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Michael inviting Ray over one day but he forgot that he and Geoff had sex the night before so Geoff comes out stark naked while Michael's opening the door for Ray and Ray is completely taken by surprise

let’s be real here ray would just look between geoff and michael for a second in complete shock—noting the shared bedhead and lightly flushed cheeks, sore mouths and the mix of bite marks and hickeys along both of their necks and bodies (in geoff’s case, at least)—before he steps back out into the hallway, closes the door to michael’s apartment, takes out his phone, hits gavin’s number, and doesn’t even waste a second after gavin’s said hello before he says:

They officially announced this today, so I guess I can finally post about it here — I got the promotion I interviewed for at work! Starting this Sunday, I’ll now be working for Citi directly, rather than through an external staffing agency like I had been. The hours are the same but the pay is better, and I get full benefits, holidays, and sick days. I’ll be working in the same department as before, with some overlap of duties, but more supervisory auditing stuff as well.

I *do* have to give up my spiffy standing desk to go sit with the other auditors, but all in all I think that’s a small price to pay.

So… yeah! That’s the news. I vagueblogged about it a while back and posted on Facebook when I accepted the offer, but management was waiting for my drug screening and background check results to come in before making the formal announcement. I’m a little bit nervous about the transition, but I’m very very pleased with this development.

I went to a wedding

It was a friend’s who I grew up with. A bunch of the dudeliest bros you’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen these people for a long time, though I do keep in touch with some of them.

I was received with kindness and respect by 90% of them. And tbh the other 10% just chose to ignore me and talk amongst themselves. Nothing mean. Nothing scary. Tons of weird. Even old people treated me great and told me I was brave and beautiful.

I hung out with my friends’ wives the entire time and they were the best. I never felt like they treated me like anything other than a girl they knew forever. No weird convos. One of them did my hair.

This is western Pennsylvania people. For real.

Idk what I expected but this is sooooo what I needed.

Oh boy! Oh boy! We’re jumping for joy! A new book that’s better than a shiny new toy!

A lost manuscript by beloved children’s book author Dr. Seuss has been discovered! According to The Wall Street Journal, the nearly complete manuscript for What Pet Should I Get? had languished for more than 20 years after Seuss, whose real name was Theodor Geisel, died in 1991.

10 Stress Relief Strategies 

by Paula Davis-Laack

Featured on the Huffington Post 

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Paula is a stress and resilience expert with popular blogs on The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Paula has appeared on the Steve Harvey TV show and in numerous publications, most recently in Working Mother magazine. Paula writes about the science of happiness in her new e-book, “10 Things Happy People Do Differently.” To learn more, please visit her website.

PCRF Honors the staff and mothers of patients in the Pediatric Cancer Dept.

In honor of Mother’s Day in Palestine, the PCRF distributed small gift baskets to the women staff who work long hours with little support to care for our children with cancer, and also for the mothers in the department, away from their families back home and caring for their sick children. The Huda Al Masri Pediatric Cancer Dept. was named after a brave and strong mother from Palestine, who inspires today with her legacy of humanity and courage.

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thanks to the asks I just reblogged from amepiss, I can’t stop imagining this domestic scene of rose sitting on the lip of the bathtub near the toilet sleepily waiting for pearl to finish peeing through her pajamas, the only sound being Rose’s soft humming and the intermittent splashing