HAPPY HOLIDAYS! // Happy makorin half birthday apparently… (really by the time I post it won’t be christmas anymore pfffbbbt).

Just something quick I drew for today seeing how I’m late for my last 3 makorin week entries lol;; I hope everyone had a nice holiday ♥♥

&& I can’t even believe it but I actually made it up to 200 FOLLOWERS !!It’s so amazing to know that over 200 people enjoy my writing and of course, my muse Eira. I hope that I can be here for a long time and maybe reach even 300 Followers ?? We’ll see~ But let us first celebrate my first big milestone and too all of you : A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !! ( I WOULD STILL LOVE TO RP WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU AREN’T HERE  !!  )

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Graser’s first Hunger Games video was uploaded exactly (kind of) two years ago!

Still relevant a year later. This and a delicious steak*, and I’d be good.

*Steak is unnecessary.

[The Ultra Dark Gravity from Which not Even Light Can Escape...] 即ち…光をも逃がさぬ暗黒の超重力
  • [The Ultra Dark Gravity from Which not Even Light Can Escape...] 即ち…光をも逃がさぬ暗黒の超重力
  • Sound Horizon
  • Moira Live
Sunawachi ... Hikari wo mo Nigasanu Ankoku no Chou Juu Ryoku

Live performance at Moira Live

Welcome to the marvelous super dimension,

Absorbing all in its path the black hole,

Not even light can escape the grip of


That is … the ultra dark gravity

from which not even light can escape

Even an unreachable distance,

it will approach for eternity

The dark anti-gravity

does not even allow the flow of time

Now, if you want to,

let’s go beyond

the ground level of matter!


Be Alright
  • Be Alright
  • Lucy Rose
  • KEXP Live

because I knew that you would be alright
and in my heart you would stay a while with me
and we danced until the morning light
and you said to me, you said we’ll be alright
and we’ll be alright, yeah, we’ll be alright

[ooc] So theguardiian and I were talking about the fur part of Cullen’s surcoat, and I was curious to figure out what type of fur it’d be. We already decided it was long-haired fur, and I had an inkling it was either from some sort of goat type animal or maybe a bear, though bears typically have shorter haired fur than what looked like Cullen’s fur so that sort of made me wary.

However, putting both our minds together, we discovered that brown bears have longer-haired fur than most other bears and that brown bear fur was closest in color than any type of goat/ram/etc. fur.

Therefore, we collectively decided the fur on Cullen’s surcoat is brown bear fur.