Daughter HSAU Playlist

His Young Heart EP

Landfill - Zeta Society
The Woods - Will/Carm
Candles - Carmilla, Kirsch
Switzerland - OT6 (there are no lyrics, but the aesthetic of the song)

The Wild Youth EP

Home - Zeta Society (Danny POV)
Medicine - LaFontaine
Youth - OT6
Love - Kirsch

If You Leave

Winter - Laferry
Smother - Laura
Youth - OT6
Still - Zeta Society
Lifeforms - Carmilla, Kirsch
Tomorrow - Hollstein
Human - Danny
Touch - Hollstein (Carmilla POV)
Amsterdam - Carmilla
Shallows - Holllstein


VIXX (ft. May Tree) - On and On (a capella version)


Hey guys,

This is a heads up that my preferred name and pronouns have changed. It would be awesome if you could refer to me using the name Logan and the pronouns they/them/theirs.

It should be noted that while I am still in the process of discovering my gender, and my name and pronous might continue to change, I do not think the fact that I am questioning in any way invalidates my own feelings or current pronoun preferences.

I am happy to answer any questions about my personal gender identity or gender-related topics in general in my ask. However, please remember that I am only one person and I can only speak from my own personal experience and knowledge, so please do not take anything I say as representative of the entire trans or nonbinary community.

Thanks for reading,


New York-based One World Symphony has devoted their entire 14th season to the world of television

“The world we live in is constantly changing, our culture, tastes, interests. If opera and symphony music is going to survive, it needs to adapt to become relevant to contemporary culture,” said Adrienne Metzinger, Managing Director of One World Symphony. “Throughout history composers have been inspired by plays, paintings or literature that have captured the public’s imagination at the time. Why should that be any different today?”

The season opened with an evening devoted to FOX’s “New Girl,” focusing on pieces of music that featured leading ladies, such as Mozart’s “Le Nozze de Figaro” and symphonic arrangements of popular pop songs by Katy Perry and the “New Girl” herself, Zooey Deschanel. After the “Game of Thrones” symphony in February, the season will wrap up with the premiere of Hong’s “Hannibal,” an opera based on the NBC series of the same name.


things i was convinced as a child would be major concerns in my life as an adult:

  • quicksand
  • catching on fire
  • writing everything in cursive

things that are actual major concerns in my life as an adult:

  • the economic depression stagnating my entire generation
  • the rise of mass shootings and police brutality
  • finding a wifi signal