vicious snarl goes cold and taints with terror, a mask of frozen, furious horror.  Karkat struggles, but they’ve got him and he can’t pull the fuck away—Gamzee stares, breathing hard, and god Karkat’s such an idiot, such a stupid idiot, getting caught—

"Drop it," snarls one of the men, and there’s a soft snik—cold metal presses to his cheek.  Oh god.  Oh god that’s a knife, there’s a knife inches from his eye.  Karkat squirms in the grip on his arms, and then goes frozen-still as the knife nicks his cheek just deep enough to bleed.  ”Drop it, or your boyfriend’s out an eye, Makara.”

Le’m go,” Gamzee slurs.  His eyes are wild and his lip is bleeding, his knuckles are white on the rusted pipe on his hands.  

Drop it!


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Hundreds of firefighters are racing to contain a blaze burning out of control north-east of Adelaide, as temperatures hit the high 30s and a wind change looms.

Authorities said more than 375 firefighters from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales would work on securing the 240-kilometre perimeter of the bushfire, which has already burned more than 12,000 hectares.

The Country Fire Service (CFS) warned that the next 48 hours would be crucial to firefighting efforts due to the higher temperatures.

How to help, donate, current information, updates and warnings on the situation unfolding in South Australia.


"The same woman, twice, and she died both times, the same woman! Something’s going on, something impossible, something…"

KageHina Week December 2014 Master List

so here’s the list of my kagehina week fics for those of you who need it or missed any of it. it was great fun, again, and I hope to take part in it next time too~

prompt: chronos - memories


summary: Some call it reincarnation, some call it fate, some call it magic. Hinata Shouyou called it bullshit.

  • Day 2 - The flush on the inside of your thighs - tumblr | AO3

prompt: mars - blush

words: 2085

summary: It’s winter and finals are coming, so Hinata and Kageyama get down to studying at Hinata’s place.

  • Day 3 - On the field of sunflowers - tumblr | AO3

prompt: hera - royalty

words: 2643

summary: It was a political marriage, just to ensure the safety of their borders. That’s all it was.

prompt: apollo - music

words: 1891

summary: Hinata’s mother sat at the bedside, and when she turned, Kageyama saw her tear-streaked face. That was the moment he realized. It was real. Hinata really had an accident.

  • Day 5 - Lights will guide you home - tumblr | AO3

prompt: polaris - guiding star

words: 1531

summary: Kageyama is his guiding star.

  • Day 6 - One night isn’t enough to learn you by heart - tumblr | AO3

prompt: hermes - letters

words: 2728

summary: National Japanese team’s star setter Kageyama Tobio isn’t a man who would carelessly sleep around. Until one night he meets a very attractive stranger in a club, in a far land also known as France, and all hell breaks loose.

prompt: universe

words: 2859

summary: After watching Small Giant win the winter Olympics in figure skating one windy post-Christmas evening, Hinata decides on the path of his career. Sadly, his own strength isn’t enough to let him compete at the same stage as his idol, and his manager, Suga-san, comes up with the greatest idea ever - it is time to get Hinata a partner.


  • Wears flip flops to important NFL meetings and generally gives zero fucks

Requested my birthday off.
You know what I’m gonna do on my birthday?
Not leave my damn bed. That’s what I’m gonna do. Since that’s all I’ve wanted to do for a solid month now (and come another month I’ll have fully earned such a respite).

anonymous asked:

Just wanted to repeat what a wonderful job you do of this blog. Even in high stress, dramatic situations like we are witnessing you remain balanced, fair & objective. No splashy sensation seeking crap here. We won't talk about the general media & tabloids. Thank you so much. This is now we should behave. Zayn knows that many TRUE supporters have his back. G

Thank you, babe. :) xx

fool fool
fooling around fool
fool hardy fool
me once, twice
three times a fool
fools gold a fools
money is fools
folly foolish
quickly a fool the fool
the fool and the hanged man
appear in the spread
i laughed
i quit my job
i repeat fool
until i learn the
meaning of foolish

—- anna k crooks

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The show was made for everyone. Your opinion on that is second to the creator's publicly stated one. And good job repeating exactly my point with an addition that [implicit creators] should make sure their artwork is seen by intended audience and not the unintended one. It might suprise you, but that's exactly what bronies, and FiM fans who decide to not associate with that label, are doing, and assholes (in both MLP and SU fandoms) are NOT doing.

Why are people so embarrassed to consume a kids show that they have to pull out the “it’s for everyone” card. 

No one is stopping you from enjoying Steven Universe but it is a brightly colored cartoon show featuring magic fighting gemstones from outer-space. 

It’s a kid’s show. 

Make peace with that fact and make peace with the fact that kids are the ones who should be considered first and foremost. 

I don’t understand how anyone can think that the My Little Pony fandom isn’t a barren toxic wasteland of neckbeards and manchildren (and I swear to god if someone comes in here with “not all bronies” I’m going to elbow drop my coat like Ric Flair) and suggest that maybe they don’t want the Steven Universe fandom filled with creepy fuckwads who try and inject as much hypersexualized masculinity into a show for kids so their man card isn’t in danger of being revoked. 

The more MLP fans that want to come into SU, the better but for the love of God I do not want another kids show soiled by creepy adults

It’s 3am, I can’t sleep and so I’m reworking my split.

Day one: Priority chest, tris, secondary shoulders (bench press + chest/tri accessory work, light weight x high volume shoulders)

Day two: Priority legs, secondary back and bis (back squat, front squat, good mornings, leg accessory work, back accessory work)

Rest between two and three.

Three: Priority shoulders, tris, secondary chest (overhead press, accessory shoulder work, tricep work, accessory chest work)

Four: Back, bis, accessory legs (rows, barbell deadlift, Romanian deadlift, accessory back, accessory legs - no squats!!!- bicep work)
1-2 rest days (depending on work - I don’t like to have sore glutes or back at work because im on my feet the whole time at my nursing home job), aand repeat.

Idk how much I’m going to like this but I’ve heard of similar splits (I think it’s called the cube?) being successful. I’m so used to a powerlifting split of one complex lift+accessory work for that lift so this whole physique/endurance thing I’m doing will be weirddddddddd. But probably okay, I think I want to compete in bikini next summer if my school/work schedule allows for all the prep time commitment.


Week 24: Action Sequencing 

This week in photography we worked on action sequencing.  We used a series of images to create a gif.  To do this I took multiple pictures with the camera and then in photoshop I selected all the images of Jasmyn and combined it into one picture.  To make the gif we selected each picture frame-by-frame and combined it all to make a video that repeats itself.  The editing job was a very monotonous job and took quite a long time, but the result was worth all the time and effort.  I am very pleased with the results and look forward to seeing other gif’s from my classmates.