"Let’s just get rid of religion altogether," people are seriously ridiculous. 

How exactly do you suggest this? Make religion illegal? Like that would fucking work, you really think people would stop believing in their faith just because you tell them “no.” Do you think there is some magic button that dubs religion no more and that somehow works? 

What it really sounds like is some ethnic cleansing bullshit, and it’s no surprise that you folks are usually attacking Islam. 

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Please shut the fuck up about ur opinions on abortions. Keep in mind that not everybody in America is catholic, and the Declaration of Independence says the church and state must stay separate. Should woman of other religions have to suffer because one religion says it is wrong? That's like saying no one should get medical attention. Because another religion believes it is gods will for you die.

Being pro-life isn’t just a Catholic or religious stance, you dunce.  The preservation of innocent life is a basic moral principle, which you clearly lack.

Furthermore, it does not state anything regarding a “separation of church and state" anywhere in the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution.

In Support of the REAL Otherkin Community

Fictionkin and nounself pronouns are hurting the otherkin community.  I’m not otherkin, but I have three friends who are, and they’re pissed at tumblrkin.  Otherkin is a religious/spiritual idea that tends to come under paganism, and everyone claiming to be Marvel characters or have “species dysphoria” and need nounself pronouns is shitting on types of paganism. 

Paganism is an incredibly broad term that covers many religions, but there are some set beliefs for different types of paganism.  Otherkin, within its context as a pagan belief, is the idea that in another life you might have been an animal.  That’s it.  That definition does not include Loki or Naruto.  Depending on your beliefs about fairies and dragons, you may consider such “mythical” creatures to be real, and therefor potential otherkin identities (one of my friends is dragonkin), but again, nothing to do with characters created by humans for the entertainment industry.  Nothing about pronouns.  Definitely no claiming to be oppressed.  

Even if you are legitimately a believer in otherkin ideology, it’s is not something you wave around.  It is a personal belief that you should only share as far as anyone else might respectfully share their religion.  In other words, you know those traveling, militant preachers are who hand out bibles and tell everyone they’re going to hell?  Yeah, if you wave otherkin identity around and demand people call you godkin, you’re just like those preachers.  

Taking otherkin identity can be as bad as if you put on a scarf and started calling yourself Muslimself, depending on how far you take it.  SJWs seem so intent on protecting Native culture and keeping people from using the terms “two-spirit” and the likes.  That is a good thing, so don’t misunderstand me and say I don’t care about Native cultures.  But why don’t SJWs put the same thought into protecting the definition of otherkin?  Otherkin has become the butt of every joke about stupid people on the internet.  It is no longer seen as a religious idea.  Instead, it’s seen as something that whiny teenagers call themselves for attention.  

Congratulations, tumblrkin.  You have just about destroyed the public’s tolerance for otherkin and their religious and spiritual beliefs.  

Happy Birthday Thomas Aquinas!

We’ve highlighted content from the famous Italian philosopher and theologian for you to explore. In honor of Aquinas, read Thomistic Ethics, his commentaries on God and Evil, and how he characteristically deals with Augustine’s philosophical positions. Plus, Aquinas’s account of human embryogenesis, and Aquinas’s Ontology of the Material World, demonstrating the enduring value of Aquinas’s thought.

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ehh if we get rid of islam at least it will get the ball rolling on getting rid of all the other religions as well.

And then what.  Literally, and then what, what about religion justifies its destruction being a priority at all, and how do you even conceive of us “getting rid of” Islam.  Like, if a century of European imperialism didn’t do it what do you think is going to do it.

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Okay so the whole "getting rid of Islam will lead to everything else" ask was bullshit, as, indeed, is the concept of trying to erase religion in it's entirety. However, getting rid of religious imperative sure would be nice like - the Spaniards in Central America, most of Catholic Europe during the Crusades, the vast majority of modern terrorism that is religiously motivated... (there's more I'm sure). Religion may not be wrong but some fucked up things have been done in the name of religion...

Yeah but a lot of those thing has as much to do with other stuff.  Like do people really think that getting rid of Islam will suddenly make Arabs living as second class citizens in Europe okay with that?  Will suddenly make Middle Easterners fine with their country’s position as a US backed dictatorship? Would make Hindus no longer nationalistic in response to ongoing events in their region?

The bad stuff you refer to is never only or even mostly about religion, it’s about the material circumstances around it.

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