Here’s A Look At The Fan-Made Super Mario 64 HD Remake Project

One of my favourite video games is Super Mario 64 so it’s awesome to see fans creating their own…

These are the top-grossing films of 2014. At No. 16, Interstellar is the only film on that list that isn’t a sequel, remake, or adaptation. … While we’ve been embracing sequels and remakes since the days of Ben-Hur, anyone who has been sentient for the last two decades has seen this slow trickle turn into a Biblical splooge of eternal storytelling. So, how do we fix Hollywood? As an Associate of Science who majored in film studies before spending a decade bitterly watching and criticizing the work of others, I’ve decided to take on the task. My solution isn’t to abolish sequels, remakes, and adaptations — but rather to assert a set of rules for them that would, in time, bring us back to the good ol’ heyday of the 1980s. You know, when we got real sequels.

5 Tiny Things That Make Movie Sequels and Remakes Way Better