“Hi! My name is Savannah, or this-nursing-life on tumblr. I have been a practicing Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurse for two years. Most of my experience is on a medical-surgical floor, but I recently moved to pediatric home health while I finish up my BSN degree. I may already be a graduated Registered Nurse by the time this is posted! I’m set to graduate on May 8th and will take my boards soon after! Nursing is truly my passion and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Happy International Nurse’s Day!! We do amazing work, and I am so happy to see nurses getting the recognition we deserve!”

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Three new songs have been registered with the the APRA! This does not mean these songs are going to be on the album or that we will hear them, just that they’re registered! They have tons of registered songs we’ve never heard, so this might not mean anything.

“Why Nursing?
Growing up, I remember always been fascinated by ambulances and medical shows on tv. It wasn’t really until I turned 16 that a career in medicine really began to shape into a reality. Around Christmas, in a period of 2 weeks, a good friend of mine died and my dad was admitted to the hospital for emergency heart surgery. I very quickly grew up, and had to wrestle for a long time with the guilt of ‘What if I had been there when this happened? Would I have known what to do to help?’ This guilt ultimately grew into wanting to ensure nobody else would ever have to experience that same pain alone. I realized that I desperately wanted to bring more meaning to my life and to never let myself be in a position of not knowing how to help someone. I started in an EMT class and promptly fell in love with prehospital care. I did EMS throughout college, gradually increasing my education level and advancing throughout the field. It was my plan initially upon becoming an EMT to see if I could 'handle it for medical school’. It didn’t take long however for me to realize that nurses both do the grand majority of the patient care, and that the role of the nurse was also one that much better aligned with my personal philosophy of what a medical professional should be. I passionately love Biology and wanted to have that knowledge, so I chose to get my degree in Biology and THEN enter into a 4 semester ABSN program. Despite being a long way around things, I’m LOVING my program(one of the coolest things about ABSN incidentally is that everyone else brings their own former education and careers to the table, making them all incredible student nurses in very different ways.) I’d love to continue working in an acute care setting and am extremely interested in either the ER or the cardio-thoracic ICU with the goal to work toward being a flight nurse/paramedic. In the future, I’m considering doing an acute care NP program.
What do I love about nursing?
1. Its so versatile! Literally, your possibilities as a nurse are limitless and there is always an opportunity to continue learning something new.
2. In my opinion-being a nurse is the very epitome of what it is to be a human being. You give, whole heartedly of yourself-both physically and emotionally to care for the entire patient. You get the incredible privilege of being an advocate for those who may not be able to speak for themselves. Unlike medicine, which has a habit of feeling detached, nursing is incredibly holistic. Your patients will touch you so much more than you’ll ever know-and even if you don’t remember them, they WILL remember you. Its building your own immortality on earth, in a very special, every nondescript way. You don’t always get the credit, but you’re not in it for the credit either.
3. Science! Technology! Research! Its such a growing field and there is a lot of room to be a potential innovator.
4. Patient education. Not only do you get to help fix them…but you also get to help them learn to help themselves. How awesome is that? ”

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“I am an aged care nurse with a Diploma of Nursing (division 2 RN), I have been one for the last three years and am currently working on getting my Bachelor of Science- Nursing (8 weeks til I’m done!!).
I feel like people misunderstand aged care nurses. We have a patient to nurse ratio of 30:1, so Things can get a little hairy sometimes!
Our clinical assessment skills have to be impeccable and our critical thinking/decision making needs to be precise because we don’t have a doctor on site and if we need treatments ordered we have to know what we want!.
I chose to do nursing because I have always felt like I needed to do something to give back to my fellow human beings. Being there for people at important parts of their life is amazing, I feel like it is such a privilege to care so intimately for someone and make their life easier.
It is one of the most challenging jobs I have encountered, but would not trade it in for anything.”

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You know, I think some idiot was just trying to tell me he got a boner from my tumblr… but I just thought he meant he was getting some kind of “pop-up” spam. 

I just replied “what?”… should have told him to get better anti-virus software. 

