THE HUMAN BODY ANATOMY (re-labelled w/ clear font)

Hey guys, so I hope don;t do a jaw-drop face when you saw the picture below.

OoO #random

So, this is THE HUMAN BODY ANATOMY diagram.

I downloaded the pic from Google images(credits) but I re-labelled it for clearer font.

So, I just wanted to share it here, just in case you are desperate for 

a perfect anatomy diagram with clear fonts, then you’ve landed on correct place.

Here you go, download & make use of it well.

(Just right click & save image as…. or save as….)


I hope I’ve done no spelling error but if I’ve done one,

please do kindly let me of it.

Thanks in advance for the concern.

Hope it helps~!! <3

= NoBoDy iS P3Rf3cT,i aM NoBoDy =

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I'm sure someone would find this offensive, but I actually don't find an issue with thinking strangers are heterosexual "by default". I mean, that's the biological pairing: male and female. It's how we naturally reproduce our species. If someone tells me different, I have zero problems relabeling them in my head, but I think I just set my "default" assumption based biology, not any kind of hetero-normative brainwashing.

Team trans fats or team preservatives?
  • MAY:What are you two doing?
  • RAJ:I just realized that we're two teenaged boys who somehow DON'T look like mutated globs of dough mixed with chicken bones, and now we're trying to overthrow a corrupt government. This must be a young adult novel!
  • QUENTIN:Any second now a feisty heroine who's twenty-one in appearance, maturity, thought process and bust size but somehow technically sixteen will show up and fall in love with one of us, possibly both.
  • RAJ:And whether she ends up with the dangerous, sophisticated bad boy (that's me)...
  • QUENTIN:...or the goody-two-shoes strong but nerdy boy next door (I'm secure in my identity)...
  • RAJ:Damn straight, bro.
  • QUENTIN:...ONE of us is getting to second base by the end of the trilogy!
  • BOTH:*high five*
  • MAY:Okay, but what's the three-foot stockpile of doughnuts and Slim Jims for?
  • QUENTIN:Did you miss the part about us being teenaged boys?
  • RAJ:She's going to keep us waiting for at LEAST another fifteen minutes.
  • BOTH:*chompchompchomp*

( medication /, depression /)

I figured I’d share this with you guys ‘cause it’s been helping me lately. Please note that I’m not suggesting this in replacement of medication or a cure for anything, just as something that might help make you feel better when you’re down. 

First, take your [empty] medication container (prescription or otc will do) and start on the label. You can try to scratched off the actual label or do what I did and tape your own cute label over it. [Relabeling is optional, but it’s fun and always makes me smile when I see the cute lil label]

Now set this aside and start on your lil pick me ups. Get a piece of paper and cut them into strips long wise. Then cut these strips into smaller pieces. I usually measure the smaller strips by the length of my index finger, but you may want to go larger depending on your handwriting!

I’m sure you guessed it, but yes you’re going to be writing on these strips of paper. Mix it up a little bit. On some of them, write a compliment to yourself. Write down a song you like at the moment. Put down fun quick activities like drawing a rainbow, petting your dog, or dance around with no music playing. You can even put down calming/funny/nice websites you like. These are just some suggestions of what you can out down, there’s really no limitations. 

Bottle them up! If you made too many, make another container or put them in a baggie and save them for later. You want the bottle to be full, but not stuffed so the papers can’t move around. 

Personally, I put my pick me up bottle with my actual medication. It reminds me to take my meds when I go for a pick me up and I always know where it is.

Now, if you’re feeling down, you can go get a pick me up! It’s not guaranteed to help, we all know nothing really is, but sometimes even a little slip of paper can help you feel even a smidge bit better. Also! Don’t ingest the slips of paper, read them and/or do the activity and then throw them away [or put them in a baggie to refill the bottle later]

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meninism is a legit thing that ppl think is a valid cause. it's for white straight cis abled Christian/atheist guys to hate women so it's not a parody, it's sorta like 'the rent is too damn high' political party. real- but hilarious

PersonallyI think meninism was a joke until MRAs and anti-feminists started taking it seriously as a way to justify their outright misogyny. It’s their way of saying “why do women get to have a word that represents their plight against the hundreds of year of oppression???!!! WE, AS MEN, ARE OPPRESSED TOO!!! PAY ATTENTION TO US!! PITY FUCK US!!!” Meninist isn’t a real thing, it’s a really sad and disappointing joke

As my boyfriend puts it, meninists are just MRAs relabeling themselves.

