Hey everyone!!
I finally finished da first part of C O N C E P T S about this crossover.
Yep, this is DMmD x Portal (2?) just cause I realy love this game
In short… …

Ironically, Aoba can`t talk,  the main asshole of this ALMOSTcorporation is Toue. Sei is his successor which replaced Caroline in this AU and don`t remember anything about his past. But it`s okay, once he get his potato form he`ll remember
Ren is cube-companion, for whom I still didn`t draw human form. In first Portal if yoi`ll listen attentively to him, then you can hear soft and cute songy. Well, from this one you can hear quiet “OWBA”
Andddd Clear is one of the broken turrets. THAT broken turret. And all the other turrets, obviously are Alpha`s
Please, pray for my soul and I`ll continue this

the life cycle of a kyle maclachlan
  • 80s kyle maclachlan:a small baby bird. did he emerge fully formed from the thoughts of david lynch? it is a mystery. protect him. he is so small
  • 90s kyle maclachlan:an awkward gorgeous caterpillar. oddly sleepy or perhaps stoned most of the time
  • 2000s kyle maclachlan:beautiful butterfly victoriously emerging from his weird dad cocoon and trying to take flight
  • 2010s kyle maclachlan:the golden age of hot dad

While in the English-speaking fandom the new Alibaba is likened to a cactuar and nicknamed Cactuar!Alibaba or Cactuababa, in the Japanese fandom, everyone is calling him Hanibaba (ハニババ) in reference to a Haniwa. Looks like Cactuars–known in the Japanese version as ‘Sabotenders=サボテンダー’–were originally inspired by haniwas, probably the Shy Guy (Heihou=ヘイホー) from the Mario series as well.

One reader complained that the author should have based his new look on something from Arabia or Arabian Nights instead of Japan. Here’s another comment from Manga Kansou:

「…コケシ…ハニワ…次は… 」

“A kokeshi…a haniwa. What’s next?”