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PAL-037 Circuit des Yeux & Bill Orcutt 7”

“All That’s Real”

Edition of 100

4 song collaboration recorded 2014-15. Bill Orcutt: guitar. Circuit des Yeux: lyrics & vocal. Mixed by Rat Bastard at Dan Hosker Studios.


New animation is here! This is what it’s like to play as and against the Soldier in Team Fortress 2.

COVER BEST new album — 22/4/2015 RELEASE

1. Anarchy In The UK (original artist : Sex Pistols)
2. STAYIN’ ALIVE (original artist : Bee Gees)
3. somebody help me【New Take】 (original artist : Full Blown Rose)
4. True Colors (original artist : Cyndi Lauper)
5. JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH (original artist : Depeche mode)
6. From A Distance -Limited Invitation Live at ABS RECORDING HALL 2013.01.20-(original artist :Bette Midler)
7. STAYIN’ ALIVE-Limited Invitation Live at ABS RECORDING HALL 2013.01.20-(original artist : Bee Gees)


Stellar couple of albums via the Ubiktune​ netlabel as of recent. Check them both out below! #EnjoyChiptunes

MmcM Studio​:



Kamisama Hajimemashita will get an OVA!

With the release of Vol. 21 of the manga, it was confirmed that Kamisama will get a two-part OVA. The OVAs will adapt part of the “Past Arc”, the first one will be released on August 20th and the second one on December 18th of this year, and who knows, maybe if we’re lucky, we will get a season three :)

Title: Love is so easy!
Rating: SFW
Pairing: Miyuki Kazuya / Sawamura Eijun
Artist:  JULIA
Buy: Toranoana

Brought to you by Oshi oshi oshi! Scans:

Raw Provider: clariecandy
Translator: apodays
Cleaner: clariecandy & honeyhoneychan
Typesetter: KuraiHisa & clariecandy
Quality Checker: apodays

This is our first release as a group dedicated to scanlating Daiya no A Miyusawa doujins. We’ve got a bunch of other releases lined up waiting for you, so hope you enjoy the ride! 

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