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Are you against testing on rats? I know that this question might seem obvious because you're against using animals in that manner, but scientists have made a lot of progress with cures for a lot of human diseases by using rats.

yeah i am against vivisection (live animal testing). although i do agree that modern medicine has been somewhat furthered through the use of animal testing, these tests have been proven to be unreliable due to the physiological differences in humans and the animals used in testing (rats, guinea pigs etc).

the food and drug administration (FDA) has noted that 92% of all drugs that are shown to be safe and effective in animal tests fail in human trials because they are ineffective or dangerous.  furthermore, of the small percentage that are approved for human use, half are relabeled because of side effects that were not identified in animal tests.

animal testing is unreliable due to the artificial environment they are placed in, differences between species (e.g. penicillin kills guinea pigs but is inactive in rabbits; aspirin kills cats and causes birth defects in rats, mice, guinea pigs, dogs, and monkeys; and morphine, a depressant in humans, stimulates goats, cats, and horses — all of these are different to the reaction in humans)

conducting observational or experimental studies on willing humans is the way to go. 

some alternatives to animal testing (x):

Selective formulation: Choosing previously tested ingredients to create new products eliminates the need for further testing. Many manufacturers follow this principle in planning their product lines.

Human cultures: Epiderm and EpiSkin are human skin cells grown in test tubes that are layered to mimic the structure of human skin. Cosmetics and household products can be tested on these rather than the skin of live rabbits. Corrositex is another test-tube option that gives an easy-to-read color change reaction to a hazardous product. And EpiOcular, a mass of skin cells specially grown to form a thin layer like that of the human cornea, has the potential to completely replace the cruel rabbit eye irritancy test.

Skin cultures: taken by permission during surgical procedures (such as breast-reduction surgery) can be used to test whether a chemical can pass through the skin and be a potential poison risk.

Surgical specimens: are also the main source of human tissues available from the National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI) in Philadelphia. This non-profit tissue bank makes more than 100 types of human tissues available for medical research. NDRI, along with Asterand, a company with offices in the US, UK and Japan that supplies human biomaterials for research, has made it easier than ever for companies to access human cells for testing.

Physiological chip: Just as a microchip holds an intricate system of electronic connections, this 1×1-inch square of cultured cells is made up of cell compartments that are linked by a lifelike circulatory system that mimics the complex functions of the human body. The chips, developed by the Hµrel Corporation in Beverly Hills, CA, can be used to test for harmful (and beneficial) effects of experimental drugs, as well as toxicity of the liver and other organs.

Cellular tests: Experiments that measure white blood cell response to chemicals and medical substances can be used in place of rabbit injections. These tests check for unexpected fever and inflammation—especially from receiving intravenous medications. The European Union just approved the use of five of these tests.

Bacteria-based: tests performed on common microbes such as salmonella can be used to assess whether chemicals can damage DNA, and therefore present a cancer risk.

Microdosing Minuscule: amounts of a test substance—much smaller than a typical dose used for medical purposes—are given to human volunteers so that researchers can track how the substances are transported and absorbed throughout the body xxx

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So after reading your post on how this Aussie store called gypsyriver is selling Afghan art without any form of recognition to Afghanistan, I politely asked them on their instagram page to address the issue. More specifically I asked them to apologize for stealing Afghan culture and then told them to relabel their products as belonging to Afghanistan. And guess what? 30 minutes later they deleted my comment and blocked me.

LOOOL THEY BLOCKED ME TOO. White people get so defensive when you call them out on their shit tbh. But a lot of Afghans are calling them out, they are going down if this is the last thing I do on this earth. 

THE HUMAN BODY ANATOMY (re-labelled w/ clear font)
Hey guys, so I hope don;t do a jaw-drop face when you saw the picture below. OoO #random
So, this is THE HUMAN BODY ANATOMY diagram.
I downloaded the pic from Google images(credits) but I re-labelled it for clearer font.
So, I just wanted to share it here, just in case you are desperate for  a perfect anatomy diagram with clear fonts, then you’ve landed on correct place.
Here you go, download & make use of it well. (Just right click & save image as…. or save as….)

