It's the school of hardknocks with my nerdfighting cis-male coworkers
  • *lunch time with coworkers*
  • coworker:why are you being so mean?
  • me:because you haven't renounced capitalism and taken up the communist struggle yet.
  • entire break room:*silence and nervous laughter*
  • me:*does not flinch*
Serendipity's Shadow (Prologue)

Title: Serendipity’s Shadow
Category: Het (Canon AU)
Characters/Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Rating/Warning: M (Strong Language, Character Death, Violence, Explicit Sex)
Summary:In a universe where the Time Lords survived the Last Great Time War, Rose Tyler lives on an Earth ruled by the alien race. When she unknowingly becomes part of a secret revolution intent on overthrowing the Time Lords, Rose is forced to renounce her parents and go on the run. Becoming a fugitive in the midst of a vengeful race leaves her with only two option: fight or be killed. However, after a particularly nasty run-in with the Guard, she is rescued by a member of the High Council, The Lord Doctor. Left with a regenerating Time Lord and a bounty on her head, Rose must decide where her loyalty truly lies.

“They’ll kill my family! That doesn’t matter to you?”

Her words, uttered from lips stretched thin with hysteria, dug into his chest like a dagger, nicking raw nerve endings and sending his hearts into a frenzy. They pounded through his head, over and over, like a constant echo that would haunt his dreams for many decades to come. He remembered when he had first met her. She was nineteen and beautiful with bright brown eyes and dazzling smile. That was nearly two years ago, though, and things had changed. She was still the radiant vision he had stumbled upon in the macabre alley, even with her sweat-tangled hair and dirt-streaked cheeks, but now she held herself with a certain grace she hadn’t possessed back then, as a little girl with a red hoodie, running scared from big bad wolves that howled in the night.

“….I thought I mattered to you,” she said, and he smiled softly, because of course she did. Rose always mattered—that wasn’t the issue. She just didn’t understand, and he doubted she ever would. Standing in the doorway with her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, the light from the room behind casting a shadow over the ivory carpet, she accused him of betrayal and murder, but he said nothing—did nothing. He would never make her see sense, and in a way, there wasn’t any reason to. She was already lost to him.

He waited for the sound of the door slamming shut as she walked out of the flat and his life—forever. However, only silence remained, and when he raised he fixed his gaze with hers, tears were shimmering in her eyes. “Well I guess I was wrong then,” she murmured, and he felt one of his hearts burn. Funny, he thought. Is this what love feels like?

“Aren’t you gonna say something?” she whispered.

“Does it need saying?” he asked and wanted to hit himself. Of course, it did, but Rose didn’t need to know that.

Rose blinked. Then she turned on her heel and headed for the door. This was it, and he thought he had prepared himself, but obviously not enough. The words were on the tip of his tongue, desperation trying to wiggle past his defenses, but he couldn’t let it. As much as he wanted her to stay, she was safer if she’d go. It was the only way to protect her: from the Master, the High Council, and herself.

“I trust you,” she said suddenly, whipping around to face him. “I trust you… Doesn’t that matter to you?”

The Doctor swallowed hard, knowing that was all he had ever really wanted from her. “I thought it did,” he replied at length, echoing her earlier words, “But I guess I was wrong.”

Rose’s features hardened, and she pursed her lips into a resolute expression. He had once compared her to a sheep in wolf’s clothing—the innocent trapped behind a mask of malevolence—but now she looked every bit as delicate and dangerous as he’d originally thought. “If you stand in my way, I’ll kill you,” she said. “I know how.”

He nodded. From then on, she was human, and he was a Time Lord. There would be no mixed signals or false leads; they were enemies by given trade. “I know,” he told her, a resolute expression settling across his face.

The game had been set. The sides had been chosen.

It was up to fate now.


Here I am back with some Really Bad Posts™. I am rewatching Season 2 of GoT at the minute and I have some things to say. 

Having read the books now I don’t wanna be paying D&D too many compliments. But I can often appreciate some of the writing on Game of Thrones. With each new season, they have to try and introduce a character effectively with very little screen time allocated for exposition. 

I think the introduction of Davos Seaworth in S02E01 is an example of an intro done well. In the novels Davos is a POV character, meaning we get a lot more insight into his character, state of mind, and loyalties than we do in the show (and we don’t get a lot of that screentime at all, hello at barely clocking 16 minutes in Season 4.) 

