to butterflychansan and jeankirstchein : it took 2h and a lot of teeth gritting because I’m a big wuss, but it’s finally here! the long awaited tattoo based off not just Wisteria and Once Then Twice Again

the breakdown:

the branch of wisteria, two forget-me-not’s and sunflowers kind of speak for themselves in regard to the Wisteria series, and if I left myself to talk about that it’d wind up being a three page essay so I WILL DIRECT YOU TO THE FICS IN QUESTION INSTEAD

the bluebells are a slightly different kettle of fish and relate back to Once Then Twice again. Their symbol stands for humility and gratitude, constancy and a love that lasts, so it seemed perfect for the three lives that encompass the OTTA series.

there’s a lot more I could say about this and where it all came from and what these fics and /so many others/ have done for me but, I’ll let the tattoo speak for itself instead //wriggles away

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Mandy McCutcheon and Yellow Jacket

I’m in love!