Let me just make this very clear, so there are no questions

I do not believe in god

I do not believe in the devil

I believe in science

This does NOT make me a bad person

It does not make me a “heathen”

Do not ask me questions like “If you don’t believe in god… how do you consider yourself a good person?”

Because I don’t need an invisible person in my life to make me behave

I don’t kill, because I know it’s wrong (and I’ll probably get caught)

I have my own moral values

It doesn’t change who I am

Hey, Catholic Radio? Dorothy Day would weep to see what side you've taken.

Well, Dorothy Day might actually organize a boycott of that radio station instead of weeping.

It seems the Good Catholics who run “Lies, Racism and Hate, Inc.” (oops, I meant “Immaculate Heart Radio” or “Ave Maria Radio” on the channel number on every friggin’ bumper sticker around here) have noticed the goings-on in Ferguson.

I only caught a whiff. Enough to nearly make me puke. (And I’m speaking as one who was born and raised Catholic for a good chunk of my life.)

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anonymous asked:

No, you are still a stupid fucking atheist. I am going to laugh my ass off at you while you burn

Look, I don’t care what you think. It’s my life, and if I’m wrong.. I will be the only one who suffers because of that.

You obviously aren’t writing me out of concern. You aren’t trying to “Save my soul”. So what are you doing? Being a dick for the sake of being a dick? Good for you.

You sure aren’t changing my views on religious sheeple.

Grow the fuck up and come off anon and have a proper conversation.. if not

Fuck Off


dead kennedys - religious vomit 


Because all religions suck.


Well, this new thing/alert/quest called False Profit that has been introduced into Warframe, has actually put me off the game, that I have even put my dog(Kubrow) in stasis, not knowing when I would go back and play the game…  I gave this mission a bash…. it sucked really bad. First was introduced by an annoying video email… by some corpus character who sounds like religious nut, that brought awful childhood memories…

So basically you have to hunt robots, big special moas, not destroy them, but stun , and hack them , and then something to do with credits, and then kill them… but first you have to use void offerings… faithful, passionate and humble…. sounds like religious vomit introduced into the game.

Obvously something is happening behind the scenes with the game developers , who thought it would be a great idea…. but don’t… just brings back awful childhood memories of the christian cult my parents a part of that used the same analogy… you would have to remove some necessary items out of the gear wheel, and put this junk in.

Then i thought would give the mission a bash.. WTF… I just let my entire squad down, because my dog killed the big robot in one bite… seriously this game has fucked itself up with me…

Put my dog(kubrow) in stasis and won’t be coming back for a while… it may be a week , or longer…. but they have killed the game for me, the capture the cephlon was tedious, but it did not interfere with other missions, the samaras synthesis capture targets were hardy, and did not die with one bite of the kubrow… but the religious nauseum of this with the bugginess would effect other missions, and would get cursed and dissed  by squad members would would be busy in this while I am doing something else on planet sector such as a syndicate mission or collecting things … is just about does it for me….

seriously the game for me just died, and my fun also.

anonymous asked:

You're an atheist? I hope you fucking burn in hell

Yea, I am an atheist.

This is the most ignorant anon I have ever gotten…and I get questions about diaper fetishes.

I will not be “burning in hell” because hell does not exist

Heaven does not exist, and if I am wrong..and it does (that is a big if by the way)

People like you do not deserve to be there

You judgmental child