Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.122:

"The image is a work in progress. It’s something for volume 12 that I think will be out in April. Regarding the spots on Koumei Ren’s face, they are not freckles, just acne scars.

This week’s Magi covers the first act of  the four’s sea adventure. Even though the arcs in this series are not that long, I’m planning for this story to be a serious one that concerns the main characters.”

Were the spots on Koumei’s face when he was a kid in volume 23 omake a mistake (she forgot about them being acne scars and drew them)? If they were both freckles and acne scars, she would’ve said だけでなく instead of ではなく, right?

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.123:

"In the picture is the color chart that I referred to when I did character illustrations. They are probably hard to make out, but the chart also comes with color codes. When I did a color sorting of each character’s hair, eyes and such, it turned out ther were around 3-4 basic colors and I set them as the default ones. Though, I ended up changing them many times.

This week’s Magi comes with a colored page. Aladdin’s and co will be wrecking havoc this week. It’s been since Zagan arc when the characters had this much action, and I immensely enjoyed depicting it. Also, there was a misprint in the subtitle of this week’s chapter. It doesn’t match the contents of the chapter and I apologize for it. It wil be corrected for the volume release, so please, have mercy on me.”

You can make out the names of some of the characters and the colors she chose for them in the background.

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.124:

"Winter has also arrived recently, and bone-chilling days are ahead of us. This week’s Magi is engulfed by a body-freezing coldness, more sinister than these winter days we’re living. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Morgiana, who acted splendidly last week, turned out to have an unexpected weakness. The other party members are doing their best for her.

Until now, the stage was centered around the southern countries (Sindria). One day, I would like to write about the snow countries.”

By ‘snow countries’, was she referring to Imuchakk? Did she end up saving it for the Sinbad spin-off?