Marvel's Agent Carter

I just submitted my opinion to about “Marvel’s Agent Carter”:

Marvel’s Agent Carter is an extraordinary period piece that combines brilliant story-telling with espionage and atypical fight scenes that are as amazing as the moves are simple.  

With it’s stylized appeal, Marvel’s Agent Carter adds finesse and artistry to filmography. Hayley Atwell’s sophistication as Peggy Carter is flawless and makes James Bond seem a ruffian by comparison.

I’ve never asked you for anything ABC, but I do ask that you renew Marvel’s Agent Carter for a second season.

abbymaybelle asked:

Hi Nina! I really like you Future Fish group from Katsu! I was wondering how you meet all the lovely ladies of the group and how long you've known each other? I know they have been in your vlogs and mentioned in your posts in the past, so I'm curious! Everyone did an excellent job at Katsu! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Thank you so much~! Ahh, reading this just made my night, haha. My Free! cosplay group is my Ultimate Team (or alternatively, “Team Trash”), I love those ladies with all my heart and it makes me super glad to hear people enjoy our cosplay shenanigans!

I met Emma (ofbaskerville) and Jillian (renew) through our Genderbent Doctor Who group at C2E2 2013. We were missing some of the Doctors and put out a call on Tumblr to see if anyone going to C2E2 would be willing to fill in, and both of them helped us out (as Two and Seven, respectively)!

That experience in and of itself remains to be one of my favorite cosplay memories, and the fact that I met two of my best friends through it makes it even more near and dear to my heart.

After that con, Emma and I figured out that we actually both lived in Chicago, so hanging out together (along with my roommate Alex) became a regular thing! Especially girls’ nights. So many shenanigans were had. Regardless of what we were doing, though, I was just happy to be around Emma. She has this wonderful calming presence and is just a really soothing and comforting person and she makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I am so super pumped that we’re gonna be living together within the year~! Like, real talk, she’s been vital in helping me figure out what I want to do with my life and she’s given me the confidence to pursue my dream - if only because I’ve seen how passionate and dedicated she is to her own art and career, and that’s infinitely inspiring. She’s one of the most powerful, positive influences in my life and I’m grateful to have the honor of knowing someone like her. <3

In the fall of 2013, Jillian and I went to MidoriCon together and stayed in the same cabin, and that’s when we really got to bond and hang out in person! And since then it’s just escalated exponentially. We’re both really ambitious when it comes to cosplay, but at the time we became friends, we were both getting a little disillusioned with it, almost like a “Why bother?” type of feeling (especially in my case). But Jillian really motivates me to tackle my dreams and keep pushing myself to improve! For example, I’ve never really been a competitive person and the idea of entering any kind of cosplay contest was always unappealing to me… but Jillian lights that fire of competition within me. At Katsucon this past month, I was practically chomping at the bit to get out on stage and perform alongside her. I’m so thankful to have someone like her in my life that constantly encourages me and gives me the strength to be better!

As for Beth (nighteyescosplay), she and I have known of each other by proxy for a while through mutual friends and Tumblr, but we didn’t get the chance to meet until this past Youmacon. Which is completely ridiculous, considering we’ve lived 15 minutes away from each other our entire lives (this is a constant point of frustration for us - so many wasted years, ugh!). I feel like Beth and I connect on this terrifying, symbiotic mental wavelength where we legitimately know exactly what the other is thinking and follow the same thought processes at all times. We are a chaotic, unpredictable force to be reckoned with, and putting us together in the same room almost always results in massive amounts of hyperactive insanity. She is my soul sister, through and through~

This got rather long and sappy, oops. I just have so many feelings about these ladies. They bring me so much happiness and I really don’t know where I’d be without them!


Con Vlog: Katsucon 2015 [Thursday]

Thursday was of course our main travel day, along with picking up our badges. Along with some Pokemon kigurumi shenanigans, because those are important.

Night Eyes will have more vlogs up from our drive with Jillian Lynn, so keep an eye out for those too~! *O*