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I have a problem remembering this sometimes. To me my scars are something I am ashamed of, because they remind me of the mistakes I’ve made. But what they also do, is show me how many things I’ve survived through, how many hurdles I’ve made it over successfully. It can be hard to remember sometimes, but your scars are not ugly, and your scars do not make you ugly! Please remember that, and remember to smile, because you’re still here to do so :)

remember season 8. remember when dean did everything to find cas in purgatory. remember when the first thing  he did when he found him was pull him into a tight hug with a huge smile.  remember when benny earned dean’s unfailing trust because he saved cas. remember when dean got out of purgatory and he remembered leaving a broken hearted cas behind because he couldnt bare the thought of cas not wanting to come home with him. remember how dean missed cas so much he hallucinated seeing him. remember how sam asked dean why he was up in the middle of the night staring out the window dean answered “cas” in a small broken voice. remember how sam comforted him and told him none of it was his fault. remember when cas came back.  remember the boner. remember the passionate talks behind the impala or in a motel room with hushed confessions and misty eyes. remember the praying. remember “for all that we’ve been through.” remember “i need you.” remember the clash of a blade hitting the floor. remember bittersweet goodbyes on a barstool with “what ifs” stuck in their heads. remember when every fansite ever was writing articles about deancas. remember when destiel won poll after poll. remember when dean and cas’s story was called the greatest love story ever told.  

remember season 8 deancas 

Gruvia Drabble / Beam Me Up

Inspired by “Beam Me Up” by Pink. This fic is related to my (completed) chapter fic Red, but there’s enough explanation within that you won’t have to have read it to enjoy. Warnings: Angst, Dead Gray.

Rain pattered against Juvia’s window. The sound had risen the young woman from her slumber, and she now sat quiet and alone in her bed, with her pastel blue sheets pulled up over her knees.

Six years had past since Gray’s death.

Six entire years.

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Sometimes, I wish I will wake up with amenesia. To forget all the memories that hurts. Like, when you look at that one person who gave you too much to remember and then you smile and feel nothing. That seems like you never met that person before. Someone who is a complete stranger to you.

If that happens. I don’t have to bleed everyday. I won’t remember that I am miserably broken and unfixable. I will forget about all the things that happened. All the things that scares me. All the things that aches. It will be a perfect escape plan.

I don’t have to hide or run away from the possible harm. I will not feel the urge to issolate myself. And I don’t need to be nice to everyone. I won’t remember anyone. I won’t remember being left. And I don’t need to pretend that I’m okay.

anonymous said:

Imagine professor Leon giving his lecture and struggling to keep his eyes off of you. Blushing you nervously press the tip of the pen you are holding to the soft skin of your lips . Hearing him clear his throat as you smile remembering the night of lovemaking you both shared the night before. Feeling the heat pool between your thighs as he sends you a smoldering once over before looking down at the text book in his hands.

You can call me ugly or whatever the fuck you want.I don’t care.But this one goes out to everyone who’s suffering.I don’t only want to show how I love Bring me the Horizon or other bands but I so love that song cause there’s so much truth in it and it gives me strength to go on.Everybody needs something that gives him or her strength and needs to know that they’re not alone with their suffering.No matter what you’re going through - you’re not alone,you’re never alone even if you feel like.Mitch Lucker once said “Always keep listening to music cause it gets you through everything.” And I believe in that.Don’t let anyone get you down.No bastard out there is worth your pain,remember that! My smile may be fake but I didn’t forget it.Believe in music,it’s worth it,I promise.

Sorry if my english isn’t perfect,it’s not my mother tongue,just get over that,haha.



Sparkling angel 
I believed,
you were my saviour
in my time of need.

Blinded by my faith 
I couldn’t hear
all the whispers,
the warnings so clear.

I still remember the smile
when you tore me apart.
You took my heart,
deceived me right from the start.
You showed me dreams,
I wish they’d turned into real.

Sparkling angel,
I couldn’t see
your dark intentions,
your feelings for me.

Fallen angel,
tell me why.
What is the reason,
the thorn in your eye?

You broke a promise
and made me realize,
it was all just a lie.

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