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I can't wait to see what excuses (if any - though I'm sure there will be attempts) some people are going to try and come up with now as to why Richard couldn't talk about his Just Very Good Friends Only-relationship with Lee when directly asked by a Chinese interviewer. I mean, come on. It can't get any more obvious than this, folks.

I think that people have moved past trying to deny the relationship and have instead moved on to trying to push others to the edge of the fandom and discredit everything we say by accusing us of being creepy/privacy invaders/not letting it go. Id also be interested to see a proper translation/the source from that interview in question, does anyone have it? Because there is a big difference between Richard saying I don’t want to talk about that, and him deflecting the question in his usual manner.

Reality is as a fandom we are far more respectful than a lot of people I can think of. Not once have I seen any if the private photos appear on my dash, I know I’m following moral and fair people who simply want to celebrate these two awesome actors regardless of their relationship status.

I’d be really interested to know exactly how we have invaded anyone’s privacy. Seeing as the men themselves say they don’t care about the rumours and we have only based our assumptions off knowledge given to us by them.

What I really can’t fathom is why the people that are constantly complaining about us using the tags (which we are perfectly entitled to) don’t just blacklist key words and put regular perpetrators on ignore. I honestly would not mind being put on ignore by people if it stopped the nonsensical tit for tat bitching that’s going on. I’ve put several people on ignore who regularly mock and ridicule supporters (getting constantly called a ‘shipper’ is beginning to wear extremely thin) of Richard and Lee and it’s made my life a lot easier.


The Adventures of Mr Incredible

[So I don’t know for any Metro Man’s out there, but Bruce would have loved this show to bits as a kid. He’d most likely force people to re-watch it with him nowadays, too, sooo … Movie Night with Metro Man, Harrison, Zagam and Bruce? Or Zagam, Bruce and Alixon? I need to write this~ ]

I made myself sad thinking about Here Lies The Abyss

By now I’m sure most of us know about the decision that’s forced on us at the end of the mission, how we have to choose between leaving Hawke or our Warden companion (Alistair, Loghain or Stroud) behind to distract Nightmare’s spider monstrosity in order for the others to escape with their lives. It’s painful, heartbreaking, and infuriating enough that I know of at least one friend who has sworn off of the DA series completely because of how heartbroken they were over BioWare’s story decision. 

But now all I can think of is how much WORSE it would have been if it weren’t one of the three wardens above you had to choose between and Hawke, but either a Bethany or Carver who joined the Wardens after the trip into the Dep Roads during DA 2.

Can you imagine how terrible that would be?

Hawke rounding on their sibling, flat out refusing to allow them to be the ones to sacrifice themselves.

Carver, sour faced and stubborn as a brick wall, thick arms crossed over his chest while he makes some comment about Hawke always having to be the one to make the noble sacrifice, unable to hide quite all of the fear in her eyes while he tells them it’s high time he was allowed the chance to do the same. 

A painfully gentle and understanding Bethany, tired eyes meeting their sibling’s while she cups a hand against their face, voice choked when she tells them it could have just as easily been her blood Corypheus had wanted, and that they don’t need to always be the one to bear their family’s burdens. 

The Inquisitor making their decision, the grip they keep around the Hawke who is to survive firm, their feet dragging against Fade-false stone as they are tugged, pulled away, their eyes never leaving their sibling’s face. 

The survivor watching as their sibling fights against the spider, pulse pounding against their ribs and rushing in their ears, thinking Maker please, please, a miracle just this once. Only to feel their heart stop dead in their chest when the final blow which makes them fall comes. 

The survivor huddled over a tankard (or two, or three) of ale in Skyhold’s tavern, Varric a solemn and silent presence at their side. They do not remember how they made it from the Fade, let alone the trip back to the Inquisition’s fortress or the walk from the main grounds to the tavern bar, mind too full of the sight of their sibling’s death and the dawning realization that they are the very last of the Hawke line for such paltry things to take priority.