Ja’far’s reactions as Rurumu tells him she’s soon to give birth and starts explaining how Imuchakk women are evolved in order to give birth much earlier than regular women, and then proceeeds to announce Ja’far she’ll teach him how to be a midwife so he can help and hold strongly his  ”baby brother”. 

Ja’far’s final reaction: he wants to jump the boat (again, probably to go back swimming to Reim like he threatened to do at the beginning of the chapter XD)

This was a really sweet chapter for Ja’far & Rurumu. Before this, she  said she already loves Ja’far and thinks of him as his “first son”. Poor baby almost started crying… 

Oh, and at the beginning, Sinbad finally got his trading licence. Rashid suggest he should perform at a public theatre  if he wants to make more money to start a shop. However, he advises Sin against fighting at the Colosseum, since his own body is his most valuable asset.

EDIT: I corrected the last part. Sorry, I was excited and read too fast. I thought the theatre he was talking about at the beginning was the Colosseum. Rashid is telling him to perform at public theatres, not fight at the Colosseum. My mistake.  

Where Life Leads {Magi/Sinja/Magiweek}

Title: Where Life Leads

Fandom: Magi 

Characters/Pairings: Sinbad and Ja’far, not really a pairing but I guess Sinja

Rating: K/K+ 

Notes: This is my first fic for Magi week! Sorry it’s kind of… awful and not up to my usual (at least I don’t think it is >< ). Moving into my dorm this week so it makes it kind of hard to sit down and write anything quality! But enjoy~ I took the prompt “bonds” and this might be a little bit weird but yeah, here you go! 

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Imagine a story
Not of good against evil
But of need, against need, against need
Where everyone is at cross purposes
And everyone is to blame.