But he’d hoped that, just once, Om would make himself known in some obvious and unequivocal way that couldn’t be mistaken for wind or a guilty conscience.  Just once he’d like the clouds to part for the space of ten seconds and a voice to cry out, ‘YES, MIGHTILY-PRAISE-WORTHY-ARE-YE-WHO-EXALTETH-OM OATS!  IT’S ALL COMPLETELY TRUE!  INCIDENTALLY, THAT WAS A VERY THOUGHTFUL PAPER YOU WROTE ON THE CRISIS OF RELIGION IN A PLURALISTIC SOCIETY!
—  Terry Pratchett, Carpe Jugulum

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Your thoughts on abortion?

Abortion laws do not erase abortion, they only make it illegal.

On the other hand the legalization of abortion does not force any woman to have an abortion if they don’t want it in the first place and they do not force anyone to consider abortion morally legitimate. 

Allowing abortion only means to let all those who cannot (or won’t) carry a pregnancy to do it in the best conditions, without “paying” an excessive price for a difficult choice. 

On the contrary, those who want to criminalize abortion not only seek to impose on others their conception of the world, and morals, they are also “indifferent” in the face of the tragic consequences that could have, for many women, the practice of clandestine abortion or the consequences of carrying an unwanted pregnancy (or one made impossible by the actual circumstances) on the child.

Religions must leave women alone, they have already done too much damage.

C: Seeing these confessions on this blog lately about Christianity and/or related to it, remind me why it is hard to make friends with other Christians sometimes. I’m Christian, but the super judgmental attitudes that seems to go hand in hand with it, is just draining to me and I’m tired of it. I would love to have/make Christian friends who aren’t as judgmental, but it seems like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Tumblr makes you anything BUT calm. 

it makes you a hateful, narrow minded person, it takes things you never thought to mean anything before, like certain genders, sexualities, races, and religions, and makes you associate negative ideas with them. Even if you don’t believe every post you read, your still exposed to the idiot, ill informed, emotionally fueled ideas written by the idiots on here

this site is mostly used by dumb teenagers and young adults. If you want to be more informed, read stuff written by impartial professionals, use anything BUT tumblr. 

I recently heard about  “Meet the Aromantic Day” and I’m really excited, but I have an important question. theasexualityblog, when you wrote that the participants should post 5-10 random facts about yourself, did you actually mean random? Because there are two ways I can see this list of facts going.

Option 1. My name is Molly, and I’m aromantic. Here are five facts about me:

  1. I’m a sophomore in college majoring in gender studies and sociology.
  2. I read the seventh Harry Potter book in 5 ½ hours but I took a break to cry a little after they escaped from Malfor Manor.
  3. I get way too excited hearing the soundtrack of The Price of Egypt.
  4. From ages 8 to 16 I refused to wear dresses or the color pink.
  5. I had my Bat Mitzvah at age 11 for reasons I can’t really explain.

Option2. My name is Molly, and I’m aromantic. Here are five facts about me.

  1. I still get aromanticism and asexuality confused. I know that sexual and romantic attraction are very different, but our society lumps them together and I don’t feel either so I sometimes fuck up and conflate the various emotions associated with the two anyway.
  2. My parents are divorced. I don’t think that’s why I’m aromantic, although it wouldn’t make a difference either way. The main impact my parents’ divorce had is that I don’t have a rosy-eyed view of romance, and I don’t really think I’m missing out when it comes to not getting married.
  3. Throughout middle and high school, I was only friends with girls, so when I started actually getting along with boys I would usually go through brief phases of thinking I liked them because I wanted to be around them and really wanted to hear what they had to say. Eventually, when I learned more about aromanticism, it occurred to me that I was probably just taking regular friendship feelings and coding them as heteroromantic and heterosexual for lack of a better way of processing them.
  4. I’m dating someone. We don’t really know if our relationship is romantic or platonic, and it’s probably some kind of mix. I’m pretty happy with it, but I sometimes feel guilty because I worry that she likes me more than I like her, and that I’m letting her down, but I usually manage to quash that feeling.
  5. I run a club for aromantic and asexual spectrum students at my college, which is really cool and I’m glad I can do it, but it’s also hard because the allo ace and the aro allo students have totally different interests, and it can be difficult finding things to talk about every week that are relevant to both and don’t involve trashing each other.

Both of these lists contain true facts about me, but I see a major difference between them. List two highlights my aromanticism, describes what it means to me, puts some of my experience out in words, and explains to people why I care about this identity. Whereas list one, without those list two facts, seems to be about humanizing me by not referring to my aromanticism. It seems to me that it’s saying I’m not just aromantic, I’m a human too! I have interests and stories and things about me and I’m more than just my sexual orientation.

And that would be cool, but the biggest issue I face as an aromantic is the ignorance. It’s the people asking me why I need to make a big deal out of being aromantic, the ones who say I’ll change in time so it’s not worth getting worked up over, the ones who ask how that’s different from just being afraid of commitment. And in order to explain my aromanticism to those people, I’m not going to be throwing out facts about my 3rd grade haircut or my childhood love of jigsaw puzzles. I want to be telling them about my experience with aromanticism.

I think Meet the Aromantic Day is a great idea. I think it’s a unique event that differentiates itself from selfie days and seems well suited to the needs of our community. I think it’ll be a great chance to spread awareness of aromanticism and express the diversity of experiences of aromantics. But when I post my list, whenever the day happens, I’m going to be posting an expanded version of list two. I’m going to be talking about my aromanticism, and I hope I’ll see other people doing the same thing.

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How can a person become Christian?

Start following Jesus and doing everything He says, valuing everything He values. Grab a Bible and start reading His words in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. That will lead you into everything you need to know. This road is the best possible place to be in life.

ISIS blew up a masjid (mosque).

Do you think by blowing up the House of Allah and killed Muslims who were praying (no matter they were Sunni or Shia) is right, yet they claim to represent Islam? What if Christians blew up a church when they were praying, yet they claim to represent Christian? Or any other religions. Is that the right thing to do?

Isn’t it weird?! Open your mind.

Terrorism has no religion.