my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube

I’ve been hit with a ton of financial problems, and what I can do now just hasn’t been enough. I recently lost my only source of income due to a huge misunderstanding, and now the bills are due and I’ve nothing to show for it. My roommate has been kind enough to help me this time, but I feel so awful for it. While trying to sort things out with my job, I want to pay her back.

By this time Monday, I’ll owe $360 to my roommates for both the bills, and rent. On top of that, I have my cat to take care of, and to provide for. Even if I were to get my job back tomorrow, or next week, it’s a bi-weekly pay period (which sucks so bad). I wouldn’t be able to pay it all off right away, so every dollar helps a tremendous amount, quite literally. 

As quite a few of you are familiar with my art, you would know that I’m best at drawing cutesy things, like animals or chibis. However, if you would like to see some other things I have drawn not in that category, then feel free to message me. I’m also open to any suggestions you might have as well, of course.

These are the same prices I used the last time I had open commissions.

My paypal e-mail is: I will only accept payments after the commission has been finished and handed over. That way, it provides me with more incentive to work faster, to make sure you receive your request in a timely manner.

Even if you can’t afford to purchase anything, a signal boost would mean the world to me. If you don’t wish to purchase a commission but would like to send something, please at least let me know that you plan on donating, and I will at least make you a sketch or something. I’d feel awful taking something for free.

Thank you all so much for your time, and I hope that everything is going well for you all.

blue-eyed-hanji asked:

if you ever draw a personification of ur artstyle, i want first dibs on marrying that beautiful specimen plz ^_^

he has worn his special wedding underwear for you. <3 And even has the special rainbow abs priest to wed you guys.

LOL, but omg, that’s a really cool idea. hahaha, I don’t know how to describe my art style though? DO I EVEN HAVE ONE?


The furnace died. No smoke huffed out into the frozen wind this morning. No warmth pressed against the walls of our home. I don’t know the age of the furnace, but it’s old enough to be caked in poison asbestos and to look like the face of a demon. Once it ran on coal you’d shovel into its mouth. Then it ran on oil. Now it doesn’t run at all.

When I first moved into this old building my bed sat just above the panting furnace. It took me weeks to understand the cause of the rattle that shook me through the night on my mattress. The screeches of city busses racing from one light to another, inches from my window, took most of my attention. When I finally made the descent down rotted steps to the basement, I found this giant face, a grinning maw in the shadows. It droned on in a single tone with thin metal arms sticking out in all directions like a daddy longlegs. Two pipes clanged together when the burner burned, so I wedged a piece of scrap wood between them. It kept the noise down and my bed shook less. It was my first home improvement.

The temperature dropped below zero in the night, as it has every night for weeks, and this morning’s chill turned the pillowcases icy. No hiss of warm air traveled up the pipes running floor to ceiling like a cathedral organ. The echo and clang of the cast iron radiators expanding in anger was absent. There was no noise in the bowels of the house, like a pebble bouncing off the walls of a wishing well. The furnace is irreparable. Fully dead I’m told. It will take time to replace it, to pull the beast apart and heave it out the side door into the snowdrifts. And I have a feeling it won’t go without a fight.