We’ve been preparing for this surprise release for a while now, so we hope that everyone will enjoy it. I won’t reveal the author and the title of this project (though it won’t be hard to guess, you can find it on our reader), so please take a look at the new series.
Moreover, considering the current situation, we won’t provide any download links for this series. We’re asking you to not upload it on any other website.
This release is strictly for our readers, so please enjoy it~


Title: HQ+ Kareshi ~School Days~  (Selected Stories only)
Type: Doujinshi
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating: SFW
Character(s) / Pairing: Kageyama Tobio x Reader, Kunimi Akira x Reader, Nishinoya Yuu x Reader, Yaku Morisuke x Reader
Circle (Artist): Bubunhanten (Kazuki Rai), Tamagoya (Koshianko), 7100 En Potechi (7100 En Potechi)100k (Matsumoto Miyoko) 


Raw Provider: roseamanelle
Translator:  nnyei, iluvfksy
Proofreader:  soykawa, nnyei
Cleaner / Redrawer:  kurasuchi
Typesetter:  soykawa, kurasuchi
Quality Checker: kurasuchi

This doujinshi is one of the books from the HQ+ Kareshi series, which features scenes wherein a Haikyuu!! character will interact with you, the reader. (Think of otome games… this is something similar to that, albeit in manga format.)

This release includes the following stories:

  • Going to School (Kageyama Tobio)
  • P.E. (Kunimi Akira)
  • Camp Fire (Nishinoya Yuu)
  • Cooking Class (Yaku Morisuke)

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Title: Puchi Kore!! (Petit Collection!! - Part of ‘CAT OUT of the BAG’ Anthology) 
Type: Doujinshi
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Rating:  SFW
Character(s) / Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou x Kozume Kenma
Artist / Circle:  Sekimori / ALEGRE

SCANLATION [Joint Project with Baecon Scans]

Raw Provider: mizuouji
Translator:  iluvfksy
Proofreader:  nnyei, soykawa
Cleaner / Redrawer: kurasuchi
Typesetter: soykawa
Quality Checker: kuru

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Over Easy Rhapsody by Manase

[ Read Online ] | [ Download ]

My QC says:


*If you enjoy that kind of thing, please see a mental expert at once.

In other news, because of this doujin, I learned how to spell “rhapsody”. 

Special thanks to Shima from GiB because man, my translation skills are still pretty poop.

[A film is] this autonomous extension of yourself making sometimes deeply personal relationships out there, by itself, with strangers, people you will never meet: a weird Don-bot saying hello to millions of people on your behalf, in their personal spaces, things you will never know about unless they contact you. I raised it, but it’s moved out. So it often feels like if someone tells you, ‘Oh hey, your son saved me from drowning last week.’ You would smile and think, ‘Oh, cool. Yeah, he’s a good kid.’

SHINee World III in Seoul DVD to be released on April 24!!!
-It will cost 34,400 wons.
-Includes ‘making of’ (backstage, rehearsal and members’ interview)
-Comes with 100 pages photobook and poster.
-2 DVD: Disc 1 (72min) & Disc 2 (123min). In total 195 minutes.

01. Code to SHINee WORLD
02. Spoiler
03. Evil
04. Nightmare
05. Heart of Darkness
06. 줄리엣 (Juliette)
07. Lucifer
08. 오프닝 멘트 (opening segment)
09. Like a Fire
10. Dream Girl
11. 히치하이킹 (Hitchhiking)
12. Girls, Girls, Girls
13. 빗 속 뉴욕 (Queen of New York)
14. 방백 (Aside)
15. 멘트 (talking segment)
16. 떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)
17. 오르골 (Orgel)
18. 상사병 (Symptoms)

01. Kiss Yo
03. Dazzling Girl
04. Real_SHINee WORLD 3 Ver
05. 3 2 1 (Korean Ver.)
06. Destination
07. 다이너마이트 (Dynamite)
08. Ring Ding Dong_SHINee WORLD 3 Ver
09. 아.미.고 (Amigo)_SHINee WORLD 1 Ver
10. Hardly Breathing
11. Everybody
12. 멘트 (talking segment)
13. 너와 나의 거리 (Selene 6.23)
14. Sherlock.셜록 (Clue+Note)
15. Why So Serious?
16. Colorful
17. 멘트 (talking segment)
18. 초록비 (Green Rain)
19. 클로징 멘트 (ending segment)
20. 보너스 영상 - 콘서트 메이킹 필름: 콘서트 리허설, 대기실, 멤버들 개인 인터뷰 영상포함 ('making of’: backstage, rehearsal and members’ interview)

Check yes24 for more information. Credits to @squishyjinki for translation.


A Room For Two by Yukiko
[ Full Size ]

Hi guys!

Recently Shima from Girls in Boxes and I have been fawning over this new series by Yukiko. We’ve quickly decided to create a joint project to scanlate this HELLA GAYsuper cute series! You might recognize the art style or feel that it’s familiar, and that’s because Yukiko is part of the circle Shio Ramen, which has made a number of Love Live! doujinshi books.(We released one of them :D)

Anyway, here’s a small little teaser 4-koma, I hope you guys will enjoy this. If this sparks any interest in you to purchase the book, which both Shima and I highly recommend, please see the links below for more information. JUST FUCKING BUY IT IT’S SO GAY AND CUTE OMFG AGDLSGJAL’DKGJLDKG DO IT FUCKING DO IT!!!!!1111 



[ Kino ] | [ Honto ] | [ Amazon JP ] | [ hmv ]


Star Wars out this week:  This week the releases start on Tuesday (4/7,) with William Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace by Ian Doescher in bookstores.

Wednesday (4/8) brings not only Darth Vader #4, but Marvel’s first collection of the old Dark Horse stuff, the that’s-a-mouthful Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol. 1.