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Ozbert and Reim/Sharon for the meme?


OTP Parent(ing) Meme…Who:

packs the lunches - GIL.

blows raspberries while cuddling - Also Gil! :)

is the tickle monster - But this is Oz. He likes attacking Gil with tickles too. Gil doesn’t like getting tickled, so he won’t tickle monster his kids.

gives life lesson speeches - Oz, mostly. Gil every once in a while.

kisses the boo-boos - Both would be very good at this, but Gil is the one who does it more often.

breaks the bad news - Oz. Gil gets flustered by bad news too easily sometimes.

joins the PTA - Gil. I could see him being concerned about his child(ren)’s education and I could see him being very interested in knowing the going on’s at his kids school (and after the initial “Wow, he is very good looking!” stares and the awkward “getting hit on by the single moms or divorced moms that are in the PTA” moments, he enjoys exchanging stories with the other parents and getting new recipes to try out at home).

crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories - Neither. Grandpa Oscar does this. He tends to do this more with Oz and Gil’s kids than Vincent and Ada’s, because Oscar still doesn’t know how he feels about Ada being with Vincent, even though they have been married and with kids for a very long time, so he tends to crash more at Gil and Oz’s house.

gives the crazy nicknames - Oz. I don’t think they would be too “crazy” though, and more just super cute and endearing nicknames (kinda like what he does with Echo by calling her Little Echo/Echo-chan).

Sharon and Reim:

OTP Parent(ing) Meme…Who:

packs the lunches - I could see a maid doing this more than anything, sine I don’t think Reim or Sharon are very good with making and preparing food. But I can also see Reim doing this and being very poor at it in the beginning, only to improve and get better over the years.

blows raspberries while cuddling - Neither. I see them as both being very cuddly parents and they would definitely give kisses and hugs, but I don’t think either one of them would really blow raspberries (it would be a bit too undignified for Sharon and Reim isn’t a very touchy-feely person anyway).

is the tickle monster - On occasion, Sharon, but she never overdoes the tickling. 

gives life lesson speeches - Reim. He seems like he would be a good diplomat and that he would be really great at making and delivering speeches.

kisses the boo-boos - Sharon. I see Reim as being more of a “pat on the head” type of guy. 

breaks the bad news - Both are equally good at this. So either one.

joins the PTA - I can see them taking turns attending PTA meetings, since I think they would both be moderately interested in PTA happenings and on keeping up with school events and the overall education of their kids.

crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories - Sharon. She lives for that, she also telling sweeping tales of romance during sleepovers too (keeping everything PG rated, of course).

gives the crazy nicknames - Neither. I think they would both prefer to use simple and common nicknames.

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ABer die Reime ALter, die Reime

Hahaha dude ich sag nur

deine Titten sind ein Traum // sie hängen kaum


doch unter deinem Dekolleté // tut es immer immer wieder so weh


du bist so heiß wie n Kübel Eis // was soll der Scheiß 


Ich wünsch dir einen Virus // ich wünsche dir die Krätze an den Hals // ich wünsch dir nen Bazillus // der dich hässlich macht und alt


Du hast mir so oft geschworn // du wärst nur für mich geborn //und jetzt steckst du ihr eiskalt // deine Zunge in den Hals

Imagine a story
Not of good against evil
But of need, against need, against need
Where everyone is at cross purposes
And everyone is to blame.