• Remus playing he cello and Sirius being in a punk band AU though.
  • They go to the same uni but meet at a coffeeshop nearby the first time when Remus wont move his cello and Sirius want’s to get by and go sit with his friends
  • And Sirius is all: “Hey, move your tuba” even though he knows exactly what instrument is in that case.
  • And Remus is all: “Sure, just bend over and give me a place to put it”
  • And Sirius is all, what the fuck did this green eyed, tawny haired, cute-enough-to-be-a-toddler dude just say to me, and is all ready to take out the safety pin in his ear and go man.
  • But instead he just feels this great respect for this fucking weirdo and just sits down opposite him instead and is like: “Who the fuck brings a fucking cello to a coffeeshop anyway?”
  • And somehow they start talking, even though Remus is all ice in the beginning cause just the sight of Sirius in a leather jacket and drumsticks in his hair just bores him completely, like shit we know you study music no need to fling your flannel shirt in everyones faces, mate.
  • But then they start talking, and it turns out he really knows what he’s talking about and Remus is really impressed and they just sit there and talk for like an hour about really obscure music they like, both of they trying to impress the other one with what they know but never managing because they both know it all.
  • And then Remus has a class and has to go, and Sirius is like: “You should come check out our band sometime”
  • And Remus is like: “Right, like your little band could ever impress me”
  • And Sirius just grins that traffic-stopping grin and gives him a napkin with his number and is like: “You’ll just have to find out, wont you. Call me, and I’ll tell you when our next show is”
  • And Remus just shrugs and gets his cello and leaves, even though he’s blushing really hard and his insides have stopped being insides and are now tiny little cellos playing his favorite song loud enough for him to almost forget the class he had all together.
  • And then that night, Remus is like shitshitshit should I call? Will he pick up? Should I just text? He said I should call? Wow, this is silly.
  • But he ends up calling anyway and they talk like all night about everything, music in the beginning but when the sun starts shining through Remus window they’re talking about about fucking anything, they don’t even know anymore. It just feels really simple and great talking to each other.
  • And Remus goes to see Sirius band and is like really quite impressed but when he sees Sirius afterwards he’d like “eh” with a shrug and a smirk, and Sirius just laughs at him and dares him to show him how it’s done then.
  • So Remus takes him to the rehearsal room at school later that week and plays for him, and Sirius is falls so hard for Remus, right then and there, and just watches him disappear into the music and he can’t even hear him playing anymore, he’s so focused on the small crease over his left eyebrow he can barley breath.
  • And then Remus plays the last note and Sirius can’t even, he’s just so impressed and fuck he didn’t even realize he’d started crying.
  • And Remus is like smirks and says “that’s how it’s done”
  • And a few weeks go and if they don’t see each other at school they always call each other that night, and Remus always comes to Sirius’ gigs and Sirius always comes to his practice to listen.
  • And then one day they just hang out in Remus’ room and listen to old stuff, and they start goofing around and dancing and laughing and Sirius sees Remus’ get’s the same crease over his eyebrow when he laughs too, and he just goes for it and kisses him right on the lips
  • And Remus is like: “Okay, but if you start writing songs about me I’ll chop your balls off”, but he’s really like: “Finally! I’ve been thinking the same thing for months!”
  • (Sirius writes him lovesongs anyway without telling him and Remus realizes but instead of chopping them of he gives Sirius’ balls a bit of extra attention…)
  • And everyone is like “haha ironic the punk and the classic” but really Sirius things Remus is more punk than he will ever be and Remus know’s Sirius cries every time he plays for him, but really they don’t even care cause when they’re together Remus still hears tiny cellos in his head and Sirius feels his heart beating like a drum loud enough to make him vibrate.


remus lupin headcanons (as if there aren't enough already) feel free to reblog and add your own to the list
  • He prefers milk chocolate to dark chocolate; it’s sweeter and more comforting after a full moon. He knows it’s technically not real chocolate but he still enjoys it.
  • In the summer of third year, he got a growth spurt and when he came back to Hogwarts in fourth year, he was taller than both James and Sirius. Sirius was especially not happy about this.
  • Remus likes cuddles, on the couch next to the fireplace in the common room or by the great lake when it’s cold.
  • When it does get cold, he breaks out the sweaters. 
  • James and Sirius like to tease him about the sweaters, not for wearing them, but because they are the typical hideous “my gran gave me this for christmas and I couldn’t say no” sweaters.
  • There’s the dinosaur sweater headcanon, of course, but that’s not mine, so I won’t put that. (But basically the headcanon is that Sirius gave Remus a dinosaur sweater and he loved it and was wearing it the first time he kissed Sirius.)
  • He prefers tea to coffee.
  • He’s one of those people who, when he does drink coffee, drowns it in milk so there’s almost no coffee left.
  • But he also prefers hot chocolate to tea.
  • After the full moon, he’s always really tired. There are a few variations in fanfictions of what Remus is like after the full moon, which is why I’m putting this; Remus can barely stand up straight after the full moon.
  • Remus wears sweaters and corduroys and unlaced doc martens, and he is the sweetest thing ever. 
  • He’s the most sensitive Marauder, and sometimes they don’t remember that, which leads to him retreating to their dorm room or the boys’ bathroom near tears whenever they mention a touchy subject, like when they first found out he had lycanthropy.
  • When Harry’s first word was Moony, he cried for a week.
  • And he couldn’t help but be a little but hurt when Harry called him Lupin instead of Moony, or even Remus would have been fine.

Headcanon that in fifth year James, Sirius and Peter were planning a new prank and they needed the love potion (don’t ask me why) and it just so happens that when they’re using it Remus enters the room in a very bad mood and starts yelling at Sirius to go have a shower because the room smelled of dog and motorbike oil.

Stupidly Huge Wolfstar Reclist — Part II: R

Here we are, part two of the reclist! There are at least 150 pieces in this list, but probably closer to 175.

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When Sirius and Remus got back together post-Azkaban, they decided not to hide it. (Especially when they moved into Grimmauld Place where Sirius was like, “No more hiding! Not in this house, not anywhere!” after his childhood of repression, both self and familialy inflicted, that that house had caused.) Remus would agree because he doesn’t care if they’re out or not just so long as they are a ‘they’. They didn’t have a coming out announcement. They just went about their lives as a cohabiting couple and if anybody asked they told the truth. Everyone knew, whether they’d asked them or not. It was clear how much they loved each other.

The only person who didn’t know was Harry. Not because they were hiding it from him, but because Harry is clueless. Everyone thought it was so obvious there was no need to sit Harry down and tell him, “Sirius and Remus are fucking gay, also they’re fucking.” 

Moony and Padfoot's Haiku War (or The Year in Which Remus and Sirius Communicated Only Through Japanese Poetry)

Word count: 2,876 (sorry lol).

Summary: Thus began Moony and Padfoot’s Haiku War, or the Year in Which Remus and Sirius Communicated Only Through Japanese Poetry. Remus woke up the first day of school with a note plastered onto the inside of his bed curtains. The handwriting was very obviously Sirius’s (the paw print at the bottom of the page was also a good indication of who the note was from), and this gave Remus a squirmy sort of feeling in his stomach at the idea of Sirius having been so close to his bed during the night.

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Stupidly Huge Wolfstar Reclist — Part I: G-PG-13

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1) spacefragments’ reclist
2) fuckyeahremussirius’s reclist [huge thanks for letting us use your images, too!]
3) ofwerewolvesandmen’s reclist of reclists & fic search
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