As I was just ranting about on Twitter:

Upset right now that one of my shows (Vikings) is giving me a glorious m/m love story but without crossing the line into sex, while another (GoT) is being generous with the m/m sex, but gutting an equally intense love story in the process. (Can’t say more without book spoilers, but this is not a Loras that seems likely to Do the Thing he’s supposed to do in this part of the story.)

What is SO threatening to people about the combo of m/m sex AND love that we never get to see both? It seems like we’re supposed to write off queer men as sex obsessed and incapable of deep love, or else write off deep m/m love as something without even a tiny hint of sexuality. Ugh. Tired of it.

The homophobic fanboys on the GoT/ASoIaF boards...

Renly and Loras are gay. Deal with it.

It’s not HBO’s fault that your reading comprehension skills suck. Not only did GRRM confirm it some time ago, but try reading closer; the hints were there from the start!

I, as well as my ovaries, am highly thankful that they’re showcasing these off-screen off-page(?) moments. That Renly/Loras scene SO happened, and you know it.