The EU created 23.4% of its electricity from renewable energy sources in 2012, with a total electrical output estimated at 763.5 TW. This represents an important increase from 2011, when these energy sources brought “only” 20.4 % of total electricity.

Austria and Sweden pave the way in what is possible for renewable energy with 68.3 and 67.1 % of their total electricity coming from renewables in 2012, respectively. The remaining 25 EU countries are following suit. Nine countries generated 20-50% of their electricity through renewables, including: Latvia (43.4%), Denmark (41.7%), Portugal (35.6%), Finland (32.5%), Spain (31.7%), Slovenia (29.5%), Italy (26.6%), Romania (25.2%) and Germany (24%).

In terms of the chosen technology, the statistics, taken from Euro Observer, have shown that hydropower represents 43.9 % of the total renewable energy produced in 2012. Wind follows with 26.6%, biomass (19.5%), and solar energy (9.2%). Geothermal and ocean energies make up the remaining 0.8 %. The renewable energy industry in the EU has employed more than 1.22 million people in 2012.

These figures show that the EU 27 are well on their way to achieving the 2020 goal of “20 % of renewable energy in the total energy consumption.”

We wish them luck.



Small, vertical axis wind turbines are the right size for residential and urban areas, but so far, they have lived in the shadows of their larger, horizontal axis counterparts. The power output is significantly lower (although a study has suggested that for the space they take up, they’re more efficient) and the noise they produce is louder than most homeowners can deal with.

In London, sewer fat will power world’s largest grease-powered electricity plant

Stay Green Oil has already offered those with waste oil the opportunity to re-use it, rather than throwing it away. In the UK, discarded oil and fat is causing problems in the capital’s sewer systems, and now 2OC aims to tackle the problem with the world’s largest fat-powered renewable electricity plant. READ MORE…

ALEC Influence Could Dismantle Ohio's Clean Energy Policies
Ever heard of ALEC?

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) connects fossil fuel interests to legislators. And they are behind a coordinated effort to dismantle clean energy laws across the country. Ohio’s clean energy policies are currently at risk. 

But you might not know it…

Even though the legislators pushing the anti-clean energy bill are deep in ALEC’s pocket.

Of the 21 Senators who voted “yes,” 15 are members of ALEC. None of the Senators who voted “no” have ties to ALEC.

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ElectriCity — Ultramodern Electric Bus Service Launching In Gothenburg In 2015 | Clean Technica

Buses that are silent, energy efficient, and don’t release exhaust — sounds good, doesn’t it? Just such a bus service is now in development in the Swedish city of Gothenburg — it’s currently set to launch in 2015. The new “ultramodern” bus service will be entirely electric and powered entirely by renewable energy sources.



Candles lend themselves extremely well to recycling, but the only problem is that it often requires some effort on your part, and the potential to make a mess. The Rekindle candlestick holder from Benjamin Shine on the other hand, takes care of all the hard work for you, and only requires that you insert a new wick every time your candle is “reborn.”

While this particular candle holder will set the mood, or provide you with a cheap light source for a very long time, it won’t last forever. Every time the candle burns all the way through, it will actually get a little bit smaller, but there’s nothing that can be done about that because it’s a fundamental chemical reaction.

source: Dark Asylum Radio

The Dance at Alder Cove




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Using donated computing power and drawing on the theory of quantum mechanics, Harvard researchers have computationally screened 2.3 million organic molecules for properties relevant to photovoltaic applications and then organized them into a searchable, sortable database. The new library, which was released to the public today, will help guide the search for new organic photovoltaic materials.