Official Game Release!

We have finally released the game, after years of hard work, blood and tears we gladly present you the DOWNLOAD LINK TO POCKET MIRROR (★^O^★) 

The one who gets the highest score will get a special prize just for them! So if you want to participate please send us the screenshot showcasing your score through submission or our inbox! Good luck to everyone!


EDIT!!: This contest will end in 6h from now, meaning 11pm GMT! If you guys’ scores reach 150 when combined we will make a special release tonight!

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Several things people do daily on Instagram.

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Will post this up on Booooooom tomorrow, here’s the full video of my talk in Los Angeles, for IMPRINT. I share lots of embarrassing stories and get deep about the internet. Topics include: tacit knowledge, near misses, relevance paradoxes, and how filter bubbles are killing creativity.

ps- I realise I’m a nerd.

This is a man’s world, so it talks a man’s language. The words are all words of power. You’ve come a long way, baby, but no way is long enough. You can’t even get there by selling yourself out: because there is theirs, not yours… Success is somebody else’s failure. Success is the American Dream we can keep dreaming because most people in most places, including thirty million of ourselves, live wide awake in the terrible reality of poverty.

Ursula K LeGuin
A Left-Handed Commencement Address
(Mills College, 1983)

you really should read the whole thing {it’s not very long}


I’ve had this in mind for quite some time, and  finally decided to go through with it.

I’m going to reboot the blog.

not from the very beginning, but from this post. why I do this is because I’m not happy with how the story has been running so far, and I think that with the things I want to change, it’ll turn out a lot better. 

 But I’ll be saving the latest post, as it will continue there when the “new story part” ends. it’s just a little change in the middle, really.

I hope this isn’t too confusing! but that’s it for the story. there are some other things I wanna do, but those aren’t relevant to the story. so if you’re only interested in the blog and it’s story, you can stop reading here!

so I’ve reeeeeeeaaaallly been craving for some of them design trades! I’ve been bursting with imagination and I need an outlet! so if you’re interested, please contact me~

and that’s all folks. bye!

anonymous said:

Do Laura and Lydia have a ship name? Also can you explain why you ship them? It seems like a cool ship I just don't get it bc they haven't met?? Also I love your blog!!

hey hey! first of all thanks :) 

and yeah, they do, the most common ship name for them is laudia but i’ve also seen laurydia. 

and as for why i ship them. first of all, i’m still convinced that this girl from lydia’s dream: 


is laura, because it’s the only thing that really makes sense. so while that’s still not really meeting, it is laura being inside lydia’s head and that’s a pretty good jumping off point for me. 

but i ship them because of the way i headcanon laura. it’s clear from what we’ve seen of her in canon that she was born to be alpha one day. she was clearly being groomed to follow in talia’s footsteps. and she was clearly already a leader. in the flashback episode we see her in a room full of alphas and when she (a teenage girl who was not yet an alpha) started speaking, everyone turned and listened. 

so i headcanon her as someone who is not only a strong leader, but also was born knowing she was destined to be someone great, and i imagine her putting a lot of pressure on herself to try and live up to that. i imagine her always trying to be the best at everything and always be in control. 

and that’s a lot like lydia. if you put them together i think they could absolutely take over the world without even breaking a sweat. 

but i also love love love shipping things where the people are always butting heads and being stubborn and snarky toward each other and i absolutely imagine that’s the kind of relationship laura and lydia would have. i think they would drive each other up the wall but at the end of the day still know that they mean the absolute world to each other. and that’s my favorite kind of ship. 

  • Me:This is why SeaWorld is a pretty bad company, morally and ethically. *types out multiple paragraphs, all sourced info, video evidence, etc*
  • SeaWorld groupie:durrrr, prove it tho, SHAMU ROCKKKSS!1