But, it was like, national “dress like a fucking slut-skank-bitch” day today tho.

came home, was gonna hangout wit morgan, but she answered none of my calls so I was highly disappointed becuz this was planned -_-

Had arby’s…..which tasted like ass.

Then Called Mckenna, but she couldn’t hang cuz she was going out to dinner with her fam and dad.

And her parents are recently (like 4 days ago) divorced so that’s realy hard on her and really awkward.

So then I called Abigail.

We hungout at her house. It was actually reallly fun.

She’s such a sweet girl, but she’s very blunt.

Anyways, we traveled to mcdonald’s and guess who we saw?..mckenna’s dad O.O

he was going to mckenna’s in a lil but he was at mcdonald’s with a buddie.


Anyways, came home and now im going to watch the glee that I mssed on tuesday.