1. Boycotting social media until I catch up on the California regional. Very far behind.

2. East regionals so fun.

3. I PRd my Fran time AND max pull-ups today. So so happy.

4. Bought lots of good loot.


Thrusters 95/65#

4:16 Rxd (0:22 PR)

Thrusters unbroken for 21 and 9. 10-5 for 15.

Pull-ups 20-1 (omg I know), 9-6, 6-3.

My pull-ups never felt better. Once I passed 15 and then 18 I was like I HAVE to get 20. Couldn’t get 21. Came off the bar quite dizzy and lightheaded, but had to get that last pull-up. I’m so happy. Plus, this was 20 solid reps. I didn’t lose my rhythm. I didn’t need to reset.

Forgot to turn on my camera for Fran - so pissed. But I had a clip of my warmup when I was checking height. Felt good. And I was able to wear my natural grips for pull-ups which I normally can’t.


20x 0:15 max effort row; 0:45 spin

No score. Just complete it.

Then I spent the day at regionals and watched so many badasses beat record after record. And people always underestimate the East.

KCACTF is this week!!! :D

I feel super bad for those that have to travel here to SVSU for KCACTF this week. This weather is terrible!!! But the show(and scenes and auditions) must go on, though. Feeling really excited to be part of this festival as the hosting school for region three as well as an Irene Ryan scene partner. So excited!


The lovely things my husband Fraser got me for our 5 year anniversary! (of going out, not marriage!)

I’m going to read “A Fault In Our Stars” before the movie comes out so i don’t get any spoilers when it’s out. Because, we all know gifs often depict spoilers.

I have been wanting a Keri Smith book for ages! I’m going to try them all I hope, but my first is the popular “Wreck This Journal” which i have been seeing in loads of “Whats in my bag?” posts.

Invader Zim is one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood! It’s also really hard to get in the UK, these are region 3. Fraser said he’s been trying to get me them on a compatible DVD player since we started going out 5 years ago.

Well i’d say he can call it a Mission Complete for surprises!

Region 3 RTC this saturday.

So I have to try my best to try represent the Suns of Division 30 South. I want to get ready to outshine the other divisions in region 3.

  • Division shirt
  • Yellow jacket
  • pikachu backpack
  • I <3 key club landyard
  • Folder

I know it’s not a lot but I try my best to represent my division. This will be my 1st ever RTC and I want to remember it as possible. Can’t wait to see all the other divisions like doing


Can’t wait!<3

LaSalle College HS interview day

Hanging out at LaSalle College HS in Wyndmoor, PA waiting for my next mock interview. I look forward to this huge mock interview day each year because I get to spend time doing what I love (talking to students) while also providing a helpful service to these eager,college-bound seniors.

Of course, these interviews are only practice runs, and I will invite all of the young men that I meet to either come to come to campus for the “real deal”, or, if the schedule doesn’t permit a return visit, then to schedule an off-campus interview with a trained interviewer from out Dickinson Admissions Volunteer Society.

Oh! My young scholar approaches, wish him luck!