She was already nervous about all of this that didn’t sleep so well, for not say nothing but she didn’t care, she just wanted to finish everything. Cassie knew now that Liv was who she needed to blame, she was the one who brought her here and could not help her to feel really upset about that, they were friends and now it was like she was really different from the person that she knew. All she did was trying to help her, maybe that was her mistake.

When the guards were there, they took her by the arms and started to walking with her to her new mistress, at least for the week. Oh, God, that was really…she didn’t knew how to describe her feelings right now. When finally she was in the door, the guards opened and made her enter into that room and there she was, in front of her, like she told her that was going to happen.

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Hip East Side Tiny Pad Retreat in Austin

Ever wanted to stay in a tiny house? How about a custom made, one-of-a-kind tiny house with all the amenities of a home, the convenience of a downtown hotel room, the green features you appreciate, and the artistic factor that will make you say WOW?” –

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Rental One


Natalie got the confirmation that she could take Lola, and decided to go down to the cells to get her herself. She walked up to her cell easily enough, locking on and following her scent, snapping her fingers as she went. Lola’s cell was opened before she got there so she just had to step inside, standing near the entrance. “A walk outside or a shower first, Pet?”

Ashley was promptly taken from her cell, though she didn’t like the way the guards brushed hands over her body. Actually, it pissed her off a great deal. It didn’t help that she didn’t know who had rented her. It wasn’t Stefan; he always came to get her, personally. She about had it once they arrived in front of Liv’s door, Ashley relaxing once she knew who rented her. Except another hand brushed - grabbed - her breast, and as one guard released her to open the door, Ashley pinned the other guard to the wall, sinking her teeth into his neck and drinking from him, even as the other guard tried pulling her off to throw her into Liv’s now open door.



She was there, in her mistress room. The blonde was really tired for all of this and Emily wasn’t here anymore like before, she must to admit that she was someone that maybe could get alone with because at the end, she was like her or at least kind of. But well, right now she was nake liked her mistress told her to be when she was in the room and with a leash and of course, in her knees. And right now, she needed something because the burning inside of her was really torturing her, again. Yesterday was a really heavy day with everything that happened in that red room and all the orgasms, and the shower and all of that, was really exhausting. But she knew that if she didn’t wanted to be punish again or something like that, she will have to say what her mistress says.

Rental Two


Natalie had left the cot around dawn, gently kissing Lola’s forehead and tucking her in before she left, going right to putting the claim in. When it was approved, she took it upon herself to go to Lola’s cell, shooing the guards away after they opened it. “Are you ready for our week together, Kotenok?”

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