Eu sei, eu sei, o eterno clichê “isso passa”. Passa sim e, quando passar, algo muito mais triste vai acontecer: eu não vou mais te amar. É triste saber que um dia vou ver você passar e não sentir cada milímetro do meu corpo arder e enjoar. É triste saber que um dia vou ouvir sua voz ou olhar seu rosto e o resto do mundo não vai desaparecer. O fim do amor é ainda mais triste do que o nosso fim. Meu amor está cansado, surrado, ele quer me deixar para renascer depois, lindo e puro, em outro canto, mas eu não quero outro canto, eu quero insistir no nosso canto. Eu me agarro à beiradinha do meu amor, eu imploro pra que ele fique, ainda que doa mais do que cabe em mim, eu imploro pra que pelo menos esse amor que eu sinto por você não me deixe, pelo menos ele, ainda que insuportável, não desista.
—  Tati Bernardi.

anonymous asked:

Tipo conheci um mlk mó gente boa, a gente tá ficando 3 meses já.. Mas aí bum meu ex renasce das cinzas e diz q quer voltar, q gosta mto de mim.. eu amo ele ainda.. E não sei o q eu faço, Pq meu ex dava umas vacilada cmg.. Será q ele merece uma chance?

Cara tu já deu a chance pro teu ex e ela desperdiçou, agora q tu ta seguindo a tua vida q ele vem com essa? Pra que voltar ao passado? Tu pode se machucar novamente, a gente tem que evitar ao máximo de se machucar

E quando a minha história parecia ter chegado ao fim a sua graça me alcançou. E quando tudo parecia estar perdido naquela cruz o seu sangue me libertou !
—  Jesus, o plano perfeito.

Every single thing about this place makes me feel like being sick to my fucking stomach.

Aug4bymau5keteer123  The Vector Gallery located on 154 East Broadway, New York is the first Satanic art gallery in the Lower East Side- and the first I’ve ever seen that’s permanent.That link is to their official tumblr, and you can find most of this information there, but only at the cost of feeling like part of your soul has died.In fact, in order to be able to enter the back room of the gallery, you literally have to formally sell your soul to Satan. I shit you not.
The artist himself, JJ Brine, has declared it “The Official Art Gallery of Satan” and has stated in interviews that the place is, in and of itself, a living entity. He has claimed that certain things have fallen off walls and rearranged themselves, and that the gallery sends messages to him. The gallery is said to have a very strong, unique energy of its own- an energy I feel simply from even looking at the images of it.JJ has also founded and lead a new religious he calls “Vectorism”.
The difference between Vectorism and Satanism are that Vectorism actually recognises Satan as lord and saviour. This is not the ideology that Satanism is founded upon, which is that you’re free to believe and do whatever you want without consequence. You’re your own god. But not with Vectorism, no. With Vectorism, Satan is GOD and is to be respected, feared, and worshipped. They hold religious ceremonies as well.
The walls are littered with “post-human art”, a term he claims Satan chose. The entire gallery is littered with art dedicated to Satan, Charles Manson (whom has been named their church’s official religious leader), desecration of classical art, hooved and horned creatures with outreached hands and warm smiles, Baphomet-like figures, and yes- heaps upon heaps of Illuminati-related symbolism. It’s also full to the brim with all sorts of reflective materials, mirrors, silver spray paint, glitter, bright neon lights, etc.
This man is leading a movement all of its own, and it’s rapidly gaining in popularity.This man is sick, and he is dangerous.I wish all of this was one great big joke- but unfortunately, it most certainly doesn’t seem to be whatsoever. This entry was posted in Still Imagery and tagged All Seeing Eyeduality,evilIlluminatiilluminati symbolismluciferianismmass programmingMind ControlMK Ultramonarch programmingOccult ElitesatanicSatanism,Symbolismvector galleryvectorism.