In the space of a few seconds in S02E01 you get a sense of Davos’s character. In response to Cressen’s horror at the renouncing of the Seven (‘we need to stop her!’), Davos looks to Stannis and sees him resolute. ‘Not now,’ he replies, a short response that manages to hint at his own misgivings. His querying glance at Stannis suggests he will follow his King’s lead loyally, but not now implies that he has his own doubts about Stannis’s path, and he may raise objections in the future (which we see him do! throughout the series! again and again!) 

Loyalty is one of Davos Seaworth’s most defining traits, and it’s brilliant to see that established so quickly, so firmly, and almost wordlessly.

culmination-therapy said:

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim is eight months pregnant and currently in detention with her 20 month old son. She's a christian woman under the death penalty for her religion , as her father was Muslim, and it is illegal to renounce your birth religion. Please spread the word or sign the Amnesty International petition to help her! Thank You!


lets prey for our brothers and sisters over seas that are under such pressure that God covers them, and keeps them safe in all this madness!in Jesus name, amen



Regenerations - 08 of 12

The Doctor’s eighth regeneration - the one when the Doctor had already died in a gunship crash, was resurrected by the Sisterhood of Karn, persuaded to drink the Elixir of the Flame of Eternal Life, tried to renounce the name of ‘the Doctor’ and regenerated into a warrior to end the Time War.

Previously - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]


Various From Under Bridges doodles. U_U  Aradia+Sollux in happier times, and also Gamzee.  

Fun fact: all attendees of the Doom-Speakers’ Festival are poor lowbloods, so there’s a tradition of hanging yourself with illusionary gold and jewels—such an old tradition that wearing actual gold to the festival is considered the worst of terrible luck.

(We’re not going to follow what Gamzee’s up to for like the entire story up until the last showdown, but this is the sparknotes version) (Calling the head of your church a “blasphemous motherfucker” in front of the entirety of said church while you’re already up in front of them on charges of foulest heresy=not a good life choice, big surprise to everybody.)


some lies you tell to ward off grief

Watching a documentary about the Romanovs the other night

historymiss: It’s like Who Do You Think You Are for Natasha
copperbadge: Which is now a fic I want to write
copperbadge: Natasha goes on the show because it’s the best of a bad lot of PR options. Also she DID say she wanted to find herself
copperbadge: MCU-wise, if Nicholas had a couple of kids on the wrong side of the blanket, she could be a granddaughter or great-granddaughter, I suppose
archwrites: how would anyone get the red room data to find out, though
copperbadge: Well you wouldn’t need it necessarily. You could just DNA test her against the remains of the princesses.
Em: Putin makes her renounce any intention of making Russia a monarchy again and taking the throne 
copperbadge: Ahahaha like Putin could. He just begs her not to invade.
Em: true but still. He tries to make it *look* like he’s controlling it, and Nat lets him because she can’t be bothered.
copperbadge: Well, she checks with Tony, and apparently it’d be bad for the economy if she sets herself up as Tsarina. Plus James would make a terrible Tsar.
copperbadge: And Steve’s right out. And Sam doesn’t want to.
copperbadge: Clint DOES want to be Tsar but…no.
Levynite: dear gods no

The record numbers of Americans who have renounced their U.S. citizenship since January 2009 did so at the bargain-basement cost of $450, a subsidized fee that the State Department plans to raise sharply this week as more and more people sever their ties with the United States.

Officials say the new pricetag of $2,350 will “capture the real, unsubsidized cost of providing this service” at a time when escalating demand has put new strain on consular resources.

The government does not make public any reasons citizens may have given for renouncing U.S. citizenship, making it impossible to say for certain what has driven the sharp rise in demand. But the most likely cause appears to be the Obama-era crackdown on U.S. citizens hiding wealth overseas.

From 2001 to 2008, 3,937 people who had lived on U.S. soil for at least eight years either renounced their citizenship or gave up lawful permanent resident status, according to Andrew Mitchel, an international tax attorney in Centerbrook, Connecticut, who tracks the figures closely.

