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Purist - another slovak band, I heard them live, they’re amazing and very funny

Name: Valentina

Country: Italy

About me: Hello! I’m a 20 years old girl who live in south Italy. Right now I’m attending the 3rd year of University, majoring in English and Japanese. I’ve been doing penpal thing for 3 years and I’m always ready to find more friends to chat with!

What I like: My main passion is reading and drawings comics (or drawing in general). I like to go to comic conventions and doing cosplay. I also like reading books and in my free time, when I am inspired, I write fanfictions or little poems. I enjoy reading about Italian Reinessance, Latin and Greek poets and Philosophy. I am a huge fan of Assassin’s Creed and videogames in general, like MMORPGs and RTS. I watch TV series too, but not very often. Right now I’m watching Season2 of Hannibal and I’m planning to watch GoT too this winter.

What I dislike: People against LGBT, spiders.

What I am looking for:

  • Someone who doesn’t stop writing me back after 3 letters or writes too little. I am looking for someone with who I can talk about videogames (especially Assassin’s Creed), homestuck or willing to exchange little packages with gifts (I could even make drawings!).
  • We can also talk about everyday experiences :-)
  • I put a lot of effort writing letters, with different coloured ink pens, highlighters and decorations and stickers so I’d like to receive long letters!
  • I can reply within a week after I’ve received yours, so don’t worry about any kind of delay (and if it occurs, blame the postal service!)
  • Also, I’m looking for someone I can practice Japanese with, because I really need it!

I honestly don’t care where you’re from, as long as you’re a nice and funny person, you can come from Italy too, it’s okay! :D

If interested, send me a message in my inbox: it’s always open! ;)
Hope to hear from you soon!

Valentina, xoxo