that season-1 buffy the vampire slayer episode with the kids possessed by hyenas was one of the literal worst things i have ever seen. and i am incredibly forgiving when it comes to 90’s camp.

Reasons to stay alive:

I am making this list because sometimes you just need to be reminded. Feel free to add to my list, not all these ideas are mine anyways :)

Sunset yoga sessions.
Yoga pants.
Eating Good food.
Waking up with a house full of friends after a long night out.
Drinking “Not so Frozen Hot Chocolate” In the summer.
Drinking Hot chocolate in the fall.
Dressing up on Halloween.
That moment when you feel comfortable in your own skin.
Comfortable silence with a friend.
A field full of wild flowers hidden behind crappy buildings.
Finding hidden trails in the forest.
Watching the leaves change colors.
Walking away from people who hurt you.
Hearing your soul mate say “I love you” for the first time.
The epic adventure of actually finding your soul mate and realizing that they were worth the wait.
Smelling the earth after its cleaned by the rain.
Waking up next to your best friend in her tiny bed.
Going on midnight walks with your friends.
The feel of the ocean.
When a cat sits on your lap instead of the laps of the other 8 people in the room.
Discovering new music.
Making new friends. 
Helping a stray or abandon animal find a home.
Watching the conclusion to your favorite show and then having to find a new show.
Reading books in the park.
Finally saving up enough money to buy that outfit you always wanted.
The cool dirt underneath your feet.
The hot sand underneath your feet.
Sneaking in to places you aren’t allowed to be in.
Painting a mural under a bridge. 
Singing at the top of your lungs when nobody is around.
Hugs from behind.
Leaving cute notes for your friends to find.
Finding cute notes that your friends left for you and keeping them in a safe place.
The feeling you get when you beat an anxiety attack.
Running around the house naked when no one else is home. 
Finally feeling confident with your body.
Moving out on your own for the first time.
House shows.
When someone says “This reminded me of you”.
Drinking dandelion tea.
Finding a video game you haven’t played in years and beating it.
Doing something new with your hair.
Meeting a person who feels the same way about the world as you do.
The moment you realize you aren’t as alone as you think you are.
Eye contact with a beautiful stranger.
Buying your favorite ice cream.
Smelling something that reminds you of some one but not quite being able to place who it is.
Getting packages in the mail.
Changing your mind about something you thought you knew your whole life.
Snowball fights on the first snow fall of the year.
Butterflies (both the insect and the feeling).
Listening to thunderstorms.
Laughing so hard you pretty much pee your pants.
Having someone tell you “I miss you”.
Family events that you don’t want to go to but turn out to be not as bad as you thought they would.
Laughing with your family.
Letters in the mail.
A good nights sleep after 14 nights of depression keeping you up.
Your friends talking shit on a person you don’t like.
Not failing a test.
Being proud of yourself.
Looking forward to a birthday party that you got invited to.
Playing with your animals.
Messing up and being able to laugh it off.
Believing in yourself.
Finding a belief system that is right for you.
The feeling when you know you made the right decision for the first time in a very long time. 
Forgiving others.
Forgiving yourself.
When someone says “I’m proud of you”
Helping an old lady load her groceries after she just got done shopping.
Telling someone how much you love them.
Deep talks about the universe.
Getting so scared while ghost hunting that you have to run away.
Inside jokes.
When someone comes to you to vent about anything and everything.
Spoken word poetry. 
Getting so full you have to unbutton your pants.
Naps on the couch. 
Getting lost and finding your way back home.
Long drives.
Blasting your favorite music.
Reading Fanfiction.
When your favorite blog follows you.
When you finally get the courage to say how you feel.
Falling in love.
Nights full of people you don’t know spilling their entire lives to you.
Buying tickets on the street to get into a concert.
Holding hands with the person who you never thought would hold your hand.
When the person who doesn’t like anyone, likes you.
Buying a used book that has underlined sentences.
Taking so many pictures it fills up your memory.
Changing your bedding to clean sheets.
Bundling up on cold mornings and watching your breath in the air.
Learning how to make dream catchers.
Getting a new tattoo.
Eating sour candy.
Going on bike rides with your music so loud you completely forget the rest of the world.
Riding roller coasters and having your heart jump into your throat.
Haunted houses.
Scary movies.
Cosplaying your favorite character.
Hearing someone Om so wholeheartedly that it shakes your entire world.
Visiting new places.
Cross country road trips.
Seeing UFOs.
Stage Diving.
Finding a new amazing shop that is tucked away behind all the big shops.
Proving people wrong.
Hearing completely over exaggerated stories.
Meeting your hero on accident at the store.
Seeing a cute boy at the store and sneaking around the isles trying not to get caught.
Sleeping all day and staying up all night.
Accomplishing something you’ve been meaning to do for a while but just never got around to it. 
Yelling in thunderstorms.
Tying all of your worries and regrets to a balloon and then watching them all float away.
Drawing your emotions and they come out as giant blobs but you just keep going and going and going because you can’t remember the last time you felt this much motivation. 
Day Dreaming of adventures that you plan to save up for. 
Getting a new wig that fits you perfectly.
Learning something new.
While at the beach coming up on an animal that is stuck in the sand and getting to save their life. 
Training for the zombie apocalypse.
Hugs so big that they knock you over.
Not wearing pants.
When you ask someone what their top 10 things they love about life is and they put “You”.
People who give a fuck.
Bunny noses doing the thing.
Baby animals.
Laying in the grass even though it itches.
Sitting around with people you love and care for. 
Blowing bubbles.
Taking long warm baths and drinking a cool drink.
Small breezes on a warm day.
Nights when the moon is so big that it looks like its going to crash into the earth.
The way the sunlight dances through the leaves.
The inner peace you get when nature is all the surrounds you.
Getting excited by all the hustle and bustle of the big city.
Sunshine on your face.
Making people laugh.
Front-Facing washing machines.
Being so engulfed in someone else’s company that you completely lose track of time.
Someone singing a song for you that they have written.
Going to a concert and starting at the very back but making your way through the crowd to the front. 
Inventing something new.
Different cultures.
Giving encouragement to others.
Making friends of different cultures and being invited to celebrate an occasion with them.
Having a good relationship with your sibling. 
Camping trips.
Conquering your fears.
Smiling so hard it makes your face hurt.
Nice smells.
When your make up looks on point.
Knowing that you have a whole life time of happiness to enjoy all the new and exciting things that you haven’t gotten to experience yet.


All of the statistics
  • Big Boss:So I want you to give a statistics class to the IACUC [big wigs] at their semi-annual meeting.
  • Me:Sure thing! What would you like it to cover?
  • Big Boss:Statistics.
  • Me:...Ummm ... any specific requests?
  • Big Boss:Oh you know. Just the stuff that can come up in experimental protocols.
  • Me:So... that could be like... everything.
  • Big Boss:Exactly. But not too much. You'll have 45 minutes to speak. Bring hand outs. The meeting is in 3 weeks. Good luck!