Progress for "Winter Secrets"

Already done half way done in organizing the 2nd half of this story . Should be finish by Thursday evening or Friday at the most. And wow, I knew I was going to mess up something with Evelyn sooner or later. This is what I almost typed tonight.


“Easy now, you’re just learning,” Evelyn spoke as she quickly went in to hold Lana from her backside. Even with Lana a few inches shorter than Evelyn, she still felt a bit heavy.”

(That segment has been changed now, so you won’t see this sentence again. Ever.)

For some reason I had the impression that Evelyn was around 5’4 or some average height but a little fragile at the same time. Lana the sheep is about 5’1. Didn’t know that Evelyn is actually 4’11. Forgive me for messing that up. Anyways, after this story is done, I’m going to focus on Lana’s own story. Maybe some segments of her childhood and odd moments from her waitress job? Whatever got to get back with stuff for school tomorow…