Now the two of us here in the dark
have let the fire die slowly down, and it’s your body
I want to see with the curtains open and the half-moon
pressed against the window—your long pale body
smoldering on top of the sheet, glowing beside mine
while we warm ourselves again in the heavy world
of matter, catching fire at the fire we make of our lives.

Eamon Grennan, closing lines to “On Fire,” Relations: New & Selected Poems (Graywolf Press, 1998)

Atheist and theists can definitely date each other, get married, and have perfectly great relationships. This is my answer to a question that comes up regularly! In my opinion, love is universal. It has no boundaries. People, so long as they understand that faith, or lack thereof, is personal, will have absolutely no issues coexisting. I would never force my atheism on anyone. We can never say convincingly that “my beliefs are right”, without adding to it “for me”. Love is very powerful, and so long as there is no extremism and there is mutual respect, don’t ever assume faith or religion will be an issue in a relationship.