"Why Nebraska?"

My premise as a designer is rooted in merging different worlds together. The spirit of Aaron Bondaroff and the era in streetwear that birthed the likes of brands like Nom de Guerre and crashing that against a level of chicness that exists in a casual luxury not luxury-luxury brand.

The women’s collection is entitled “Nebraska” which for me is a metaphor for “in-the-middle” Middle American collegiate schools spirit. As seen in reinterpreted Big-Ten college sweatshirts, pushed-pulled-elongated layered pleated skirts as a take on an abstracted cheerleading silhouette.

The banana leaf print I had hand painted in Lake Como is meant yo reference both the Beverly Hills Hotel and Paul Sevigny’s club, Paul’s Baby Grand. For me this collection is typified by guy and girls who fit seamlessly into both environments. Same decor vastly different behaviors.

So the collection is about that middle ground.


anonymous said:

"don't argue with a creator about their creation" you realize that's hilarious since you create fanart which is in a very real sense, arguing with the creator of the text which you are reinterpreting. All fanart, hell all ART is inherently an argument with the paradigms of artistic creation that came before. Not to mention there's that whole tradition of literary & artistic study/critique going back 2 Aristotle. Unless u meant "Don't be a dick 2 a creator on twitter" in which case yeah. Agreed.

Get the fuck out of here with this self righteous attempt at poking holes in a post I made that has absolutely NOTHING AT ALL to do with any fandoms AT ALL.

Seriously, fuck off lmao. 

  • like every dude ever:*bends over backwards to reinterpret data about harassment to not indicate misogyny* I am a rational being whose every action is dictated by Logic

Sagaki Keita (b.1984, Japan)

The Great Wave off Kanagawa from the series 36 Views of Mt.Fuji 冨嶽三十六景 神奈川沖浪裏. Pen on CLASSICO・5, 26.5×38.5 cm (2012)
Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji: Shower Below the Summit 冨嶽三十六景 山下白雨. Pen on CLASSICO・5, 25.4×38.6 cm (2012)
The Fifty-Three station of the Tokaido/Night Snow at Kambara 東海道五拾三次之内 蒲原 夜之雪. Pen on kentpaper, 25.1×37.3 cm (2008)

[more Sagaki Keita | artist found at just-art]


Artist Hillary White (previously featured here) has created an extensive and completely awesome series of paintings, entitled Pop Reinterpretation, for which she beautifully recreates painting by the Old Masters depicting a wide variety of pop culture icons in place of the original subjects.

R2-D2 becomes Francois-Xavier Fabre’s Portrait Of A Man, Kermit the Frog becomes Frans Hals’ Portrait of a Young Woman, Optimus Prime becomes Anthony Van Dyck’s Self Portrait With Sunflower, and so on.

Hillary has painted so many of these wonderful portraits, it’s an almost unbearably awesome accomplishment. If you like these even half as much as we do, check out the entire Pop Reinterpretation gallery to see the rest.

[via HiConsumption]

It’s Pop Art Meets High Art on Geyser of Awesome!

Marco: Jean? (knocks)
Do you want to be my captain?
Come on, let’s go and train!
I want to see you smile again
Come fight with me
You know it’s worth your time!
We are just like best buddies
Though you’re an ass
I don’t care, I still like you!
Do you want to be my captain?

I know you want to be a captain…

Jean: Give me a break, Marco…

Marco: Okay, bye…

Marco: (knocks)
Do you want to be my captain?
Or slay some titans in the woods?
You better stop arguing with Eren, dude
If you don’t stop
Mikasa is going to kick your balls..

(it would hurt, hugh)
We made it to the top ten

I’m so proud of you

We’ll both be in the Police
(tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)

——- Music ——-

Jean: (knocks)
Marco, please, I know you’re out there…
People keep telling me you’re dead…
They say, “accept it”, but I’m not going to
I’ know it’s just a lie
Come back to me…

You were my only true friend
It was just you and me,
United against the world…

Now I want to be your captain…

I saw all those Do You Want To Build a Snowman reinterpretation floating around and thought I could make one for the JeanMarco ship!

 ”Hey Danvers, you up for a little race?”
"You’re on Rhodes, how much of a head start you need in that clunker?"

Collab with the beautiful wiredoll! Happy Rhodeycon everyone!


Wim Delvoye 

At Galerie Perrotin Paris

Upon entering into the gallery, a set of five aluminium rimowa suitcases are present. though recognizable in form, delvoye has emblazoned their surfaces with imagery that range from his own, personal coat of arms, to miniature persian patterns. each hand embossed travelling case thus is transformed into bas-relief sculptures which speak of a globalized world.

Absurdly intricate details drawing from art and architecture movements of the past — most notably sacred gothic architecture, to 19th century sculptures — combined with subtle influences 

The belgian artist employs these themes and genres by reinterpreting and visualizing them through daily objects, deforming these motives that drive his work to recreae a genuine cabinet of curiosities of wunderkammer. galerie perrotin in

Green Lantern

This has always been one of my favorite concepts in comics. My take on the GLs is that they get their power from a macroorganism that isn’t even aware they exist. With that in mind I wanted to give them a biological look. The GLs are basically wrapped in a gelatinous layer of large cells. The GL symbol, which is constantly pulsating, is actually a composite nucleus. The cells’ energies are focused through the host species’ tool building appendages, which in humans would be the fingers. The ‘mask’ is actually a breathing apparatus that, in humans, grows out from the nostrils. It extends into the respiratory system and connects to the rest of the ‘suit’ through the pores on the chest. 

My boy here is Kyle Rayner, the greatest of them all, as far as I’m concerned. Considering he’s a freelance designer/illustrator I wanted to give him a slightly disheveled look. 

I have a big ol’ alternate Lantern Spectrum mythology in my brain that I might use for something else some day, a teeny bit of which can be seen here.

Drawn for Project: Rooftop. Here are some other character reinterpretations

KAWS’s Man’s Best Friend

For more photos and videos from Man’s Best Friend, explore the Honor Fraser Gallery location page and follow @kaws and @honorfrasergallery on Instagram.

Brian Donnelly's (@kaws) latest show Man’s Best Friend at Honor Fraser Gallery (@honorfrasergallery) in Los Angeles includes new sculpture, drawings and eye-popping, precise paintings on shaped canvases. “I try to understand why certain experiences stick with me and repeat over and over in my head while I go about my day,” he says. “I try to create work that will have this same effect.”

KAWS began as a graffiti artist and rose to international acclaim. His phenomenally popular work has even been featured as a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The show for Honor Fraser is a fresh approach to his bold yet cryptic reinterpretations of popular culture.“The work in this show is a marriage between the familiar and abstract, the stark and colorful,” he says.


henry hargreaves + caitlin levin map the world in famous foods
images © henry hargreaves + caitlin levin
top: south america crafted in citrus
middle australia sculpted in shellfish
bottom: india shaped with spices

see the US created in corn, the UK + ireland built of biscuits, new zealand kept in kiwi, japan in juxtaposed seaweed, italy transformed by tomatoes, framnce formed in fromage (cheese), china composed of noodles, africa patterned in plantains

The idea here was to take a step back and imagine what Wonder Woman’s costume would look like if she were initially designed using the same standards as Superman and Batman. Their costumes are actually pretty similar to one another, so I took the basic elements they share and added the WW-specific elements. This would likely be her Silver Age “classic” look.