Mimi Youn

Beyound Photographs

What I regard as the most important thing in my artwork and practice is bringing life and intimacy to the viewer.

To me, life is so vague. I have had lots of ambiguous questions every moment in my life, and I try to respond to this ambiguity in my artwork. 

I am interested in works that contain an artist’s real life story. To me, the truth shown in emotion is more important than the truth shown in reality. (from artist statement)


here are the doodles from the stream! including trott riding sidesaddle, quidditch commentators trott and ross (who gets banned from the matches but still finds a way to yell at parvis from his dorm), and smith’s strange fatuation with geckos.

there are tears in my eyes from laughing so hard and i can’t see straight thanks guys

(co-designed by my partner ryangooddays and me!!)

aaaand third up to bat is the leader of Saga’s combat division, Story!! she’s a jolly and big-hearted lady, and is by far the strongest member of saga’s forces. she’s gregarious and gets along with most people well, aside from Fable who hates everyone!!

Her jolliness and generally laid-back demeanor belie a fierce fighter and a very sharp tactical mind. She’s not just a great warrior, but a great strategist as well!!