sometimes you just have to sit in silence whilst listening to mcr I don’t know why but each song deserves to just be listened to as close as you can from gerard singing to the drums and to the guitar and bass or is that just me

Oh my goodness! So exciting! We have a last-minute guest of honor to add to the program: the disembodied spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle.

And best of all, everyone who came to Unlocked is invited to enjoy a totally free celebrity photo shoot with our very special guest.

Unlocked celebrity photo shoot terms and conditions: 

  1. Photo shoot is to be conducted in your own home.
  2. With your own camera.
  3. Photographer not provided.
  4. We do not guarantee disembodied spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle will actually show up in your photo. But he’s totally there. Maybe. Possibly.

Arthur Conan Doyle spirit photo from Lady Conan Doyle, via.

And here’s a transparent image (click & drag to see!) in case you really do want to make a haunted selfie to commemorate your weekend at Unlocked:

Theoretical Demonology

All through college Adelaide told her friends and family she was majoring in Supernatural Studies. She left the ‘Emphasis on Demonology’ out of it. They wouldn’t have understood – sweet, uneasy Addy, choosing a field of study that focused on the most powerful, unpredictable, and uncontrollable preternatural beings known to man?

The truth was, Adelaide hardly understood it herself.

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