Note: I hope I’ve done no spelling error but if I’ve done one, please do kindly let me of it. Thanks in advance for the concern. Hope it helps~!! <3
= NoBoDy iS P3Rf3cT,i aM NoBoDy =

In short, the concept of human capital brought nothing new to economics. It just relabeled something that was known since the dawn of political economy. But it managed to do serious damage to our ability to understand capitalist societies. It fancifully transformed poor wage workers into capitalists, and it identified the society based on labor with the one based on incomes from wealth. Finally, in very narrow economic terms, the concept is wrong because it seems to imply that the level of utility received by the agent, who gets a given income from either human or financial capital, is the same — while it patently is not.

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I think it's funny how people have relabeled sexy as sexual empowerment, as if it exists in a vacuum - no, Madonna dresses the way she does to get sales. Sex still sells, people. You can call it what you want, but at the end of the day whatever you see on pop figures is part of a business strategy.


~the aspie one 

Policing the Gender Binary with Fox & Friends

In this clip from Fox & Friends Heather Nauert reports that Illinois State University recently relabeled its “family” restrooms as “gender-neutral.” She kicks off the segment by saying,”Someone call the P.C. police!” and warns that viewers are “not going to believe this one.” The giddy laughter of her off-camera colleagues is audible while she delivers her exasperated explanation of the new restroom symbols. The video is useful in any class wrestling with the social construction of gender, the gender binary, and consequences of rigidly enforced gender categories. People who identify as transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, bigender, androgyne, neutrois, and agender have often reported instances of ridicule and danger faced when using public restrooms. For this group, the labeling change means the difference between being able to safely use public restrooms at their university. What is interesting is not the change toward more inclusive signage at Illinois State University, but how Fox & Friends uses their platform as a major news network to actively police the gender binary. Nauert begins by framing the change as an instance of political correctness, a term that suggests the new signs are of trivial importance. The demeanor of both newscaster and her off-camera colleagues is another cue that viewers should not regard the change as an important or positive development at Illinois State University. Although times are changing, news programs still give lip service to the idea that their job is simply to give the public impartial (i.e., fair and balanced) information about important events. What is discussed less is the role the media plays in shaping the public’s understanding of those events and reconstituting the state of affairs where excluding people who do not conform to the gender binary is acceptable. 

For more information about bathrooms as a site of gender politics, check out our Pinterest board on the topic.

Submitted By: Lester Andrist

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So my friend and I want to go into a public store or place, such as Target for example, and non-permanently relabel bathroom signs to "with/without urinals" and also relabel the "girl toys" and "boy toys" sections. Is there any laws that you know of that we would be breaking? We want to do it, but not if it is illegal.

As far as I know, if you aren’t causing any permanent damage to property, you aren’t breaking any laws. I personally put up “with/without urinals” signs at FAU and all that happened was somebody took them down after a day or two. 

Things like that, while the signs will probably only be up for a few hours or maybe a day or two if you’re lucky, still get people to think a little bit. And if you continue going back and putting signs up, they’ll think even more.

- Sarah (nelljones)

I met Fall Out Boy at work.

I went to work yesterday at the Melbourne Showgrounds and we were setting up a stage for some main act who were coming to rehearse later on. 4 hours into my shift I realise that a large portion of gear has F.O.B. I thought nothing of it, sometimes the factory gets lazy or busy and forgets to relabel stuff for the next job. Then at 4pm a bunch of American dudes come with a truck, we start unloading and the nice dudes are directing us where to put gear. I quickly realise that Fall Out Boy are the band, and they are the people in it are telling us where to put their guitars and stuff. I don’t get starstruck, but if there was one band I am glad that I met, its them. They are a cool group of dudes who set up their own gigs, and even design the lighting! I’m in awe :D

The story gets better. I got kind of lost after the day ended and I asked a couple of dudes standing by a van for directions. They laughed at me and then one of them offered to give me a ride to the front gate. He asked me what I had been doing all day, I said I was setting up at stage 5 which was F.O.B. He simply said ‘Oh cool, thats my band’

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

Texas GOP rejects ‘critical thinking’ skills. Really. - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post

If you read deeper you’ll find other gems in the Texas GOP 2012 Education Platform, including:

"Classroom Discipline –We recommend that local school boards and classroom teachers be given more authority to deal with disciplinary problems. Corporal punishment is effective and legal in Texas."

Also, the ban on “critical thinking skills” does not, evidently, apply to “scientific theories” (presumably including the theories of evolution and climate change):

"Controversial Theories – We support objective teaching and equal treatment of all sides of scientific theories. We believe theories such as life origins and environmental change should be taught as challengeable scientific theories subject to change as new data is produced. Teachers and students should be able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these theories openly and without fear of retribution or discrimination of any kind."