From January 2009 to the quarter ending June 30, 2014, the number rose to 9,566, according to a Yahoo News analysis of the figures published on a quarterly basis by the Internal Revenue Service.

"You sure about this?" [x] [x]

Cultural Appropriation: or How Wendy White Guilt saved India Forever

"Chandra, have the new bindis come in yet?"

"No but they’ll be arriving later.   There’s another music festival coming up, so we should sell a lot of them again!"

*phone rings*

"Patel’s Imported Indian Goods and Fabric Emporium, how may I help you?"

"Hello, this is Wendy.  I have done you a great favour just now.  I’ll be around in five minutes to tell you.   You are going to be so pleased at this renouncement of my whiteness."



"What a strange young woman."

"What is it, Chandra?"

"Nevermind darling.   Oh, a customer!"

"Hello, you strong, proud, beautiful PoC couple.  I am so glad to see neither of you have polluted your blood by allowing yourself to be fetishised by white people."

"Ummm…. yes.   May I help you?"

"No, I have come to help you."

"Ah.  That’s very kind of you, but we aren’t looking for a part-time girl at the moment… if you want to leave your resume here we will let you know if we need one in the future."

"No!  I would never use my white privilege to appropriate the labour of a PoC establishment!  No I have come to bring you great news.  Some nasty ass mayo-faced crackers on facebook said they were going to come here to buy some bindis to wear to the music festival that was coming up!  Before I unfriended them, I thoroughly educated all of them on cultural appropriation!  Rejoice!  Those crackers won’t be appropriating anything from here in a hurry!"


"And I made sure to post reviews explaining the evils of cultural appropriation on all your yelp, google and facebook pages!  You won’t get any crackers trying to buy bindis, incense or saris from you again, if I’m worth my salt!"

*stares expectantly*

"I renounced my whiteness and saved you from the crackers trying to steal your culture!  Their money probably smelled like mayo anyway.  Are you not pleased?"

"You’re trying to save us…. by scaring our customers away?’

"Cultural appropriation leads to othering, fetishising, oppression and death of brown people.  I invite you to educate yourself by looking at these blogs on tumblr…"

"Educate ourselves? On our own culture?!?!?" 

"You won’t believe how many likes and reblogs I got from WoC feminists on tumblr!"

"I can’t put feed my children or pay my mortgage with likes and reblogs!  Get out of my shop!"

"Well!  You have clearly internalised so much racism, living in Bedfordshire!  Again, I invite you to educate yourself by looking at the following tumblr blogs, so you will understand how whites wearing clothing made by Indian people destroys Indian culture!  Internalised racists are so ungrateful…."

"Get out of our shop!!!!!"

"Fine!  It’s not my job to educate lost causes like you!  I know the Korean deli and the Nigerian bakery will appreciate my activism!" 


Heaven’s Gate Cult - In March 1997 in a house in California, police found 39 bodies lying nearly in their beds, their heads and torso covered by purple cloths. All wearing black shirts and trousers; in their pockets they each had a $5 note and three quarter coins; each had an armband patch reading ‘Heaven’s Gate Away Team’. They had all drunk a cocktail of vodka and phenobarbital and wrapped their heads in polythene bags.

Heaven’s Gate was one if many millennial and UFO-based cults in the USA. It was originally set up in the early 1970s by Marshall Applewhite together with Bonnie Nettles; who died in 1985. They were known as ‘Do’ and ‘Ti’ she believed themselves to be “The Two” (two ‘witnesses’ mentioned in the Book of Revelation). The cult combined various beliefs - Christian salvation and apocalypse, evolutionary advancement and travel to other worlds. Meme vets renounced family and worldly goods to live a communal life of asceticism and celibacy in a rented mansion they described as a monastery. They called each other brothers and sisters and knew that the next level of existence would be free if gender and sexual activity - some, including Applewhite, underwent castration.

Central to their faith was the idea that the earth, controlled by evil powers, was about to be ‘recycled’ and that they all must leave it immediately, to be ready for ‘replanting’ in another vehicle (body) at a higher level. A video shot just before the suicides show cult members thrilled by the prospect of joining a UFO hidden behind the Halle-Bopp comet, which they regarded as a celestial marker. They had timed their departure to coincide with the comet’s closest approach to earth.

Here is a link to the videos mentioned above.