I know we’ve seen this before but I thought I’d dust it off again for reasons. So, behold young Aaron circa 2004, performing with the cast of Rent.

anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can find the good quality videos of Aaron performing at 54 Below?

The only one’s I’ve been able to find (and the only ones that seem to be in existance through an internet search [ie: not “listed privately”]) are those on YouTube. They’re not the best video quality but they are watchable! The audio is good (ignoring the irritating screams, Aaron’s vocals are incredible. As always).

Below is a list of the 54 Below Aaron vids I have bookmarked on my mac :) But doing a YouTube Search for Aaron Tveit 54 Below will bring up all available videos

I’ve read a lot of comments about 54 Below and apparently they’re very strict about people taking photos and videos (unless it’s some kind of professional thing) so there aren’t that many fan/performance vids of Aaron.

If anybody has any extra links to vids of Aaron singing his little heart out at 54 Below, please lemme know so I can add it to this list!

Thank you! xx

No Keys

No Keys” is about four friends looking for suitable lodgings and finding each prospect hilariously uninhabitable.*

It isn’t fictional enough, i’m afraid, even though i guess we haven’t looked at any legitimate haunted mansions or houses constructed entirely of broken glass (“You’ll never need a boxcutter or a letter opener again!”). And we are better looking than the way i draw us, haha. But anyone who has had to move knows how tough it is to find the right space to call home.

The least fictional part is the fact that we still don’t have anywhere to live and we  need one too damn soon. I’m writing and drawing the comic for shiggles, because we need something to put a smile on our homeless faces, but i’m also hoping it can shake out a little cash that i can put toward moving costs when we do find the magical fairytale rental(s) that will accommodate our unorthodox family, or failing that, toward a downpayment and repairs on a house (which we’d buy through a community land trust because we’re hippies).

If you enjoy the comic* and you’d like to fund its continuation, drop by my Patreon and pledge. There are some pretty bad-ass rewards and goals! If you’d like to get a gift for someone else as a way to help me out and gently stun two birds with one non-lethal projectile, you can check out S.E.E.D., a collaborative art project that’s helping me fund NOT living in my car.

* At the moment, because of technical difficulties (i just can’t get a break this month, haha) it’s being hosted on ComicFury, but that’s temporary. If for any reason doesn’t work, for now you can use

from Calamity Cove

second act openers: a collection of my favourite second act opening numbers [listen]

{ king of new york, newsies // rain/hold on, ghost // murder, murder, jekyll and hyde // this day/walking by a wedding, if/then // sunrise, in the heights // wish i were here, next to normal // whipped into shape, legally blonde // when i grow up, matilda // building the barricade, les mis // on the right track, pippin // thank goodness, wicked // act ii prologue: so happy, into the woods // morning person, shrek // the guilty ones, spring awakening  seasons of love, rent } 

EXACTLY ONE WEEK TIL LA where I get to meet up with my best tumblr friends, fangirl over the GRAMMY Museum, road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway (route 1? Route 101? I’m a CA newbie) to Big Sur (bc Kaylor), take artsy af pictures, eat my weight in in n out, and then maybe do a little hiking and climb the Hollywood sign JT and Mila in Friends with Benefits style NAH JUST PLAYIN that’s illegal ok I’m just really excited

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