TIN LISTENS: Spoon - They Want My Soul

In 2024, albums released in 2014 will have their tin anniversaries. Reflecting on the year in music, our Half Past contributors predict which 2014 album they’ll still be spinning in a decade.

I was way late to the Spoon party, but I finally made it thanks to They Want My Soul. Prior to the album’s release, I was only familiar with hits like “The Underdog,” but Soul introduced me to a whole new world of sleek hooks and infectious, one-of-a-kind vocals. After four and a half years in the works, the band’s eighth studio album takes you on a magical musical journey. From the old-school opener “Rent I Pay” to the mysterious “New York Kiss,” the album truly embodies Spoon’s punchy, exploratory style. A personal favorite is the band’s cover of the Ann-Margret song “I Just Don’t Understand,” a tune previously reworked by The Beatles. Safe to say that ten years from now, I’ll be listening to They Want My Soul—and jamming to the rest of Spoon’s music.

-Kelly McDonald

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