You see, in a great deal of modern churches every part of life is expected to be performed with one eye on the afterlife. The question is not whether or not how happy and connected with the spiritual one is at the moment, but whether or not their current actions will send them to Heaven or Hell. Bumper stickers ask readers if they know where they’d go if they died tomorrow; they say nothing about where someone is today. And, if you grew up in the South like I did, you probably know a score of people—myself included—who were drawn into the aisles of a Baptist revival, not by the beauty of God or the strength of his presence, but by the fact that a preacher spent thirty minutes droning on about the horrors of Hell.
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every single day, I realize I know less than I ever imagined about a huge part of most people’s lives

and as someone who likes to believe they have a knack for getting a good handle on people, this is an endless source of distress.

religion is hard.