:) our region13~! yay! i really wonder how many key clubbers follow me though. ALSO, i tried a little animation with this picture that i did in 5 minutes. took a bit to figure it out, but still havent solved it to perfect quite yet. ill upload it in a bit. 


Inflation and (big) Bang

For me, it is the most exciting historical tale, but it didn’t actually start with a single infinitesimal point. The story begins with a very small region of the early universe, cosmologists and the theory of inflation say so.
Alan Guth explains it better: 

What the Big Bang theory tells us is that at least our region of the universe 13.82  billion years ago was an extremely hot, dense, uniform soup of particles, which in the conventional standard Big Bang model filled literally all of space –and now we certainly believe it filled essentially all the space that we have access to– uniformly.
Now I should point out that this is contrary to a popular cartoon image of the Big Bang, which is just plain wrong. The cartoon image of the Big Bang is the image of a small egg of highly dense matter that then exploded and spewed out into empty space. That is not the scientific picture of the Big Bang. And the reason is not because it’s illogical. It’s hard to know what’s logical or illogical in this context. But simply based on what we see, if there was a small egg that exploded into empty space, you would certainly expect that today you would see something different if you were looking toward where the egg was versus looking the opposite direction. But we don’t see any effect like that. When we look around the sky, the universal looks completely uniform, on average, in all directions to very high degree of accuracy. 

So, what came before the  standard  Big Bang? How do we explain this incredible expansion? Alan Guth, again:

Inflation is a prequel to the conventional Big Bang theory. It’s a short description of what happened before, immediately before, the Big Bang. So inflation really is an explanation of the bang of the Big Bang in the sense that it does provide a theory of the propulsion that drove the universe into this humongous episode of expansion which we call the Big Bang.

Modern particle theories strongly suggest that at very high energies, there should exist forms of matter that create repulsive gravity. Inflation, in turn, proposes that at least a very small patch of the early universe was filled with this repulsive-gravity material. The initial patch could have been incredibly small, perhaps as small as 10^-24 centimeter, about 100 billion times smaller than a single proton. The small patch would then start to exponentially expand under the influence of the repulsive gravity, doubling in size approximately every 10^-37 second.
At some point the inflation ends because the repulsive-gravity material becomes metastable. The repulsive-gravity material decays into ordinary particles, producing a very hot soup of particles that form the starting point of the conventional Big Bang. At this point the repulsive gravity turns off, but the region continues to expand in a coasting pattern for billions of years to come. Thus, inflation is a prequel to the era that cosmologists call the Big Bang, although it of course occurred after the origin of the universe, which is often also called the Big Bang.

Mathematics and theoretical physics stop here, we don’t know what was before the inflation and what is beyond our visible universe… at least for now.

If you want to know more in detail this wonderful story, you can click here and then here. Or you can read “Deconstructing the Bang” (Chapter 10) of The Fabric of the Cosmos by  Brian Greene.



Video Credits:Lisa Lotito-Byers

anonymous asked:

What are your fave divisions besides the giraffes and why? :)

Ermahgerd, okay. It’s going to seem incredibly biased since it’s mainly Region 13. 

My second most favorite Division has to be 10South. Why? Because these are the Key Clubbers I spend the most time with. I spent time with Diana Liu (President of MKHS Key Club/KCC) a lot, and Michael Nguyen (Street Team/KCC General). I love being with their Key Clubbers, and I attended a lot of their fundraisers. Honestly, I was very proud that they won the spirit stick. Because 10South and D15 had this rivalry that kind of grew this year after Beach Clean-Up and I loved it. I also really respect their LtG, since Kelly Lau is honestly the sweetest Lieutenant Governor I have ever met. 

Then there's 10North because everyone loves Ninja Turtles. Another KCC, Jane Le, is from there and she’s like the littlest Key Clubber ever and she’s like the baby sister out of all the KCC. And because 10North has the heart, y'know? Everything they do, they do it with passion. All day all night. 

35West because Division 35West was the first Division that truly challenged Division 15 way back when at Beach Clean up. And Tammy Mai is in that Division. She’s another KCC and I’m dating her so. 

35East because I have so many up and coming Key Clubbers from that Division that I speak to frequently! They’re always ready to serve. I also beat Lenny at a spirit battle so I feel kind of bad that I didn’t put her here because Lenny is an amazing LtG ok. 

Of course I can’t forget the Eternal Flying Dragons! Division 36 East/ Division 36 West are the lovely Divisions I met during Officer Training Conference. Izzy, the LtG of 36East Raccoons is one of my main reasons for stepping up the competition in our home Division. And 36West because Art is kawaii-desu. 

