Canberra press gallery journalist Jeremy Geia has walked away from his job, given up his passport and reverted to his tribal name, Murrumu Walubara Yidindji. He tells Paul Daley why he decided to ‘leave Australia’ while remaining on the continent – and that he still loves English breakfast tea

This shit’s important. You should read this, if you work with the dead and spirits of place or whatever. Read this bloody article.

Give me a break!

Over the last two years, the U.S. has had a dramatic increase in expatriations. What with global tax reporting and FATCA, the list of the individuals who renounced is up - by 221% for 2013  - with record numbers of Americans renouncing.

Now, the State Department interim rule just raised the fee for renunciation of U.S. citizenship to $2,350 from $450, a whopping 422% increase. Critics point out that figure is more than twenty times the average level in other high-income countries. The State Department says it’s about demand on their services and the extra workload they have to process people who are on their way out.

The required forms alone - which used to be free - now cost about $500 apiece. I think there can be insufficient increased demand on manpower to warrant this move. It is clearly intended to discourage anyone from even considering expatriation, particularly those still straddling the fence.

Increasingly it is looking like we are living in a prison nation. The State Department is certainly doing its part to help promote that view. Thanks, guys. When do you issue me my striped uniform? I hate it when I’m not fashionably up to date.

"Many people saw the life of Mother Maria as one long scandal. This former socialist revolutionary, twice married, became a Christian without ever having stopped being the socialist revolutionary, an intellectual of leftist bent. She was an anarchist even in her dress. Her revolutionary sympathies and her love for the Jews shocked not only rightist Russian emigrants but also many young Orthodox Christians who longed for an order that was complete, organic, and sacred.

This nun, who denounced most monasteries as mediocre substitutes for family life, scandalized many committed to solitary contemplation and carrying out the ‘works of God.’ For Maria, it was a matter of renouncing all comfort—whether it was a soothing liturgy or the peace of a cloister—to completely dedicate herself to a life of poverty and love for others. She immersed herself in a form of abasement similar to the abasement of God, who became human because of love.”

-Preface to Mother Maria Skobsova: Essential Writings by Olivier Clement, p. 7

Tolstoy wrote in “War and Peace” that “kings are the slaves of history.” And when the “king” in question depends on the patronage of happy customers for his well-being, his monarchy is also a slave to public opinion. Unfortunately for Burger King, which intends to renounce its American status for tax purposes, neither history nor public opinion is on its side.

In fact, if social media is any gauge, the Burger King’s American subjects are downrightpissed.Tell Burger King’s CEO: “Stay American and pay your fair share of taxes or I’ll dine elsewhere.”

Burger King’s Facebook page currently features the rather unfortunately timed slogan, “Chicken Fries Are Back” (is that as in, too chicken to pay your taxes?), and it has drawn a lot of angry comments about its planned tax move.

A recent status update entitled “Lunch? Brunch? Same difference” drew this comment, presumably directed toward a constituent’s senator:

Senator Nelson,
As a veteran I encourage you to sponsor a bill that shuts down every single Burger King located on an American military installation in the U.S. … I feel only companies that are headquartered in the U.S. Deserve to be able to conduct business on govt facilities. I find it very up unpatriotic that our service members who risk there lives would have these tax dodging companies located on their bases …

(All comments are unedited, except as noted.)

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Regenerations - 08 of 12

The Doctor’s eighth regeneration - the one when the Doctor had already died in a gunship crash, was resurrected by the Sisterhood of Karn, persuaded to drink the Elixir of the Flame of Eternal Life, tried to renounce the name of ‘the Doctor’ and regenerated into a warrior to end the Time War.

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Various From Under Bridges doodles. U_U  Aradia+Sollux in happier times, and also Gamzee.  

Fun fact: all attendees of the Doom-Speakers’ Festival are poor lowbloods, so there’s a tradition of hanging yourself with illusionary gold and jewels—such an old tradition that wearing actual gold to the festival is considered the worst of terrible luck.

(We’re not going to follow what Gamzee’s up to for like the entire story up until the last showdown, but this is the sparknotes version) (Calling the head of your church a “blasphemous motherfucker” in front of the entirety of said church while you’re already up in front of them on charges of foulest heresy=not a good life choice, big surprise to everybody.)

Canberra press gallery journalist Jeremy Geia has walked away from his job, given up his passport and reverted to his tribal name, Murrumu Walubara Yidindji. He tells Paul Daley why he decided to ‘leave Australia’ while remaining on the continent – and that he still loves English breakfast tea.

This is extremely important. I can’t wait to hear more from Murrumu and his journey on getting back to country and living the old ways. 


some lies you tell to ward off grief

[[I tried a lot of times to create some kind of rule to distinguish from light and dark magic (other than the “harm intent” bullshit -like, you could kill with a well-calculated wingardium leviosa, and you say it’s about intent?), but I simply have to renounce doing this within the canon. It’s a bit sad how there is virtually no difference (unless you assume that light wizards fight with Stupeficium, Expelliarmus and Bat-Bogey hexes only)]]


"As I know you know, I never wanted to make you a vampire.
Turning you was punishment for taking the life of one of our kind.
I am so proud of the vampire that you’ve become. And I know you will stand out there on your own two feet just beautifully when I am gone.
I renounce the ties of our blood and my dominion over you as my progeny.”

15 Surprising Facts About Adolf Hitler


Original Name

Adolf Hitler is known as the Nazi tyrant that brought the world to the brink of destruction. While numerous books have been written about the Nazi leader, many people still don’t know these facts about Hitler.

Hitler was not his family’s original name. His father Alois Schicklgruber changed the family name to Hitler in 1877. It is the one thing Adolf appreciated that his father did.


Not German

Hitler was not a natural German citizen. He was born in Austria but moved to Passau, Germany with his family when he was three. He renounced his Austrian citizenship on April 7, 1925, but did not become an actual German citizen until February 25th, 1932, when he was appointed an administrator for the state’s delegation.

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