Is President Barack Obama trying to force all Americans to move to the city? Sure, it sounds like a very far-fetched and incredibly illegal endeavor, but the Agenda 21 style regionalist movement should not be dismissed too quickly. The alleged belief by the president that living outside of urban areas is a global warming problem gives allegations about plans to force suburban and rural residents into the city a frightening amount of credence. (via Will An Agenda 21 Movement Force You Out Of Your Home? | Off The Grid News)

Eugène Laermans -  "Landverhuisers" /Emigrants - 1896

oil on canvas, 159 × 420 cm (62.6 × 165.4 in)

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium

In 1894, he began to exhibit at the Salons of La Libre Esthétique. Two years later, he illustrated La Nouvelle Carthage, a novel by Georges Eekhoud, and was inspired by the book to create a triptych of paintings, “Landverhuisers” (Emigrants), that he considered his masterpiece.

Georges Eekhoud (27 May 1854 – 29 May 1927) was a Belgian novelist of Flemish descent, but writing in French.

Eekhoud was a regionalist best known for his ability to represent scenes from rural and urban daily life. He tended to portray the dark side of human desire and write about social outcasts and the working classes.

His most famous novel, La nouvelle Carthage (= New Carthago) was published in its definitive form in 1893, and many times reprinted. It has also been translated in English, German, Dutch, Russian, Romanian and Czech. The rustic Campine was in this book replaced with the brutal life of love and death in the Antwerp dockland metropolis and its dirty industry.