So me and almighty (walkingbriefcasebrigade) were talking about choosing a random eye color for Sechiel. Then this happened:

What if Sechiel is a biological son of the Schwarzschilds?

- His look will be like that above (for me he looks so…idk, cute? XD)

- Intelligent, a bit of a nerd, quiet and innocent (and pretty cold too)

- An accidental pervert.

- Blunt and pretty much innocent with other stuff (if you know what I mean)

Anyway, the Pear blossoms are for Chibz~ xD

He will kiss her just this once. Those lips of hers that he can’t seem to stop staring the whole day, that it’s distracting him from his study.

As soon as everyone has gone home, he waited her at the doorway while she fixed her things.

Ah, those luscious beautiful lips again - he wanted to kiss her so bad.

Feeling a little devious, he slowly went to her when she’s busy fixing her hair, eyes closed and concentrating. He gently took her glasses away, making her to jump slightly and snap her eyes open.

"I-is something wrong?" she asked in a small voice, blushing.

He did not reply - instead, he leaned closer to her, slowly closing the gap between him and her.