Title: Natsu no Hina (“Summer Hatchling”)
Rating: SFW
Pairing: Miyuki Kazuya / Sawamura Eijun
Artist: Kokonotsu
Buy: Toranoana

Brought to you by Oshi oshi oshi! Scans:

Raw Provider: clariecandy
Translator: apodays
Cleaner: clariecandy
Typesetter: KuraiHisa & apodays & hazeoflies
Quality Checker: apodays

We bring you release #2 in celebration of Eijun Week - and it’s our first “long” doujin, spanning a whopping ~60 pages! 

Two notes about this release: 

1) This is the first of a projected trilogy from Kokonotsu. Don’t expect the story to wrap up with just this! (Naturally, when the sequels come out, we’ll be all over them.)

2) There are two or so spread/double pages in this release, and sadly, our blog automatically resizes everything to a certain width. This means that the text may be somewhat hard to read. Please zoom in to read it. We apologize for the inconvenience and to compensate, we will be uploading this release to myreadingmanga as well (though it will take some time to process).

Anyways, we hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed working on it! Remember, to help support us, reblog (without removing the credits) or like this post.

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“Mariko, I love you.
But I can’t do this anymore.
It’s not your fault,
and there was nothing you could’ve done for me.”

Dear Mariko is a short, simple game about a girl who comes home to find a goodbye letter from the one she loves. 

Warning: Some blood, somewhat scopophobia-triggering. Not suitable for children. 
* 10 minutes of gameplay
* 3 Endings
* 3 Unlockable Images

Download Here!


Finally the full release is upon us! Join Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam in the fight for true dignity. Defeat your enemies! Kill the hero– I mean, BE the heroes! Infinite fun-time hours await you!

In honor of mamrie’s book release today, my blog features the woman herself sporting the book of the hour, a GIF of her celebrating through old school hip hop (both from justmamriethings), and a link to ydadbook.com. Did I mention Mamrie Hart wrote a book, available at ydadbook.com? No? Here, let me fix that: YDADBOOK.COM YDADBOOK.COM YDADBOOK.COM YDADBOOK.COM YDADBOOK.COM YDADBOOK.COM YDADBOOK.COM YDADBOOK.COM There. Fixed it!

Zedd True Colors Album

Yess!! i got it!! True Colors Album by Zedd. Sebenernya album ini release di tanggal 18 mei tapi nunggu kelamaan okedeh aku aja yang release-in buat kalian hehe. 

3 jam deh waktu kalian buat download mulai dari sekarang. untuk download silahkan klik atau tap link download disebelah judul track. Bisa juga download semua tracklist sekaligus lihat artikel paling bawah.


1. Zedd - Addicted to a Memory ft. Bahari 

2. Zedd - I Want You To Know ft. Selena Gomez 

3. Zedd - Beautiful Now ft. Jon Bellion 

4. Zedd - Transmission

5. Zedd - Done With Love 

6. Zedd - True Colors ft. Kesha 

7. Zedd - Straight Into The Fire 

8. Zedd - Papercut ft. Troye Sivan

9. Zedd - Bumble Bee ft. Botnek 

10. Zedd - Daisy 

11. Zedd - Illusion ft. Echosmith 

Download full album click or tap here