Are you in the Los Angeles area? Come & perform in our TV show’s Veil Of Night music video on Saturday, November 1st.

If you’re a Singer, Instrumentalist, Dancer, Make-Up Artist, Cinematographer, or Costume Designer - CONTRIBUTE HERE by Tuesday, October 28th.


SINGERS: Contribute video footage of yourself singing along to the Melody & Harmony of THIS DEMO. Please refer to THIS ZIP for the Vocal Assets you’ll need to contribute. 

INSTRUMENTALISTS: Contribute video footage of yourself playing along to this song with your acoustic & rustic instruments. Please refer to THIS ZIP for all the instrumental assets you’ll need to contribute. (All instruments are welcome, however you’ll find notes on specific instruments in the ZIP.)

DANCERS: Contribute footage of yourself dancing to this song.

COSTUME DESIGNERS / MAKE-UP ARTISTS: Contribute sample images of your costume / make-up work.

CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Contribute footage you’ve shot that fits the creepy & dark mood of this music video. Also, please include the make & model of the camera you would bring to the shoot in the description of your video. 


NOTES:Please keep in mind that this shoot is in the Los Angeles area. Before contributing, please be sure that you are able to commit to being at the shoot all day Saturday, November 1st. If you’re a good fit for this shoot, we will reach out to you via email w/ details on the location and time. **IMPORTANT NOTE ** Please contribute your footage by Tuesday, October 28th. 


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Check out THESE ZIPS when contributing your Vocals & Instrumentals.

Hit RECord On TV!

BIG NEWS: We’re gonna be on TV! 

"Hit RECord on TV" is gonna be a new kind of variety show.  I’ll host the show and also direct our global online community to create short films, live performances, music, animation, conversation, and of course, more!  Each episode will be focused on a different theme.  And like always, anybody with an internet connection is invited to contribute. I’m super excited to get started!

Are you RECording?




JOIN ME FOR OUR TV SHOW SHOOT ****TOMORROW, Fri. 11/8**** …and wear your masks & fantastical costumes!


See ya there!


Watch Adieu - a music video about death featuring hand drawn animation from 22 hitRECord artists. You can catch it on @HITRECORDonTV’s episode RE: THE OTHER SIDE this Saturday @ 10e/7p on @pivot_tv