I find it VERY illuminating that they have Killian coming out of the Rabbit Hole and getting his hook frozen at the same time.

The Rabbit Hole was used in Lacey, the episode where Belle literally had no idea who she truly was.

So between the place, and the hook getting frozen (which is a huge part of Killian’s identity lbr), i think it’s safe to say that our theories of Killian undergoing an identity crisis are 100% accurate.


—;; There are so many girls on my team who are afraid to be feminine because their clothes “don’t fit right”, or their “shoulders are too broad/arms are too jacked” or even that they don’t think that they deserve to feel pretty because they “feel like a man 24/7”.

EMBRACE IT! You have the power in your hands (and your arms and legs and buns and thighs) to do whatever you want!

Honey, if you want to wear lipstick, you wear it. If you want to wear a strapless dress when you have muscular shoulders, you wear it. I look like I can kick someone’s ass and grind their bones for breakfast, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing my floral dresses, cute skirts and whatever else I damn well please. Don’t let anyone tell you/ make you feel like you can’t be pretty because you’re physically fit! Embrace your muscles and love yourselves! <3

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"Send the Marines" - Tom Lehrer

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