April Winchell of started a secret santa fundraiser for 200 families who are currently in circumstances that have left them just scraping by and unable to provide even the simplest of joys for their kids during this holiday season.

The members of regretsy not only met the donation goal, they surpassed it by several thousand dollars in mere hours, making it so April would not only be able to make the gift drive happen, she would be able to give a small monetary donation to each family that they could use for bills, groceries, etc.

Unfortunately, PayPal decided to freeze April’s account and hold the rest of her funds due to their claim that the “donate” button is for non-profit use only, despite it not saying anywhere that it was a non-profit only button.

While a good majority of the donations were already processed, PayPal is requiring April to manually refund the remaining donations, all while PayPal takes a chunk of each as a transaction fee. April unable to give the monetary donation to the individual families as well due to this.

Sign on to tell paypal to unfreeze April’s account.

Flood PayPal’s facebook page with lovely messages.

Spread this everywhere. Twitter, facebook, news stations, everything.

Reblog this!

I know I have precisely one follower, but it’s worth a shot that this will get on people’s dashboard via tags and it will continue to spread. Paypal is ruining Christmas for 200 families and their children and the hard efforts of a community of people. That isn’t what the holiday spirit is about.

UPDATE: April has explained some more, specifically in regards to PayPal and the donate button, what triggered the overall freezing of her personal and business accounts, and what PayPal is going to do about all of this. The situation is looking pretty positive.

UPDATE 2: PayPal has agreed to also donate $100 to each of the 200 families who are getting support from the Regretsy secret santa fundraiser..

(Also, I know things with over a thousand notes is like a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of notes some things on here get, but jeez guys! I didn’t think this would spread this quickly. Huge props to stfuconservatives for find this and helping spread it. We definitely helped get people to listen at PayPal. Good job, Tumblr people!)


Submitter Comment: Browsing around Tumblr, had a bit of a LOL at this one. Hilariously awful

What’s Awful: 1. Tattooing a pregnant woman. No person with half a brain would ever do that. BIG risk of harming the baby! If that gets infected or anything, you can bet your bottom dollar the baby is going to be harmed by it 2. It looks like it’s done in someone’s kitchen, sooo unsanitary! and 3. I don’t usually hate on people for their choice of tattoo, but that baby isn’t going to be on board forever…

How can it be fixed: Pray to Jesus that the baby is not harmed. It would’ve been better to just go with a temporary tattoo, those ones you get at the $2 store and use a wet wash cloth to transfer them to your skin…

Made this the other day. All the images are from a quick Etsy search.
The improper appropriation of Native American cultural practices has interested me for a few years, particularly because it’s something that had to be pointed out to me, despite how widespread the practice is. (Not like I ever ran around in a headdress, it’s just not something I ever looked into.) We instinctively know that it’s wrong to mindlessly parrot other cultures’ beliefs, but somehow this one group is ok? That’s so weird and wrong.

Three Guilty Pleasure Blogs About Crafts (in a way): 

  1. Regretsy (or why I check Alibaba before I buy on Etsy or Ebay). Scorchingly cynically foul mouthed funny from the real Etsy/Ebay/Craig’s List postings to the readers’ comments. 
  2. Craftfail: Where Crafters Go to Fail. See the above Zombie Nails photo from Craftfail here, or go to It Feels Like the First Time… here for the full story.
  3. My Favorite Hate Mail: Where Mean Comments Go To DIE. A website where people respond to mean comments the way they wish/want to… not the way they could on their websites.
Epic Fail!

(SOURCE)- Facebook’s ‘Zjebany’ page

Submitter’s Comments: Was trolling around Zjebany page again, looking for fails.

What’s Awful?: Doz meat legz! And then be proceeded to stretch the meat legs? WTF O_O! I’m not sure what’s on his face… it looks like an extremely poorly placed cheek piercing that’s been stretched? His whole ear just looks like it hates being attached to him.

How Can This Be Fixed?: Take all those tunnels out, get reconstructive surgery. Take that thing out of your cheek asap! Or at least clean all the funk and crust off… at least!


mod comment:

The thing on his face is a sort of new surface anchor/implant type thing "skin tunnel". I wish i knew where to find the diagrams explaining how it works or even how to look for where they might be, but i forget what the guy who came up w/ it is calling them. In any case, it doesn’t look happy either.