At any rate, keep your dick info to yourselves kids. You’re the only person who’s interested or flattered. 


So security was scary as heck but I managed to give Frank a copy of this drawing and also have him sign another for me to keep

As I handed it over to him he just looked down at it and said “Oh wow” and laughed

My dumb drawing made Frank laugh and I think I can die happy. 

All British 18+ year olds

Tomorrow, Monday 20th April, is your LAST CHANCE to register to vote.

PLEASE consider registering at the following link 

It takes 5 mins and all you need is your NI number. 

If you do not register your voice will not be heard.

For those of you who can’t get out to the polling stations, you can register free of charge for a postal ballot, and for students living away from home, you can register both at your term time address and at your home address

Remember: apathy equals the death of your voice and your say in the future of your community. Registering to vote is about effecting the right changes for you in your country and local area.

Without you the older generation will have the only say in your future.

Make your voice count, make your vote count, make the changes you want to see for you and your community.

Donate Life , because...

This is me back in 2011. I was on dialysis. Dialysis is a process where a machine acts as an artificial kidney in order to attempt to work for your non-functioning organs. Dialysis is capable of doing 12% of what a normal functioning pair of kidneys can do. This treatment took four hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I had to fight my medical staff for time changes because I got out of school earlier and wanted to be off the machine earlier. All throughout this three year battle, I’d face migraines, cramps, depression, anxiety, insomnia, criticism, suicidal thoughts, and general weakness and inefficiencies. I remember looking to my right and to my left to see people of all backgrounds going through this process. Every day was a new battle, and whether it was a day of silver linings or a full on waged war with our affliction. There were white boys and girls, black boys and girls, people of all creeds, ages and backgrounds going through the exact same thing. And it was torture. I can’t even begin to delve into the immense conflicts I had with doctors and their seemingly oppressive standards on who gets transplants.

The national donor registry (UNOS) states there are about 123,294 people on the waiting list for an organ. Of those, 78,213 are considered active and ready for a transplant right this very minute. Unfortunately, there have only been 2,577 transplants since January 2013. That seems like a lot, but it’s really not considering that the amount of recipients is flatlined in the six figure mark. 

(Content Warning: Grapic)

This was me on the day of June 9th, 2013. Since then, I’ve made it 22 months with a functioning kidney, and I hope to keep it for the general life of 15-20 years to tide me over into the next generation of organ repair. But until then, it is up to YOU to help people live the life they deserve.

Here’s me today. 18 years old. Living life without dialysis. About to graduate high school. Working a part-time job,




But my fight’s not over. I still face the potential to need another transplant in the future. I’m still on life saving medications that have strict times when I need to take them (every 12 hours). I still need constant blood tests, checkups, and more. What’s even funnier, Medicare will consider me “healthy” in about, oh, six months. I’ll be out of insurance. Being sick is a huge liability in this country, and those of us who aren’t affluent take the brute force of that liability.

My economic stance can’t be change too efficiency, but there’s one thing that can be changed: My ability to keep living if I ever come to that point, as well as thousands and thousands of other people.

What do I have to do to help?

If you haven’t already, next time you go to the DMV, don’t just brush off the receptionist with the usual apathy. Listen to them and wait for the question “Would you like to be an organ donor?” When they ask this, say YES. This confirms that you will save up to eight people needing organs, and hundreds of others needing bone marrow and tissue.

Common Misconceptions

“If I become an organ donor, the doctor won’t try to save my life and will let me die so he/she can sign off my organs!”

WRONG! Doctors have a dedication to keeping YOU alive. It is only once you are confirmed TOD that they will consult an Organ Donation Specialist, who will discuss with your family the idea of donation.

“Don’t they just do that anyway?”

KINDA. Your family will have a chance to decide if they would like to allow your body to be harvested for donation. However, one problem with this is family’s become emotional in times of loss, and are thus subject to refusing on the basis of “bodily autonomy” which…is a fair judgement, but you’re already gone and can’t use your organs.

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