Sitting Alone at Lunch.

It was funny how everyone seemed to flock to the Great Hall for lunch. Ellie couldn’t stand it half the time. She’d always had a quiet house hold. She grabbed a plate of food directly from the kitchens and moved to sit in her favorite hallway. The one with the view of the courtyard. She looked around and took her scarf off. She was getting hot and she was sure nobody would be around to see the nasty scar on her neck. She got tired of hiding it all the time but what she hated the most was people starring at it like she was some sort of freak. It started at the crook of her neck and extended under her robes to the top of her shoulder. When her magic fist appeared she was young and she had a dog. She blew something up and the dog attacked her. It was an ugly remind of that but it wasn’t really that bothersome. She brushed her hair back and tilted her face to the sun. “It’s far too nice for this time a year.” she murmured to herself.

remuslupinhere {missed the train with you}.

"Shit," she mumbled, watching as the train rushed past her, missing it by a second. She looked to a guy who seemed to have missed it too, not too happy about it. "They should at least wait a while, don’t you think?" She chuckled softly, looking to him with interest.


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Hello Gideon. I feel like an arse right now. I've only just heard the news of your departure. I wanted to send you an owl in case I didn't see you before you leave which is more than likely with all the studying I've been doing recently. We will all miss you. You were a great chap and I enjoyed having you around in the common room. Hope all goes well! Have fun! - Remus

I just found this in my rucksack Remmy. Made my day. The past few weeks have been great. We need to apparate over to the that theater again. Soon. 

Library || Remus and Aidan

Aidan Fairbourne scanned the library of Hogwarts with a sense of familiarity. It had been a good amount of years since he had been in the school. It still felt like a second home to him even now. He started inside heading to one of the sections he could always be found in when he was a Ravenclaw at the school. Books about being an Auror, Books about Defense Against the Dark Arts. He recalled some of the pages, and how they really didnt prepare him for how extreme being in the Auror business was.

He loved the job though, Aidan wouldn’t trade it. Even if training was difficult, even if there was impending danger lingering over their heads he loved the job. He loved the feeling of accomplishment. He had time to spare before waiting to speak to Dumbledore so he pulled put on of the old books to entertain himself.

Aidan started over to one of the only spare tables and took a seat. He scanned the room again, seeing a few first years doing things they shouldn’t, having to mentally tell himself he wasn’t Head Boy anymore. Aidan turned his attention back to the book.