28South Pandas because I love Calvin Kleber and Lauren Tsang for being the greatest and most inspiring Key Clubbers I have ever met.

The list can go on and on.. but yeah. As of now, these are the Divisions that truly changed my perspective on a lot of different aspects of my Term and Career. 



We’re thrilled to give a shoutout today to Roger May and his project Looking at Appalachia, which got a fantastic feature today on the NY Times Lens Blog. Roger has been a past contributor to The American Guide and while he currently resides in North Carolina he was born in Kentucky, raised in West Virginia and calls himself an “Appalachian American”.

From the Lens Blog:

Intent on creating an alternative visual narrative, Mr. May issued a call last year on Instagram for a project called “Looking at Appalachia,” inviting professional and amateur photographers to submit images that reflect the 13-state region today. The response was overwhelming, leading to the selection of almost 300 images for the website and 75 prints that are now on exhibit at the Spartanburg County Public Libraries Headquarters in South Carolina.

Be sure to check out today’s Times feature here as well as Roger’s Looking at Appalachia site here. Also check out Roger’s personal website and his past contributions to The American Guide.

Photo credits:

1. Jake Reinhart

2. Ashley Hoffman

3. Shelby Lee Adams

4. Wes Frazer

5. Katie Currid

6. Nathan Armes

7. Dobree Adams

Looking at Appalachia will be on exhibit May 21st to June 26th at The Spartanburg County Headquarters Library, located at 151 South Church St in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Hours are Sunday 1:30PM - 6PM, Monday thru Friday 9AM - 9PM and Saturday 9AM-6PM.

Hello! If anyone is from region 13, or simply still a key clubber(from a different division)(or if youre in highschool i believe, find someone whos in key club), you should attend region 13’s winter formal UNDER THE WAVES, next saturday the 26th :) ! Its only $15 for presale (ask your clubs president for more info) and $20 at the door. Attire is strictly formal! And thats about it. If you have questions ask your key president! If you go you can party with me :)


meeepp!!! although i know i spend a lot of time talking about one direction and yada yada, i will ALWAYS love key club. im just a giant key clubber. no biggie. today was our RTC! and for those who dont know what that means, RTC basically stand for regional training conference :) its where a buncha key clubbers from our region(regions 13) come and learn more about key club(especially officers or potential officers) and how to better it with skills! :) had so much fun ^^ made friends, screamed my lungs out; heck, i even sang “ill make a man outta you” with 3 other random key clubbers from different divisions :) yes. and pooped…tired..and doing homework): boo….p.s. these pictures are from diana liu and yvonne lin:) 


Oh my god. Literally, I can’t even describe it. 

It was just simply amazing. I walked around with a free hugs sign, tagged LTGs with stickers and gave Jaguar my chips LOL

I went to the Pres and VP workshop as well as the LTG one. I really hope I’ll be able to service my club(s) through those positions in the following year <3 

Also, my ninja turtles made me so proud. with 15 people, we beat 10s, 35e and 35w in a spirit competition. <3 AND THEY WERE AT LEAST 3 TIME OUR SIZE. I LOVE MY D-I-V. 

It was also super fun to do the How Do You Feel Cheer in front of a ton of people and freak them out a little <3 (“You sound like you’re getting stabbed” - Brandon) 

And my Mama giraffe (Brandon) and baby giraffe (Wynne) showed up and I was happy I got a photo with them! c: 


So, Region 13 Training Conference was really fun! :D

I met awesome freshman, I proposed to a guy with Hi-Chew, danced Gangnam Style and Ma Boy with like 200 people. Photobombed…a lot. GIRAFFES PREVAILED! MUAHAHAHA. I bonded with people outside of my division, and of course I learned a few things here and there to help me become a better leader. 

Countdown : Conclave


…. it is almost time, the elections for the upcoming LTGs.

I’m pretty darn excited even though I’m not running for anything just because this is my first full year as a key clubber

I admit I’m not known like the others but I’m making friends just because I joined this club.

Conclave… I want to go… meet new people, see friends, hangout with people. Watch future leaders give their wonderful speeches.

January 12th.



Hit me up if you want Into the Blue presale tickets! They’re $15, but if you buy them at the door it’s $20.

It’s a Key Club dance at Arcadia Community Center from 7 to 11; you don’t have to be a member to go. As long as you are under 21 you can party hardy! Message me for more details!

If you live in Temple City or the 626, here’s your chance to go to one of the hottest dances!