Less than 24 hours...


The boarding passes are here!

Rin: Sounds lovely, are we ready?

Haruka: …

Makoto: *chuckles* It’ll be a nice trip!

Rei: This isn’t beautiful!

Nagisa: It’ll be alright, Rei-chan! We just have to wait to be sure we can actually be packed in.

Me: Mom’s gonna see you and she’ll yell at me since she does NOT approve of me for having you guys here in the house. Wait till tomorrow when she’s done inspecting!

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I ❤ Yaoi: A Little More Until Spring by Delica (Free! Doujinshi)

Greetings yaoi lovers! This week’s selection is A Little More Until Spring by Delica.

Winter seems to be colder and more brutal than ever. Much to Makoto’s chagrin, Haru never wears enough layers to protect himself from the elements. Little does Makoto know that he’s become Haru’s own personal heater and has made winter a little more bearable for the quiet water lover.

*sigh* This doujinshi is gorgeous! Not only does the artwork have a whimsical, almost ethereal look, but the interactions between the characters, particularly Makoto and Haru, warmed me from the inside out. 

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