The non-profit organization haveagaydayorg has launched a Dayton, Ohio billboard campaign to support the LGBT community and their allies with pro-LGBT messages.

“The importance of the campaign is to show visibility and education to the community,” said Have A Gay Day founder Michael Knote. “The images show support and a call to action for members of the LGBT community and their allies.”

The campaign will cover topics of homelessness, suicide prevention, adoption, faith, and other key points in education about the LGBT community.

There are a total of 13 graphics being used in this billboard campaign, and will be seen by over 360,000 people a week.


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"Atheists aren't oppresed lol"

I don’t know which white first-world dipshit motherfucker started this whole “atheists aren’t oppressed lol” fad on tumblr but it’s got to end right fucking now.

maybe atheists aren’t outright discriminated in your white first world countries, but there are countries where it is completely possible to be trialed for anything that can be considered “heresy” or “apostasy” and even tracked down and killed for running a website on atheism or similar topics.

Hell, most of your privileged countries are dominated by white christians, it’s socially acceptable to talk negatively of “non-believers”, to ignore this, is just part of the problem, just because we are out of the dark ages doesn’t mean religious dominance is not a big problem in our society.

If you can’t see beyond what happens on your own country, you shouldn’t even be talking about oppression to begin with.



Islam is often looked at as something which tightens, darkens or restricts people from being what they really want to do or be, when the reality is - this deen has offered me the purest way of life. I truly wish people could see that being a servant of Allah and living by it has given me more freedom and strength than any material in this dunya could. It has given me more value than any human could. It has given me more hope and aspiration that any job could. It has given me more power and dignity than money could. It has given me more freedom than any liberal could. It has given me an identity, a purpose and an example to set behind that is beyond comparison to anything this world has to offer. Alhamdulillah..