aaaaah this took me forever to do (it cost a lot of bells, too!) but here are qr codes for pretty much every character from the 104th + a standard garrison uniform!!

they look best when paired with white formal pants and black rain boots, as shown in the picture, but the white formal pants are only available from Gracie so you might have to find a different pair of pants if you don’t have T&T Emporium yet.

I noticed a mistake after finishing these: Marco never made it past wearing a jacket with the trainees patch on it, whoops!

I’ll probably set about doing Levi, Hanji, and Erwin sometime in the near future. uwu

anonymous asked:

Being of both Dutch and Irish decent would it be inappropriate of me to mix pantheons?

Never, under any circumstances, mix pantheons. It is more than fine to worship deities of different pantheons, but maintaining cultural relevance in regards to the mythologies and pantheons is key. It is disrespectful to mix worship and deities when their origins are vastly different.


I think it depends on what you mean by ‘mix pantheons’, and the answer would partially depend on the rules of each pantheon/deity. Many people have multiple practices that they work side by side (sometimes called multi-trad) and it works alright. Its just that you wouldn’t want to shove, say… an Egyptian deity into a Shinto kamidana. Mixing in that respect is a no-go. But if you’ve got a separate shrine for your Dutch deities, and another shrine for Irish deities (to use your examples, anon), then you should be alright- provided those gods have given the go ahead. 

But it does depend on what you mean by ‘mix pantheons’. There are definitely more respectful ways and less respectful ways to do that.