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TLC feat. Craig Mack “Kick Your Game” (Live)

Y’all know about this?  This is amazing!!!

I’ve never seen this performance before and I didn’t know TLC performed this track live.  This was my FAVORITE SONG off CrazySexyCool and I love how Lisa had her sister on stage to play her.  I’m just assuming that’s Reigndrop because they look and sound alike, but whoever she is did a bang up job.

And this choreOGRAPHY THO!  They ate that stage up.  Which is great.  Because Chilli’s vocals wasn’t hittin’ on NOTHIN.

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A Great Track

While quite a few songs from Eye Legacy lacked any real familiarity with the energy and presence that Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes had while she was alive, one stand out track from Eye Legacy is “Crank It”, which features Lopes’ sister Reigndrop. 

The song is a perfect Girls Night Out song. It definitely had the potential to rule the clubs for awhile. The song is fun, energetic, and both Lisa’s and Reigndrop’s verses pack a great punch, and overall the two blend really well together. It’s definitely one of my favourite tracks from Eye Legacy, so give it a listen!