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Thanks for posting the photos. yeah, I think Meryl has stated previously that she always travels with her passport since she's always traveling. Know that she had the 16th-26th crossed off on her calendar, but can't imagine she is taking a 10 day vacation now with Sway around the corner. You would think she would need to start practice soon. Who knows anyhow -- always a surprise around the corner.

Happy to do it.

In Austria, as a foreigner, you are technically required to carry your passport at all time for identification. I’m lucky to work for the government and carry a government employee ID card, so I don’t get in trouble when stopped, but I have heard others have.

As for Meryl, who knows.She would still have 10 days to rehears if she comes back from vacation o the 26th. Which I think would be time enough.


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Sweet Sixteen

Teenagers look forward to their sixtieth birthday because it’s an excuse to have a huge party.
Not for being old enough to be able to go to a GP without parents knowing.

Teenagers plan their perfect sweet sixteen birthday and search what to wear for their party.
Not plan the time for an appointment and rehears what to say to the doctor.

Teenagers are waiting to be happy and free.
Not waiting to be diagnosed with a mental illness.

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Want a M&M reunion soon, but it doesn't look like Meryl will be back from vacation for a few days and then who knows where she will go: Michigan, LA, or Cali. And it looks like Maks will be in Vegas for Cantamessa at the end of the month. Not sure why he is needed at all or for the whole time since the event is not open to the public. Anyhow, it doesn't sound like they will get much rehearsal time in.... it's possible Maks can't dance yet anyway....

I was wondering about rehearsal too.  It doesn’t seem like anybody involved is going to be rehearing a lot, particularly the ones who are doing the DWTS tour.

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Can everyone just chill out. I have already seen the OTRA tour and they know the songs and they don't need that much rehearsing. So chill out it will be amazing. Plus they aren't slagging off they are hard at work on their next album.

We all see footagr of the tour and nobody saying they are lacking anything, but they are adding new song from FOUR, so they need to rehears them :)

Attorney General Mark Herring has made the right call in an argument the state was bound to lose.

Not long ago, the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that juries should get to hear all the evidence in eminent-domain cases, not just the evidence favorable to the commonwealth. The dispute concerned VDOT’s seizure of land for an interchange. The state made two assessments of the property’s value, one for nearly a quarter-million dollars and one for less than half that amount. When John and Janet Ramsey asked for more, the jury was told only about the much smaller estimate. The Ramseys contended this was wrong, and the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that juries should hear all the relevant evidence, not just the lowest figure the state has offered.

The attorney general’s office could have asked the high court to rehear the case, which already has dragged on for years. Wisely, Herring chose not to do so. This was not only prudent — overturning a unanimous decision seemed unlikely — but also just. There is no good reason to hide pertinent facts from a jury.

Click on the headline to read the full story.
~ Richmond Times-Dispatch

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