* In response to a full-page ad running this week in The New York Times funded by Rabbi Shmuley, Stand with Us, and This World (Shmuley’s own); featuring political campaigner Rennick Remely. My name is Leil-Zahra Mortada. I’m an Arab Queer person. And I support justice. If I lived in Gaza or “Israel’s neighboring states”, I […]

amazing open letter from an arab queer denouncing israel’s pinkwashing. bedpartymakeover


Man hat unsere Väter verraten
und sie als Verbrecher entstellt,
doch sie waren die besten Soldaten,
die besten Soldaten der Welt.

Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank, starring Michael Fassbender, has been nominated for an amazing nine Irish Film and Television Awards. The categories that the film have received nominations are Film, Director (Abrahamson), Actor (Fassbender), Supporting Actor (Domhnall Gleeson), Cinematography (James Mather), Make-Up and Hair, Editing (Nathan Nugent), Original Score (Stephen Rennicks), and Sound.

The 2015 IFTA awards will take place on May 24.


Social Sculpture

It has always struck me that the society which built the ancient sites such as Newgrange and Loughcrew in Co. Meath and Carrowkeel and Knocknarea in Co. Sligo were extremely artful in how they located, designed and aligned their buildings with solar and other astronomical points. In fact they appear to have been true multi-purpose sites suitable for defense, spirituality and observing the sky as well as for living everyday life harmoniously in the surrounding area. It makes sense to me that they would therefore have brought this same artfulness to everything they did. We can only ever speculate what this society of at least 3200BC was truly like and I’m sure it was no utopia either but Joseph Beuys message that “everyone is an artist” might well have been their reality. Which meant not that we should all become practicing artists exclusively but that we should approach whatever we do in an artful way. In his terms society would then become a true ‘Social Sculpture’.

Joan Rothfuss said this about his phrase, “While the term encompassed many things for Beuys, it might broadly be defined as a conscious act of shaping, of bringing some aspect of the environment–whether the political system, the economy, or a classroom–from a chaotic state into a state of form, or structure. Social sculpture should be accomplished cooperatively, creatively, and across disciplines (he often cited the example of the beehive as an ideal working model). For Beuys, the need to change, or literally to re-form, was urgent. "All around us,” he said, “the fundamentals of life are crying out to be shaped, or created.”

Where Sky, Sea and Land Meet

There is a halfway point as you walk or even drive out to Coney Island where you can lose your sense of where the sky, sea and land are as each appears to become reflected in the other. That mile and a half is a mysterious and very temporary opening between the stability of the land and adventure of the sea, the known and unknown.

[ Authors ]
J. A. Gibbard, M. Dethlefsen, M. Kohlhoff, C. J. Rennick, E. So, M. Ford, T. P. Softley
[ Abstract ]
The charge transfer (ionization) of hydrogen Rydberg atoms (principal quantum number $n=25-34$) incident at a Cu(100) surface is investigated. Unlike fully metallic surfaces, where the Rydberg electron energy is degenerate with the conduction band of the metal, the Cu(100) surface has a projected bandgap at these energies, and only discrete image states are available through which charge transfer can take place. Resonant enhancement of charge transfer is observed at hydrogen principal quantum numbers for which the Rydberg energy matches the energy of one of the image states. The integrated surface ionization signals show clear periodicity as the energies of states with increasing $n$ come in and out of resonance with the image states. The velocity dependence of the surface ionization dynamics is also investigated. Decreased velocity of the incident H atom leads to a greater mean distance of ionization and a lower field required to extract the ion. The surface-ionization profiles (signal versus applied field) for `on resonance’ $n$ values show a changing shape as the velocity is changed, reflecting the restriction of the resonance to a certain range of applied field.

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12. a song from your preteen years - girlfriend by avril lavigne

26. a song that makes u want to fall in love - anyone else but you by the moldy peaches

30. a song that reminds u of yourself - idiot shriek by stephen rennicks

ask me about songs lmao

New review copy received: The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura, Volume 2: Halen by Lee Aarons

The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura, Vol. 2: Halen @LeeAarons @Realmwalker @REALM_PUB_GROUP

I got home last night and found this new review copy in the mail. I am reading volume one right now, and I am excited to start this one right after! I like what I have read so far, so stay tuned for reviews on both books coming soon.

Volume 1 & 2 of The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura are OUT NOW! 

About the book:

This is the second volume in the story of Raine and Rennick Sherrill:

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