This isn’t from a person. This is the actual platform of the actual Republican party. Fast forward 15 years and guess what Texas will be like.

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He was snowed in one time on the road and he had jugs of "simply orange" (the Orange juice) and they were relabeled "simply Frank" cause he had to pee in them. I have laughed about that for years now.

Every driver, even the ladies, knows the value of a good pee jug. I like Sunny Delight Gallon jugs. Wide mouth. Others like Gatorade bottles. In this job you learn to keep a jug on hand.

Pro tip-Empty it into grass on the shoulder, and throw away the empty. Don’t be a disgusting pig and throw a full container of piss on the roadside. Or behind the trailers at a truck stop. Or ANYWHERE. You make us all look bad when you do that crap.

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Why is that anon being so vicious omg??? Like people change??? I thought I was ace but I figured out I'm demisexual??????? Like people change dude, chill out?? Ppl are constantly learning about themselves/exc. and they, believe it or not, are allowed to relabel themselves as they discover more about themselves / who they are! (Also hello Wye! You're looking v lovely today + I hope you're having an amazing day! Also I ?? Love your new haircut like A++++++++++++++++ Cute)

yEA what you said ((+aAa ty friend i appreciate it i hope you’re havin an awesome day too!))

[[Alrighty I got my main fic, which I’m still SLOWLY working on, retagged and bundled into a separate page for easy access. Also it’ll stay on my sidebar. Now I’ve got to go back through my drabble list in my drafts and relabel all the things I was going to write]]


During the space race, the Apollo astronauts were given sleeves in which to put their dicks and piss in a bag. The problem was that they kept slipping off, because none of them would take first two of the three size options: Small, Medium, Large.

Instead of redesigning the entire system, NASA came up with a simple solution. They relabeled them as Large, Gigantic, and Humongous. The problem was solved.

So Moffat threw in a new Doctor. So the numbers got bumped for all the post re-launch Doctors. So what if Tennant counts as TWO incarnations; he regenerated twice and that’s how it goes. One minute fans are taking the high ground about how Doctor Who is a show centered around change; the next they bitch and whine about it and can’t accept (Sir) John Hurt as the 9th Doctor and only count Tennant as one incarnation. Why? Convenience. What the fuck? Do these people work for the toy industry and they don’t want to relabel all of their products? Is it more simple than that? Are they just delusional and suffer from Cognitive Dissonance? Grow the fuck up, kids, and try executing some critical thinking skills and basic math. For fuck sake.

Technical analysis of EUR/JPY for Febuary 27, 2015

General overview for 27/02/2015 10:00 CET

The Elliott wave sccenario was relabeled as the general projections of the wave development turned out to be slightly different than anticipated. Currently, the whole structure that had been developing inside the golden channel was labeled as a triple-three corrective cycle wave XX brown and one more sub-wave down is expected here before the market will bounce and reverse to the upside. The key level for this bullish scenario is the intraday resistance at the level of 134.43 and any breakout higher is bullish.


137.25 - 137.64 - Projected Target Zone

136.90 - WR1 

135.21 - Weekly Pivot

134.43 - Intraday Resistance|Key Level|

134.21 - WS1

134.00 - Intraday Resistance

133.54 - Intraday Support

132.56 - WS2

Trading recommendations:

Daytraders should consider opening sell orders only if the level of 133.54 is violated with SL above the level of 134.00 ant TP at the level of 132.56. Please, notice the wave XX is about to complete and a bounce/reversal is quite possible in this market.

The material has been provided by InstaForex Company -

#gratefulfor white labeling. Day 212 of 365. Ok so I obviously did not relabel and resell but ‘what if?’ The bigger point is we ALL have ideas, nutty or otherwise. Very few will ever take an action though. We will be the ones who someday say, ‘hey, that was my idea!’ Don’t be that guy. #hustle #entrepreneurship #carpeDiem #treplife #action (at Fricks Crib)

221bravo replied to your post “wait it IS the last airbender? but the title card said the legend of…”

idk where you’re watching it, but it says A: The Last Airbender on my dvd set and Amazon video. Maybe they’re labeling differently to mirror Legend of Korra?

I am further confused. I guess they must have relabeled it to go with LoK but for what? reruns? everything you google lists it as the last airbender?? I guess I should just be grateful that atla works for both otherwise it would be really annoying