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I was wondering if you had recommendations for repairing cracked/flaking faux leather shoes? I have a pair of shoes that I'm considering repairing and using for cosplay but I might just pitch them if there's no way to repair or reduce the appearance of the cracks.

I’ve heard that once your shoes crack you can’t really save them, or at least you can’t after a certain point. To prevent cracking you need to take care of them and condition the leather regularily. 

However, researching a bit more I came across some guides on how to recover your shoes. So these might help:
How to Repair Cracks in Leather Shoes & Boots
Forum post discussing repair
How to Rehydrate Cracked Dress Shoes
How to Re-hydrate Cracked Dress Shoes
Caring for Leather Shoes - Cleaning and Conditioning

Anyone have anything to add? 

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How to Fix a Bent iPhone

Why didn’t I think of this? So simple.