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About this whole 'Asami is a trans' thing, is it canon? Or is it what bitter homophobic fans made so they can accept korrasami? Like, in the end of the day, one of them is a male and just cross dressing kind of thinking... Also, why do people call Asami and Korra as dorks? What does even 'dork' mean? I've googled the meaning but it doesn't makes sense on how it's related to Korrasami. Please help enlighten my confused mind.

asami’s cis/trans status is never addressed in canon. a lesbian wrote those posts, so no, not a homophobic fan. and it’s damaging to suggest that trans lbpq women benefit from heterosexist logic or that being coercively relabeled as “male” or “cross dressing” confers privilege :/

and people call korra and asami dorks as a term of affection, it’s like saying theyre cute/silly

fang-heichou replied to your post “Cocoa butter is magical. Softer hands do the devil’s work silkier.”

Now there’s an idea for you: a line of evil lotions and diabolical soaps. Because villains need baby-soft skin, too.

Soaps and lotions have a whole tract of chemistry, FDA approval, and marketing the company won’t have the resources to focus on. What we CAN do, however, is offer labels for boxes and bottles to relabel household products.

So you take your favorite lotion and remove the label, or put into a fancy bottle, and use our label to make it more enjoyable.

bagged up three bags of shit for thrift stores, had a friend haul off one piece of furniture, and cleaned out two more for purging somehow tomorrow. then hauled out my filing cabinet and my one and a half crates full of grad school shit and unsorted (unimportant) mail that built up over the last two years, sorted it, tossed it, and relabeled my filing cabinet folders

feel like i just pulled a bad tooth or something

rscp3000 replied to your post:so, I’m taking abstract algebra II this semester,…

I’m from England and, depending on which syllabus your school teaches, we do a bit on isomorphisms of groups in the last year of high school but nothing (as far as I know) on homomorphisms. It might just be that isomorphisms are easier initially?

That’s very different from here in the United States! I didn’t see isomorphisms in high school, which I believe is standard. I didn’t have the group isomorphism defined to me until junior year of undergrad (i.e. last year). I think I could understand introducing isomorphism first if you’re just looking at it as a relabeling, but if you’re already knees deep in group theory, you might as well go with the function definition and then to me it just seems easier to teach homomorphisms generally? Interesting though.

yellowtypophile said: 

Also what do you cover in Abstract Algebra II?

Straight from the syllabus: “We plan to cover properties of rings (esp. polynomials), leading up to field extensions and Galois theory with its applications. Our focus will be on they following topics, in Chapters 4 to 8 of the text. There will be handouts to supplement the textbook.

  • Polynomials (esp. in one variable)
  • Rings and ideals (esp. PIDs)
  • Field extensions (splitting fields, finite fields)
  • Galois groups
  • Applications of Galois theory

"This is a sculpture project I recently finished. The assignment was called shelter, so I decided to show how I felt in mine. I took over 1000 pill bottles and relabelled them to say things people have said to me to cause me to take these pills. I wanted people to realize what bullying does to people."

When I think of my favourite video games I always think of ones with unique stories and art, some examples being; Psychonauts, Thomas Was Alone, Portal (1&2), The Binding of Isaac, The Last Of Us, the list goes on. But when I think of all of the most modern shooters, the most popular shooters, all they have is new guns every sequel and a mediocre plot line to boot.

I just think the best games, the most memorable ones, aren’t the ones with the same thing relabelled, but with grasping stories and interesting art styles.

explodingpringlescans said: I know! I think one of our presidents tried to convert the country, but it was too expensive to relabel all the road signs x.x WE COULD’VE HAD IT AAALLLLLLLL

Too bad D: That reminds me of the time the government here changed all the road signs to save fuel money. Except changing the signs was more expensive than the amount of money saved. *shrugs*

i have a folder in my hs sub-art folder labeled ‘striders’ but i should relabel it ‘prince’ because hes about 65% of whats in there

hes a fat baby and demands all of my attention but i guess the plus side is that im getting better at drawing him and hes become a really cool character in the process so


I can’t classify my emotions.
Just like a heart is a caged wild animal,
My mind is a jungle, trapped in a zoo.

Imagination is not quantified,
So our number-based society is disinterested.
Creative work is not worldwide,
But government propaganda is rife.

My emotions run free, from my heart
And my head, to the pages I write on.
Each word carefully constructed, defined,
Relabelled and positioned.

The pages in the filing cabinet are not ordered,
But the thoughts lying on their parched white sheets are:
It’s the only way I can control this maze.

I can’t classify my emotions.
Just like a heart is a caged wild animal,
My mind is a jungle, trapped in a zoo.

20/1/15 This is an original piece and is solely my intellectual property.