Random silliness but stuff I've been thinking about

I have a very serious dilemma where I want to do like Civil War reenactment…but being from the South/and being brown…

I really don’t want to glorify the CSA because they were dumb dipshits…I just want to put on the pretty clothes…

To a much much lesser extent it’s kind of the same problem I’m running into with potentially portraying someone of color in the SCA…

I really really love the history and time periods I’d be “living in” but at the same time, both groups are made up of a majority of white folk and seem to handwave/ignore a lot of the serious underlying issues for folks like me during those times…

It’s like when I first started to dress up for Renfaires I refused to dress up like an Irish maiden or English lady because I was brown- and I ended up opting for a Romani/Roma persona and tried to research as much as I could to make sure I was doing justice to the group- but as I’ve gotten older and learned more- even that could be considered problematic? 

So now I got this…problem and I don’t quite know how to deal with it or even if I should tag this post. I’m not hating on reenactors at all- quite the contrary- I REALLY WANT TO JOIN…it just seems there’s not a place for me? IDK

Edit: I decided to tag this in hopes someone in those groups could help me out…thanks

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